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Teen Girl Taking a Big Cock
Adriana is a total new comer and she is from Brooklyn, New York. Adriana is a real teen girl that wants to make it big in the porn world. Adriana has a slim body with small tits, round butt and one of the tightest pussy. In this video clip from “Pure 18”, Adriana is on top getting a huge thick dick to fuck her tight pussy. You can see in the video that the massive cock can barely fit girth or lengthwise. Great jerking material if you like a total new comer taking a massive cock.

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  37. Dear Pure 18,
    How can we get our stories to be put into order, with the most
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    We sincerely want all your readers to enjoy to the utmost our very true kinky tales of love and lust. thank you, Larry & Adriana

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    Tom must have taken 100’s, maybe even thousands of pictures of Adriana with his friends, she even let anyone film her with there video cameras, she loved being photographed and filmed. She thought she was a lot hotter while being in the movies. I even got to see some of the films and have around 200 of the old pics. There are only a couple of her girlfriends that refuse to look at the proof, Joy and Edie don’t care to see their girlfriend Adriana naked and having sex with so many different guys. But Ruth and Roseanne have seen the pictures, even watched one of her nasty gang bang movies.

    When Adriana was in her early 20’s she became a hostess at a club called Cardinal Spellman’s
    Servicemen’s Club, a place where around 50 girls a night, always on Saturdays, would entertain the guys in every branch of the service. It was at 387 Park Avenue in Manhattan and closed very early for a New York Club, at 12 midnight.
    The place was run by only one chaperone, an old ex-nun called Ms. Lamb. The poor little old lady tried but just couldn’t keep her eyes on all the girls at once, so she had her spies, girls that were too ugly to have the horny military studs after them all the time. She didn’t want her girls too show too much of their bodies, go into the back room and let the guys finger fuck them, or maybe bend down and give the soldiers blow jobs, or something. Ms. Lamb even didn’t like it when the music box or the live band that came in at 9pm played songs and the men danced too closely with the girls, no feeling their asses, or kissing, or spinning around and the girls showing their panties, if they were wearing any at all. If this went on one of the snitches would run and tell the old nun what was going on and she’d come and give out her warnings, too many warnings to the same girl and you were out of here, not allowed to be a hostess anymore. Then you could go and be a naked dancer or live sex show performer somewhere if you were that kind of nasty girl.

    Adriana got away with murder, she was a pool player and could always be found bending over the pool table giving the guys quite a show while beating their asses at a game they thought they could always beat a girl at. This is where I met her, at this club, with a group of my buddies, on my birthday. So this nasty girl was sort of the best birthday gift I ever gave to myself, then I married her, then I gave her to anyone that wanted a piece of her. It was a fine open marriage.

  67. The time now was December 22, 1973, I was done with my 4 years in The Army, I went in at only 18, survived a tour of duty in Vietnam, which also left my head very messed up and not screwed on very tightly like Adriana’s. But I still got my honorable discharge and a whole bunch of silly medals.

    I went home to my state of Maine to try and find a job, all I did was work at a couple of shoe shops and one time at a fish packing place. At least I met my hottest girl I ever knew, a sexy long legged blond with blue eyes, named Diane. She was an office girl at Brunswick Shoe Co. But don’t get me started talking about Diane, or any of my other nasty girlfriends, this story must only be about me and my wife.

    One day in downtown Bath, Maine I saw a sign that said: “If You Have What It Takes, Take The Coast Guard” So I joined up, joined The Coast Guard for 4 years just to get away from my stupid fucked up state of Maine.
    I was prior service, already a veteran of The Army, so I went into The Coast Guard just one rank less of what I achieved from my time with The Army. I was sent to a USCGC Coast Guard Cutter called The Gallitin. A 378 foot beautiful white ship.

