FTV Alannah Monroe All Nude in Public

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Alannah Monroe
Alanna Monroe wearing no panties in public.
Alannah Monroe is a cute porn girl from Naples, Florida. Alannah is already out doing porn but she made her first appearance on FTV GIRLS. Alannah has a nice tight body with small tits and a nice cheeky booty. This is from the photographer’s comments,

So its a week later, and Alannah returns, with more cute outfits, and increased confidence (and no risk of her period!). It was on this day that the Halloween bonus ‘Wonder Woman’ shoot was done, which became a teaser update in October of 2012. It all triggered because I felt like she looks like the Wonder Woman alter ego ‘Diana Prince’ when she has her hair in a ponytail and her glasses on. Well she happened to have the wonder woman outfit! Also, in a semi-related thing — when I was editing the videos, I screwed up the splash page for videos 1-6 where the wonder woman splash page is engaged instead of what is supposed to be for this one. I’m sure most of you won’t care, but just a heads-up if you were curious. Going for summer colors, she puts on a summer dress & matching heels, with it being rather short and seethrough. So we get upskirt views and some teasing before going home and her masturbating to orgasm. It brings her to a strong toe curling orgasm (I put the camera on tripod) and you see some barely visible vaginal contractions. Keeping with the color theme, its a pink dress and her hair in pigtails, with more teasing, fingering and spreads, then her showing off her country dancing skills and her handstands. With her having had sex with only one or two (?) guys, and them not being big at all, this dildo she uses is the largest she’s tried. Off camera she practiced a bit before we actually did the video. Another Eroscillator masturbation to orgasm, and a lunch break interview afterwards. The foot fetish/foot wash scene came to be when she was walking around barefeet for the Wonder Woman shoot, and her feet had gotten dirty. She has very pretty feet, and assistant Alice helps out on the wash. Speaking of Alice, those two girls bonded quite quickly and ended up wanting to be roomates?? A little washing also helps out on the extreme closeups, which I could not do the week before because of obvious reasons. Spreads, clit closeups, some gaping, and labia stretching, then anal fingering for the first time anal penetration. Then she surprises me with something she was worried about — lactation! She thought I would be grossed out by it, when in fact its a bonus for those of you who like to watch it. So she squeezes out as much as she can, and tastes it — even Alice licks a few drops off as well. Keeping the theme, she does a breast & butt massage. She then brings up the idea of fisting, even though I really didn’t think she could, since she just lost her virginity! She explains how her doctor says she’s ‘constantly dilated’, and we’re more than happy to try it out. It ends up becoming a pretty intense fisting scene, and even Alice tries pushing her hand in. Who would have thought it possible? She then finishes herself off with the Vibraking toy, which gives her rather unique reactions (and almost makes her faint from the blood rush). A little outtake at the end as you can see — the girls really bonded. This ends up becoming a rather oversized adventure shoot, with some totally unique surprises coming out of this perfect Total First Time video girl.

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