FTV Amelia Casual Stripping Video

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13 thoughts on “FTV Amelia Casual Stripping Video

  1. Just like the Separation from Church and State, There should be a Separation from Church and Porn, Mormonism is a Man Made Religion anyway, There is NO Connection between Their Origins and the ‘ Tribes of Israel ‘ Just like the ‘Jahovahs Witnesses ‘ Their Manmade Religion has caused unnecessary Strife and Suffering among the Brotherhood of MAN rather than Teaching Peace and Love which was the Original Intent of ‘Spirituality ‘ which Morphed into Hate-stirring ‘ Religion ‘ . She does’nt have to bring up Her Religious Beliefs and then show Me her Pussy ? This is why People get turned off to GOD and CHRIST because of Arrogant , Selfish , and Hypocritical people like Amelia, Besides the ‘Mormons’ Slaughtered many ‘American Indians’ on Their Trek across America and were Institutional Racists until They changed Their Policy in 1976 only to Qualify for Governmental Assistance letting a FEW Non-Whites in Their Racket… On This Site lets Deal with Pussy not Religion, Fuck the Mormons with Their Fake Incestous Racist Asses !!!!!! Them Mother Fuckers are part of the Reason Social Security is almost Bankrupt with Their 15 kids per Family, Chanting Down the System yet getting all of OUR tax money by Milking the System at the same time !!!!! I feel much better Now getting that off My chest !!! Other than that keep up the good work D MANG !!!!!

  2. Well stated !!!!!!!!!!!!! She is Cute but Morally all fucked up,Sounds like the Brother will be fucking Her soon enough,Since HE can Extort Her by threatening to tell Her Parents He caught Her Masturbating ? I thought once You break The Hymen Your no longer a Virgin ? She has already broken Her Hymen with a Vibrator Yes ? What a Twisted Young lady,She’ll be a Slut in no time in this World she’s dabbling in, I can see it now ‘Mormon Sluts’ part 1 – 17 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. HA HA HA that’s some FUNNY shit,But You guys are right, Fuck the MORMONS, and One is trying to be President ? No fucking Way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their Snobby,Fake and Stepford Wives,and the Men are Wimps and Pedophiles for the Most part……. I’m out,Love Your other stuff though D Mang 🙂

  4. She’s a LIAR to,First she says it was Her first time using a Toy, Then she says, She got caught using a Toy in her bra and pantys by her brother, What a phony Bitch !!!! Just like HER RELIGION …………… I can’t stand people either who disrespect the CREATOR with their own personal weaknesses and then act like their justified because they shout out some Denominational Bullshit !!!! Remember Jesse Jackson ? Preaching Personal responsibility but Fucking around on His Wife having a Baby by his assistant ? Jimmy Swaggert and Whoregate, Etc,Etc……….. fuck em all ……. man I’m not even horny anymore, I’m pissed….

  5. “Mormonism is a Man Made Religion anyway” by Truthteller

    isnt Christianity man-made also ? why yes it is. no religion was sent down from above. your stupid for believing that your any better than any other religion, maybe thats the reason this world sucks not “Arrogant , Selfish , and Hypocritical people like Amelia, Besides the ‘Mormons’ Slaughtered many ‘American Indians’ on Their Trek across America and were Institutional Racists until They changed Their Policy in 1976 only to Qualify for Governmental Assistance”

  6. Well let’s just ignore the religious stuff…as with most porn it’s most likely staged to excite those who have always wanted a corrupt religious girl. And as a side note, I’ve been in Utah and yall need to get stories straight if you’re gonna bash a religion.

    • what, are you mormon too kyle? you’ll go the…the…telestial kingdom for watching this you know!! what…did you look up “mormon porn” on google or something? god you’re pathetic

  7. i was born a mormon and was pretty faithful up until about age 14. recently i just moved out of the fucking house at age 18 to get away from it all. mormons are probably the worst thing that ever happened to the world. my mom was the worst. my dad was ok but looking into my mom’s eyes always freaked me out because they were so fake with that self righteous smile of hers. inside i could see total unhappiness and guess what! …she just got excommunicated for having an affair with some other guy at her realty office and now my parents are divorced! awesome example guys…that’s really what’s going to get us all into to celestial fucking kingdom. jesus christ. and i cant believe anyone still falls for the whole religion business. seriously how can anyone believe that god fucking rules their lives and is the cause of everything good that happens to them?? it’s YOU who did all that work to get the good things in life! not fucking jesus! and it’s not a “MIRACLE” that you lived from that car crash you jackass… you just got fucking lucky in life. dammit all religion does is start wars and spawn more fucking ignorant cowards for the world to deal with. …sigh… but seriously about the video…i think that girls like amelia are totally awesome. it’s refreshing to see someone be completely selfish for once. at least that’s how it is for me. growing up mormon i’ve been exposed to so many hundreds maybe thousands of fake, manipulated, mormon “drones” that cant think for themselves that it’s nice to see someone like amelia who is free and does pornos haha. obviously she’s not mormon at all, but just her telling me she is is enough for me. what a perfect pussy too, wow. ohh, and hey! .. if you want to improve the world, go fuck a mormon girl and see what happens. (she will either leave the religion and be your fuck buddy, or she’ll forever repent of her sin and stay out of the world forever) it’s a win win situation! peace

  8. Yes, they are much worse than those Islamic savages over there who shoot teenage girls who want to read a book. Mormon girls like that one up there are incredibly hot, but good people, so deal.

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