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Amber’s Sweet Camel Toe

It’s good to know all sorts of people I tell ya. Just the other day a buddy of mine calls me up and tells me that he just shot this amazing chick with a hell of a fat pussy that was willing to go at it one mo’ gain.. and you know me.. Mr. Camel […]

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Jordan’s Camel Toe

I cant believe I found this toe right in my Backyard. Alex and I were scouting the pool side of my new condo to check the scene out and came across Jordan and all her glory. I have to admit the first thing I noticed was her fuck me shorts that would put daisy duke […]

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Vanessa’s Camel Toe

Vanessa is hot! She has blue eyes that’ll knock your socks off. This blonds’ ass is a perfect bubble butt. Her tits are large and in charge. Let’s get down to business! Her cameltoe is splendid. What a perfect pussy! I really enjoyed watching it get fucked. Her pussy lips were consuming Alexs’ hard cock. […]

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Kasey’s Camel Toe

met Kacey a while back. She’s a young vixen with brown hair, a cute “girl next door” look going for her and to be honest I never thought I would be making a amateur porn movie with her but there we where and it didn’t take much convincing to get her. Her exact words where, […]

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Daisy’s Camel Toe

Big and juicy pussy lips. The essence of the camel toe is what we bring to you here. Just check out this example of Grade A beef just south of Daisy’s waist. As she stood there in her biker shorts and camel toe showing glory. I knew we were in for a great day! Not […]

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Nicole’s Juicy Camel Toe

This southern girl had some real moves to match that cameltoe. She fucked the shit out of my boy after she gave him the blowjob of the century. Bumpkin deep throats well ,very well. Homegirl had a super tight cameltoe, that we just had to spread and fuck, plus it was fun to watch her […]

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Shyra’s Camel Toe

I think there are not good enough description for this girl. She is just beautiful and amazing. She has big tits, round ass, and of course a so pretty cameltoe. She is one of my sister friends and everyday in my house I watch her cameltoe imaging how great could shoot her. So one day […]

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Monique’s Camel Toe

I asked Monique to write a little about her experience with Alex and I[Cezar]. MMMMM…… It s hard to type for me right now. I’m still quivering from my camel toe to my toes and finger tips! So I was just bored ,checking out South Beach, waiting for my Floridian friend to get off work […]

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Dasani’s Camel Toe

Freakazoid ,fo sho though. When I first saw the camera pan to this girl, I could tell right away ,how she was dressed ,how she was sitting and how she was acting – FREAK!! Super sexy too. Beautiful camel toe. She really liked showing off that sexy camel toe too. We got her ass upstairs. […]

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Alicia’s Camel Toe

We were at the park waiting for a sexy little whore named Alicia to show up . She came well recommended and had a fat pussy as well . When she finaly showed up all I could see was a thick cameltoe in pink spandex pants . I could tell this was going to be […]

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