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White Chick with a Round Bubble Butt

I found this babe on FLING Dating. In just one day, I found a local girl in college to take to a frat party. She is a freshman and never experienced a college party. She got fucked up and we went back to her dorm room. She got naked and she started to take some […]

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Destiny and Roxy Ball Honeys

Alex and I decided to stakeout a local ice cream parlor. Why you might ask? Well how many times have you seen a bunch of dudes leaving an ice cream joint? As luck and fate would have it, that’s where we met Roxy and Destiny. Both of them were hot little Latinas. They were the […]

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Reina Ball Honeys

Preston and I hit the beach again in search of a hot Latina. Only, we didn’t actually go all the way to the sand, we decided to hang out on Ocean Drive. It’s got plenty of restaurants and bars, and it’s right across the street from the ocean, so the ladies are always around. We […]

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Deseray Ball Honeys

A lot of guys go to clubs or bars to pick up chicks, but think about it. Those girls have their guards up and the ratio is always fucked, so their standards go up too. JT and I are smarter than that. That’s why we decided to go to the local grocery store to go […]

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Sofia Ball Honeys

Preston and I hit the boardwalk in search of a Latina and found Sophia. We struck oil with this Latin hottie. What a body, and that ass!!! She seemed pretty cool, so I leveled with her. None of that “Would you like to model?” bullshit. I straight out asked her if she’d like to get […]

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Dating a Cutie in Red

I have been dating her for a few weeks. We are not serious but she loves having kinky sex. She only comes over at night and sometimes stays over. I think she may be cheating on her boyfriend. Anyway, I met this babe on

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Online Dating – Get Laid Tonight

I found a local hottie who just moved into town. We got hooked up through “Wild Hot Dates“. We went out for happy hour and we jst hit it off. We got just a little to drunk but had some banging fun! So, get laid tonight and hook up. CLICK HERE FOR A DATE

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INFINITE MUZE: Dating Without Disaster

So it’s Saturday night and Single Black Female has surpassed the whole nine yards of fashion. Her Freshness has spent the entire day in pampering preparation. The mani/pedi is gleaming with color; the hair begs to be envied and the dress embracing her curves will surely send naughty thoughts churning in the minds of men. […]

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10 tips for dating on the Internet

Given all the hoopla and even a network television show about dating via the Internet, I thought it prudent to share some tips about how to find your beloved in cyber-space. 1. Get a good head shot. The photos on dating sites are small, so a full body shot is not going to show a […]

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Dating a Cute Big Tit Girl

I met this cutie on “College Party Dates“. We exchange email and pics before we went out on a date. She didn’t drink but love to smoke weed. We started to talk about breast and things got a little heated because I said she had fake breast. Well, she proved me wrong when we went […]

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