    Since it was my 23 birthday and there would be no work obligations until Monday, this Saturday night I joined a few of the guys that were going into the city to find girls to fuck. No one wanted to pay for sex so we ended up at The Servicemen’s Club where there would be a lot of girls that loved guys in the service and gave it up completely for free. Three of my new pals were talking about this nasty little Italian girl named Adriana, they even called her a freak and a slut. They claimed to have fucked her at least 7 times a piece. She would be in The Pool Room, always is, she was the only girl at the club a lot of the guys couldn’t beat at this game. But at home in Maine I have my own private 8′ Brunswick Table, so watch out you little angel. {I was being nice, I called her an angel}

    I followed the sound of balls being hit together, this little room was crowded, but then I got my first look at her, a good look at her ass and legs as she bent over the table lining up her next shot. I could tell her legs were bare, no pantyhose, kind of cold for that I thought, but still quite alright with me. One of my friends asked me: “Want To See Her Ass?” Before I could answer him he walked right up behind her and picked the back of her short dress right up, he held it way up above her waist for around a whole minute, all the guys saw her pretty pink panties and a very hot little butt. She just didn’t care, or maybe she didn’t know about 20 guys were looking at her ass and probably thinking about fucking it. We moved around the table to see her face and check out her tits now, all the guys that liked boobs better were in front of her to try and see her tits, maybe even her nipples.
    She was wearing a very pretty bra that was black with red trim, it was tiny so they could almost see her nipples, but not quite. But still we all got a good look all the way down to her waist and those pink panties that we saw again. This cute little thing was quite an exhibitionist. She loved to show off her petite hot body. I put my quarters on the pool table to wait my turn at a game with her, she saw me do it and gave me a really nice smile. She just didn’t know it yet, but I was going to beat her, she’d have to break and run the table and not give me a shot in order to beat me at my game, believe me.
    While I was patiently waiting I kept checking out her bod, either staring at her legs and ass, or going the other way to stare down her dress and see those cute little tits she has. I heard some of the guys say: “We Have To Watch Out For That Old Witch!” I guess they meant the chaperone, Ms. Lamb.
    I was also studying the way she played, I figured out that she was using her body as a distraction, showing it off so that the men couldn’t concentrate on their game all that well. And really, she was quite good at this game, no joke. Better than me at long shots, but terrible at banks and cuts, which was how I beat my challengers all the time.
    The Pool Room was getting emptied out, as soon as someone lost they’d leave and go to either talk or dance with some other girl. Only one of the guys I came here with was still in here, the guy that lifted up her skirt. Finally, I was up, but first I got an introduction from my new pal, he told her my name was Larry, it’s his birthday, so be really nice to him, OK? She came right up to me and gave me a wonderful kiss, a smacker right on my lips, then she said: “Happy Birthday Larry!” “My Name Is Adriana, Want To Play With Me?”
    I’ll never forget her first words spoken to me, it could have meant playing with her pussy, right?

    Now our game was on, my pal stayed there to watch, he wanted to see if I was really good at pool, or if I was a bullshitter. Only 5 guys in here now, and me and Adriana. She broke and made one ball, she bent over and stuck her ass right in the face of my friend, so he shoved his hand right up the back of her dress and felt and rubbed her bare cheeks for a few seconds. Then she shot and made another, then she missed and now it was my turn. She went over to sit right in my friends lap. He kissed her and felt one of her tits, then he slid his hand up between her legs and she slowly spread them for him. They were trying to mess me up so I’d miss all my shots, so I said:
    “It’s Not Going To Work, Not Even If You Undress Her And Fuck Her Right On The Table!” So she stood up and sat in a chair all by herself, lifted up one of her legs and flashed her pink panties to me and all the guys left in the room. My friend Jim said to her: “Stand Up, Take Your Panties Off!”

    She said: “OK, But Keep A Lookout For Ms. Lamb!”

