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Nikki SimsNikki Sims is a fucking gorgeous teaser but does slip up from time to time. Every have a hot girl give you blue balls? Well, that is Nikki, she will give you blue balls but is great for edging out your cock. Nikki has all natural tits that are big and hang just right. Nikki also has an athletic body and sporty butt. The video shows a candid moment with Nikki topless. Nikki also has see through panties where you can clearly see her pussy. I watched the HD version and it looks like she has a meaty pussy. Anyway, jerking to Nikki is frustrating but if you are looking for girth try her out. Make sure to clamp your cock behind the balls for maximum gains. Enjoy the video clip and please leave your comments below.


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4 thoughts on “Nikki Sims Topless Candid Moments

  1. She is insanely hot. She’s just a tease though. I dunno why I keep coming back. Hopefully someday she decides to go fully nude, that would be awesome.

  2. She is never going to show her tits. Not because she is a tease, but because her nipples were all fucked up after a tit job. They look like a dog chewed on them, got grossed out and barfed on them. Who is the fucking retard that is grabbing and yanking on her tits and pussy? Must be her retarded brother. That is how you grab your sisters tits and pussy…

  3. @Starrman ummm… no. She’s actually released quite a few photos were her nipples are visible. and they’re perfectly fine.
    I do hope a day comes where she goes fully nude. Hell go into porn. She has the perfect body for it.

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