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Jade Elizabeth all nude.
Jade Elizabeth(Jade Roper) is a beautiful babe from Omaha, Nebraska getting all nude for Playboy. Jade Elizabeth started out in the wine tasting industry and has now moved over to full time modeling. Jade is extremely beautiful face to looks like Jennifer Connelly when she was in the movie Requiem for a Dream. Jade natural beauty is fucking sexy and she has mainstream appeal that will cross over nicely. The video shows Jade Elizabeth peeling off her tights and getting all nude. You see her tits, ass and meaty pussy popping out. Jade is a cutie and hopefully does a lot more photo shoots for Playboy. Enjoy the video clip and please leave your comments below.


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  1. Jade doesn`t have anything at all to be a shame of. She is one of the most beautiful girls I ever saw, outside and all of her inside to. Chris Souls must have been out of his mind when he let her down. Now doubt, I would have chosen Jade Roper! I hope she do find real love and happiness for the rest of her life, she deserve it.

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