    I made 3 balls, and missed my next shot because I just had to see her remove her undies. When they came down those sexy thin legs and she stepped out of them she gave the pink panties to Jim, then she said: “There, What’s Next?” Jim said: “You Just Wait I’ll Think Of Something!” It was her turn to shoot, she just looked at me and kept that really pretty smile on her cute face. Adriana made just one more ball, sure hope she wasn’t letting me win on purpose because that would really piss me off. She sat back in Jim’s lap, he went all the way up there and started to feel her pussy. He told me when he had two fingers sliding in and out of her hole, she still just kept smiling at me as her finger fucked his little plaything. Every once in a while when the guys said it’s OK, she’d pull her dress up and let us see Jim’s finger’s sliding in and out of her juicy cunt. I’d be willing to bet that the other guys in here have done this to her also, but I had a game to win and now it was time. I finished the job, made my last few shots calling the pocket every time, even banking the eight ball down the whole length of the table. Adriana jumped up and gave me another kiss, Jim took her panties out of his pocket and gave them to me, he said: “Here You Keep These, Now Take Adriana And Really Get To Know Her!”

    I thought I already knew her, at least what kind of girl she happened to be, just exactly the kind of nasty thing I’d love to have as my wife. So now she took me across the dance floor and around the corner into the back room. She noticed that her favorite table was available, so we walked all the way to the back and sat together at a little round table. I soon found out that back here a lot of the girls let their guys of the moment play with them under these tables with the long white tablecloths.

    Next part, I make contact with Adriana’s cunt for the very first time. So far my birthday was going just fine.

  68. My friend Jim had already started Adriana’s pussy juice to flow, now he left her nasty ass to me to try and keep her wet and hot for every guy left here at the club. As I slowly slid my hand up her leg she leaned over to me and whispered: “Do It To Me Larry, But If Ms. Lamb Comes Back Here Please Make Sure Both Your Hands Are Up On The Table!”

    As I made contact with her very wet cunt she spread her legs under that table as far as she could, you could even tell that she was doing it because her knee was being seen on the right side of the table. She leaned her pretty head on my shoulder as two of my fingers entered her hot hole. Damn, was she wet, I wondered just how many other guys have done this to her since she’s been a hostess at this wonderful place? In all these years I never found out that number, didn’t even try to take a guess. Here I was with a cute little girl I just met and already I’m playing with her pussy in a place that it just wasn’t supposed to be happening. The little old ex-nun did come back in there once and I was nice enough to remove my fingers and have my hands where they could both be seen. As soon as the old woman turned around I put my fingers right back into Adriana’s wet hole!

    I finger fucked her, played with her fine nasty cunt for 20 minutes then we heard the live band playing their first song and we got up to dance a bit. I really didn’t care for dancing, but I wanted to see Adriana shaking it up, showing off her bod as she danced in front of the band. I forgot what the fuck they were playing but they were pretty good and Adriana was right up there in front of them just a few feet away from their lead singer who was quite a good looking guy. Now I saw what a wild exhibitionist Adriana really was. She jumped and shook it up, she turned round and round, and up flew her dress with NO panties under it. A lot of girls and other guys saw her bare ass and her hairy pussy. But what the fuck, she succeeded in doing what she wanted to do, and that was show her ass and pussy to the band. We danced two fast songs, then they played a slow one, we got off of the dance floor to wait for more music where she could spin around and show her butt to everyone again.

    Only had to wait for that one slow song, then she got ready to show that hair down there some more. Then we got interrupted by the old lady, she said: “Adriana I Told You Before, Don’t Do That!” I knew and so did Adriana, that one of the snitches saw her and told Ms. Lamb what she was doing. We walked over to the pool room, it was jammed packed, no room for us now, guess they wanted to play the game without us two pool sharks in there anymore, no matter what Adriana was showing to the guys.

    Our table in the back was taken and we were just walking around looking for a place to do something that didn’t involve my girl showing her ass or pussy to anyone. So I gave in and danced a slow dance with her, then a fast one, then another slow one, etc, etc. She just had to be careful and not spin around and show her pretty thing anymore, that’s all, or she’d get kicked out of here tonight and maybe not allowed back at all again. In other words, the club became boring all of a sudden. Then the band took a break, the lead singer came right over to Adriana to talk to her, so I left them alone and found me another girl to talk to also.

