McDonalds Strip Search Video Uncensored

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This is the infamous case that made headlines all over the world. This is the actual McDonald’s strip search video uncensored. On April 8, 2004 the McDonalds in Mount Washington, Kentucky got a strip search prank call. The victim of the prank was Louise Ogborn. Here are the details of what happened: Louise Ogborn was awarded over 5 millions dollars in a lawsuit against McDonalds.

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13 thoughts on “McDonalds Strip Search Video Uncensored

  1. The actual full uncensored vid was posted on some porn sites but has long disappeared apparently. A closeup of Louise sucking and swallowing would have been priceless. Hoping someone does it right the next time! Detail in original vid was not good.

  2. This girl was stupider than a gopher. She got exactly what was coming to her. She should have stated HELL NO call the cops take me to them. Obviously her mom and dad must have taught her to obey a strangers request to get naked. Makes me wonder about them… Deep thought…

  3. That girl just needed more attention and discipline from parents and anyone her age and under can be exploited in this manner probably crying at the same time. This happened at a small town where people least expect this situation, so please be mindful and be more empathetic.

  4. Guys she is young and scared, how about what a fucking scumbag the lady and the dirtbag old man are, what she did deserve is every penny she got. If that was your sister what would you do to that guy?

  5. Why was this video released. I am not complaining Louise Ogborn has a nice body and all. But it doesn’t seem right the whole world gets to see her naked without her concent.

    • What’s messed up is that these leaked vids/pics are not illegal, like child porn. You’d think it would be illegal to host women’s indecent images without their consent, but apparently not.

  6. I have mixed feelings. On one hand I feel sorry for her, but at the same time I’d be fibbing if I said it wasn’t also erotic and exciting.

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