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Nadia Sin Hell Fire Sex

As you can tell from the pictures, this is one intense episode staring Nadia and our mistress Melissa Lauren. We don’t pay our mistress to just sit on her ass. We pay her to break whores like Nadia in and help loosen them up for the real action. You won’t be disappointed by this Hell […]

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Deja Daire Hell Fire Sex

Mistress Melissa has outdone herself in this episode. Deja came in swaggering with confidence and left the scene as a shell of her former self. Our mistress let her know right off the bat that the paddle is not her friend. All we can say is that she had a SPANKING good time. After she […]

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Audrey Hollander Hell Fire Sex

This red-headed whore really got us hot. We wasted no time in stuffing anything and everything in every hole we can find on her. We tested to see how deep each thing can be stuffed in her orifices. After we were done exploiting her holes we made her lick up the filth and cum off […]

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Alektra Hell Fire Sex

Alektra had no idea what she was in for when she signed up for Hell Fire. This wasn’t just another typical pussy slamming gig and our mistress Melissa lets her know that right away with her intense punishment. After our mistress was through with her it was time to stuff this whore’s pussy and her […]

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Dream Kelly on a Quad

She is absolutely the cutest teenage blonde with juicy lips and a tight ass. Dream Kelly takes a rest after a hard day of riding her quad in the woods. ATV riding Dream Kelly! WATCH DREAM KELLY PEEL OFF HER CLOTHES AFTER QUADING ALL DAY LONG

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Anna Angel Camouflage

dedicated to all the American soldiers out there…well soldiers all over the world really, to make the world a better place. I hope that if they get a chance to see my site, this set will put a little smile on their faces. I mean…wouldn’t you love to have me as your drill sergeant? Keep […]

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White Chick with a Round Bubble Butt

I found this babe on FLING Dating. In just one day, I found a local girl in college to take to a frat party. She is a freshman and never experienced a college party. She got fucked up and we went back to her dorm room. She got naked and she started to take some […]

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Destiny and Roxy Ball Honeys

Alex and I decided to stakeout a local ice cream parlor. Why you might ask? Well how many times have you seen a bunch of dudes leaving an ice cream joint? As luck and fate would have it, that’s where we met Roxy and Destiny. Both of them were hot little Latinas. They were the […]

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Reina Ball Honeys

Preston and I hit the beach again in search of a hot Latina. Only, we didn’t actually go all the way to the sand, we decided to hang out on Ocean Drive. It’s got plenty of restaurants and bars, and it’s right across the street from the ocean, so the ladies are always around. We […]

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