    I found me a tall thin girl named Julianna, she was Polish and seemed to have a pair of super fine legs, my weakness. At that moment, I was busy, I never noticed Adriana putting on her coat and walking up the stairs with the singer of tonight’s live band. Julianna didn’t want to dance to music from the box, so we went into the back room to talk. In no time I had my hand on her leg, but she was wearing pantyhose, so what, I wanted to feel them. The girl with a nose just like my Diane had back in my home state of Maine liked me, she let me feel her long sexy legs. I even asked her to remove the hose but she said: “I Like You, But I’m Not A Slut Like Adriana!”

    Guess I should have left her right then and there, but I liked Julianna also, she was around 5′ 8″ tall and couldn’t have weighed more than 112 pounds or so, very thin, you could even call her skinny. And I LOVE skinny girls, funny, but I always have. I continued going up higher and higher on the leg closest to me, then finally she uncrossed them. Julianna kissed me and rubbed her hand over my cock right through my pants. Adriana didn’t even do that to me yet. So I kissed her back and began rubbing her cunt right through her pantyhose. It was easy to feel how wet she was, so I asked her again: “Please Julianna, Take Off Your Hose!” The girl gave it some thought, then she got up, she said: “I’ll Be Right Back”
    I really didn’t expect her to come back, I thought I scared her ass away from me, but she returned in about 2 minutes, she placed her pantyhose in the middle of the table and I quickly grabbed them and stuffed them into my pocket, after about 10 people back here saw her do that.
    The long-legged beauty sat down beside of me and said: “Your The Only Guy I’ve Ever Done This For!” Why was I so lucky tonight? Was it because it was my birthday? I went to work on Julianna, I put my hand on her leg and started my move right up there. When I felt her warmth, the heat coming from between her legs, I gently rubbed my hand over her hole, and then played with her hair a bit, then I eased two fingers into her just like I did to Adriana. Julianna sighed, then kind of purred like a cute kitten, then she scared me, she whispered into my ear: “I Love You Larry!”

    I really dug my fingers into her cunt very hard after I heard that, she loved it and I was going to tell her: “Yes Girl, You Are A Slut, Just Like That Other Girl That’s Out Somewhere With The Singer Of The Band!” But I didn’t, I just kept playing with a second girl’s pussy and almost forgot about the other girl I started out with tonight. Wonderful place this Cardinal Spellmen’s, so many girls with incredible legs.

    The guy from the band was back, but where was Adriana? I wanted to ask him what he did to her, ask him where the fuck she was, but Julianna wouldn’t leave me, she clung to me like a glove. So now my head was really messed up, which nasty girl did I want more? Finally I saw Adriana and she was arm and arm with still another guy, so I walked over with my new girl Julianna to say: “Hello, Remember Me?” Adriana looked at me and smiled, she seemed glad that I met Julianna, the hot Polish slut. She wrote her address and phone number on a piece of paper and passed it to me, Julianna almost grabbed it to tear it up before I stuffed it into my pants and forgot about her nasty ass for the rest of this Saturday night.

    When the club closed at midnight, I ended up taking Julianna home, and giving a lot of guys a good look at her bare ass, why? Because I simply wanted them all to see it. Julianna didn’t care, she let me pick up the back of her skirt and hold it up to her waist as I just kissed her and kissed her all the way back to her house where she lived with her mom in Brooklyn.

    Julianna and I stood on the subway platform of the N train, these guys were checking her out, so I leaned against a steel beam and held her in my arms, I kissed this hot girl over and over again and picked the back of her skirt up all the way to her waist at 1am in the morning. Remember, she took off her pantyhose for me back at the club, so she was bare under there. I kissed her some more and placed my hands on the cheeks of her ass, then I pulled them apart so the guys could see her asshole and the cunt this girl has got. They must have thought we were weirdos or something, of course they looked at Julianna’s hole, but they said nothing, they just spoke in their Hispanic language and we didn’t have a clue what they were saying about Julianna’s ass.

    When the damn train finally came, we got on and these three guys didn’t, I told Julianna to wave to the guys that just saw her ass. She laughed and did it, she thought that was a lot of fun. Now she asked me: “Did It Turn You On To Show Those Nuts My Bare Ass?” I told her that I love to have men see the fuck holes of the girls that I’m with, as long as the girls don’t mind me showing off their cunts and assholes to strangers. There were a lot of people on this train, people going home after they got what they wanted out of this Saturday night, now Sunday morning. But Julie spread out her long legs and made it easy for everyone to look between them and see her pussy. Then she said: “I Will Do My Best To Let Everyone See My Cunt When Ever We Are Together Larry Dear!” The women over there moved, they were quickly replaced with guys that must have liked Julie’s long legs and the hairy pussy she was displaying for them. Even though games like this can be very dangerous, especially here in New York, we got away with it. This crazy girl along with this crazy guy had our fun all the way to her stop in Brooklyn. Julianna said if it wasn’t so early on a Sunday she’d invite me in to meet her mother. Her pretty mom that just recently became legally divorced from her dad. But I already knew now that it would be hard from this moment on to get rid of this Polish babe and try to get back with the Italian slut, Adriana.

    I knew Julianna was a super fine exhibitionist, but was also very sure that Adriana was a lot more than just that. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, after I find her number and give her a call.

  69. I don’t know how much Adriana thought about me with so many guys to play with, but I knew I thought about her. In fact between these two girls Julie and Adriana, I was trying to decide which one would make me the nastiest wife, which slut would do the most freaky shit wherever we went out together.
    I really liked the tall skinny Polish slut, but then, the shorter girl struck me to be so kinky and perverted, just the kind of girl I wanted to marry.

    On Sunday I waited until I thought it was a good time to call the number Adriana gave to me, the
    phone only rang twice and an older woman, had to be her mom, answered the phone. She just said: “Hello” and then she hollered for her daughter. Adriana said she thought about me and her friend Julianna, she even told me that Julianna will show it all, but won’t let anyone touch it, play with her the way she would. Seems like all these girls at the club knew who would suck cock and fuck and who would be only a big cock tease.

    I asked the nasty Italian about what she did with that band member and she said: “What Do You Think?” I left it at that and didn’t say another word about it. Then she said: “My Parents Are Going Out Soon, Want To Come Over?” Of course I said: “YES!” and hung up the phone and got ready to go to 53 East 53rd. Street in the heart of Manhattan. Adriana’s ass will be up on the second floor, hopefully naked waiting for me.

    Her mother and father left at 12 noon, I showed up at 12:10pm, just ten minutes later. It looked like all she had on was a short dress and a pair of slippers. She kissed me, not as nice as Julianna, but still right on my lips. She took me by the hand and led me across her living room floor right into her bedroom. She told me we have two, maybe three hours to fool around and do whatever the fuck we wanted to. She threw her stupid slippers off and started to get out of her dress, as soon as I saw one of her little tits I started to get a hard-on for this sexy Italian girl. I did my best, everything I knew how to do to turn the nasty thing on just as nicely as all the other guys must have done to her in her 25 years of life so far.

    Adriana sucked on my cock until I was just about ready to explode into her mouth, then she got up and started to rub her wet cunt back and forth against my 8″ dick. Then I was inside her, then I was in heaven with the girl I would be married to in just three more months. After a while of enjoying her pussy, she asked me if I’d like to fuck her up her ass. There was no way I was going to say no to that offer. So she got some kind of lubrication and began rubbing it all over my cock, then she shoved her own fingers deep into her asshole, then she got into the doggie position and wiggled her very cute butt at me. I thought that she was going to bark like a dog, and she probably would have if I asked her to. I came up behind and inserted my little dick into her pretty pink hole back there, it appeared to be a very well used asshole, one that was quite used to having big cocks buried up inside of it. When I was almost all the way up it, she moaned, then groaned, then said: “Do Me Larry, I Know You Love Me!” Now who told her that? Was it one of the twins back at the club, Ruth, maybe Roseanne, the girls that didn’t know how to keep their legs closed, they were always showing the whole club their panties. So glad they kept them on, I would have been scared to see up there and get a look at their hairy twats.

    Anyway, Adriana was really rocking my world, but I still wondered just how many guys have had sex with this little freak, sure hope she was safe and clean to be fucking without any kind of protection at all. She sure smelled fantastic, just like a big bouquet of roses. Soon our bodies began to bang together very hard, soon we were making a loud slapping sound every time we came together. She didn’t seem to mind it at all, was very used to being fucked good, long and hard. I told her when I was about ready to cum, and she said: “Do It In My Mouth, Don’t Waste It Up My Asshole!”

    I took another two or three slides all the way into her super fine ass, then started to pull out, when Adriana felt my cock flop out of her ass completely she turned around and took it, took it right into her mouth and held it in there all the way down to my balls. I exploded down her throat with a force I hadn’t given to any girl since my sexy beautiful blond Diane all those years ago up in Maine. Sure, Natalie, Janice, Flo, Cindy, just to mention a few of my old girlfriends, were hot, but no one came close to my nasty French girl Diane, until now, with this super slut, nasty Adriana.

    Adriana stayed naked after our fuck, she said soon her parents would be home, so I said: “Shouldn’t You Be Getting Dressed?” She told me she’d have plenty of time when they are slowly walking up the stairs, besides I told them about you and I thought that you should meet them today, as soon as they return. I’ll be naked and they’ll know you just fucked me, OK? Right away I said: “No! It’s NOT OK!” She held out as long as she could, as long as she dared to, then she let out a loud funny squeak and laughed her pretty head off. Then she put on some clothes, the little sex pot was just fucking with me in a different way then she just did in her bedroom.

    We sat down and watched a New York Knick game until we heard them ring the bell to let their only daughter know they were coming up the two flights of stairs.

    Now the meeting of the parents, then two more weeks of dating Adriana, then I proposed to her.
    Sorry to say that I broke it off with nasty Julianna on hump day, December 25th. 1973, on Christmas, what a bastard I was to ruin her holidays.

  70. What I didn’t know yet was that it wasn’t completely over with Julianna, there would be one more little get together at her apartment in Brooklyn where I’d get a really good look at her very sexy mom.

    Adriana’s parents came into their apartment with big smiles on their faces, did they somehow know that their daughter had a guy here that she wanted them to meet? I knew that they were Mr. & Mrs. Cerrato, but Adriana introduced them to me as Joan and Mike. After that we all sat down to chat, I was put through a bunch of questions, things her parents wanted to know about me, and I was very truthful
    and never made up a single word when I answered them. I just couldn’t help wondering if they had any idea if I’ve screwed their little girl or not yet?
    Her mother gave me something to drink and since I wasn’t fussy about booze I tried it and it was quite good, Adriana of course drank a lot more of it than I did. Whatever it was! I think I hit it off so good with Mr. & Mrs. Cerrato because they were just happy to see their only daughter with some guy other than that Tom Bowman, the German guy that Adriana loved, but they hated.

    When I had to go, get back to my ship on Governor’s Island, she walked me to the door and gave me a really long wet kiss. Of course I said goodby to her very nice parents, then I told her I’d call her before Saturday night at the club comes up again. No sooner than was I on the street when I got paged, back then I had no cell phone, I used a pager. It was Julianna, I don’t even remember giving her my pager number. All she wanted me to do was call her pretty ass, that’s all, so as soon as I could I did her that favor.

    When we talked she kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to break up with her? She even said that she’d try to be the kind of nasty girl she knew I loved the most. A strong exhibitionist, a sex freak and whore and slut, just a very kinky and perverted bitch that will never say ‘No” to anyone or anything I want her to do. I gave it a lot of thought and just came over on a Wednesday night, hump day at 7pm, to meet her mother.Adriana of course will know absolutely nothing about this.

    I am never late, I’m even early almost everywhere I go, been that way all my life. So I just stood there waiting for it to be seven o’clock, then I pushed Julianna’s buzzer. In about one second I was let in. The girl was only dressed in a very short skirt and a tight sheer t-shirt. On her feet were a pair of really funky slippers. The way the tee hugged her tits was really very sexy, you could see her nipples just dying to burst out of there. Her mother’s name was Anne, a very beautiful woman, I’d say in her early 40’s, nice and slim, with long hair and she appeared to have a really great pair of legs like her skinny nasty daughter. Her mother hugged me and kissed me on my cheek, she drove me crazy with the scent of her very exotic perfume, what the fuck was that? When her mom turned around Julianna flipped up her little skirt to show me her hairy cunt, she was ready, no panties, the way I want my girls to be at all times.

    I was worried, her mother was making something in the kitchen and she even suggested that we go up to her daughter’s room and do whatever. After all, Julianna was my same age, 23, old enough to have men in her room, even fucking them if she wants to. I got a little embarrassed when Julianna dropped her skirt on the stairs before we were out of sight of her very pretty mother. I know she saw her daughter’s bare ass as we went the rest of the way up to her bedroom. I began to think that this was some kind of mother and daughter whore house, maybe they were both prostitutes and I was just one of the lucky guys to be getting a freebie from them. What other reasons would a mother encourage her hot daughter to go upstairs and have sex with a guy she just met for the first time in her very nice apartment?

    I didn’t wait, I grabbed pretty Julianna and almost ripped off her tight tee shirt. She scrambled to get down on her bed and spread out those fantastic legs of hers as I got right in there between them and began to eat her sweet pussy. I kissed it all over, licked and lapped her delicious creamy hole, even tongued out her beautiful asshole. Then my cock was so hard that I had no choice but to slid it into her. Julianna lifted up her long legs and locked them behind my back, held me deep inside of her as she looked at me with those dark piercing eyes of hers. She was looking right through me! I pumped her cunt for as long as I wanted to, and then I said: “Let Me Fuck You Up Your Ass!”

    My nasty Polish slut turned over, stuck her ass in the air and then got it just at the right height for me to enter her again, but this time all the way up that cute pink asshole. Using just the cum from her dripping wet pussy, I put the head of my cock up there, she said: “I Love You Larry, Please Stay With Me?” My head was really getting fucked up, didn’t know what to do, so I shoved my cock as hard as I could right up Julianna’s asshole. She squealed like a pig, then she grunted, then she began to moan and groan, just like the nasty slut I should have known she was when our eyes first met last Saturday night. If I told her to suck those guys off in the subway, I bet she would have done it and loved it! I never fucked a girl this hard in her butt before, I was really trying to make it hurt, but still I thought about Adriana’s asshole that I fucked a few days ago, which girl was the better slut, tell me guys, which slutty slave girl would you want as your wife?

    Anne shouted up at us, she said: “Are You Almost Ready?” I didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about, so I shouted back: “Not Quite, But I’m Getting There!” Julianna asked me if her mom could come up and watch us, I was so shocked that I exploded all my cum right up her asshole when she said that to me. So I had to ask, I just had to: “Have You Had Guys In Your Room Fucking You While Your Mom Is Watching?” Julie told me: “Not Only That, But My Mother And I Share A Lot Of The Big Dicks In This Neighborhood Together!” Then I was right, this is a nasty mother and daughter team, should I run away now or stick here and see if I can fuck Anne downstairs?

    I put my clothes back on, all Julie did was pull her tee shirt back on, she didn’t bother with any skirt, not anything at all from the waist down. This shit was so wild, quite different than anything I ever did back in Maine, when I was in The Army, or anything at all I ever thought might happen in my life. But it wasn’t over, there was still more weirdness about to happen. But first Anne said: “Time To Eat!” I thought I just did that upstairs with her daughter, but now my biggest fear, eating food at someone else’s home, certainly not my thing. This was supposed to be some kind of Polish dish made especially for me because I was Julianna’s boyfriend, NOT!

    The beautiful mother didn’t say a word about her daughter’s cunt showing, it didn’t faze her in the least. Now that I had the chance to stare at her better, you really could see right through her mother’s dress and tell right away that she has a very hairy pussy, and nice small firm tits with big suckable nipples. Anne said: “I Hope You Guys Had A Great Time Upstairs?” I was going to pull out all the fucking plugs now, these two whores were incredible, so I said: “It Would Be A Lot Better If You’d Dress Like Your Daughter Is Right Now!” Anne battered her eyelashes at me and said: “Sure, OK Larry!” I think it was going to work, I thought of a way to get her to forget about feeding me any of that Polish food. Anne jumped into the downstairs bathroom, and popped out a few seconds later with her hairy cunt staring me in my face. She was fucking gorgeous, had legs like her daughter, much more hair down there than Julie, but not a mark on her anywhere, even her stomach was flat and smooth, she could have very easily walked down any runway as a super model. To try and compete with her sexy mother, Julie pulled off her tee, now she was naked, so her mom did the same, then the two hot sluts started to kiss each other, then I took a seat to enjoy watching this mother and daughter fuck show.

    Funny how I figured them out, because of how they dressed around each other, I had a pretty good idea that they were both Bi-sexual. Maybe even more lesbian than straight cunts. Julie put her legs around her mothers face right there in the living room down on the rug. She slid back until her mom could get her tongue inside of her daughter’s cunt, then Julie did the same to her mother. Anne said: “Help Yourself To Some Food Larry While We Put On This Show For You!” I told them:
    “NO WAY! I Won’t Leave, Not For One Fucking Second!”

    There were fingers sliding in and out of both of their asses, they chowed down on each others holes for a very long time, then mommy dearest said: “Let’s Do Something Else?” Julianna ran up the stairs to get a big box of sex toys, I just stared at Anne’s incredible body. She said: “Want To Touch Me Larry?” I moved, I came over to the wonderful woman while Julie was still upstairs looking for all the fuck toys. I’m not stupid, I knew they were doing this so I could play with Anne alone for a few minutes. The beauty stood up and pushed me down on the couch, she went after my cock like some kind of demon from Hell. In now time I was up and ready, as hard as a rock for her. She put her mouth on me and made sucking sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I’m sure Julie could hear them from way upstairs. When the nastiest daughter in Brooklyn finally came down her mom was riding my cock right on the sofa facing me, her arms around me, and kissing me very long and deeply. Julie said: “So Glad You Like My Mom Larry!”

    When I was ready to shoot, Anne got off of me and Julie put her mouth on my cock, instead of giving my second load to Anne, her daughter got it, Julie gulped it right down like a pro. Now Anne went for the box of sex objects. She just dumped them out and tried to decide what kind of freaky shit they wanted to do for me next. They strapped on these HUGE rubber dildos and got ready to fuck each other. I got up and checked out all these funny items, they had whips, chains, shackles, nipple clips, different sizes of vibrators, and rubber cocks from 8″ to what looked like 15″ long. They probably made their money by putting on shows for anyone that was willing to give them big bucks to watch them.

    Julie fucked her mom first, in her pretty hairy pussy, then up her asshole. When it was done long enough, her mother licked and lapped the big dildo clean with her tongue. Now it was Julie’s turn, for her she got the biggest rubber toy of all, her mother wanted to show me that her daughter’s cunt was deep, even deeper than hers. I didn’t care, I wanted to see this all the way up Juile’s butt.
    Anne almost fucked her daughter until she passed out, the girl was exhausted trying to take that 15″ thing all the way into her wet pussy. But she did, her mother made her take it, and I think it was hurting her quite a lot.

    Time to leave, had to get out of here before they tried to feed me again. As both females stood at their door completely naked, I gave them really long tongue probing kisses. I loved them both, what a nasty world we live in, any guy would love to have been here with me today. Should I tell all my Coast Guard pals about Anne & Julie? Still I left Brooklyn thinking of only one freaky female, my Italian slut Adriana.

  71. I thought about it for the next 3 days, a way to get rid of the incredible Julianna forever so that I could keep my date with my Adriana and ask her to be my do-anything slut wife. NO! I wasn’t planning to have the sexy Polish slut killed, I was just going to have her do something that should make her long gone from the club forever. Remembering that old bag Ms. Lamb of course. Still Adriana had no idea that I fucked Julianna and her mother and saw that wild show they did for me. Sure wished I had my camera for that shit!

    Of course I kept in contact with my future wife, I called Adriana up on Thursday, then again on Friday, to make sure she was feeling great and ready for another Saturday night at Spellman’s. My plans for the other girl would be only between her and I and some guy. I didn’t need my pals here anymore to show me where this place was, I was good at remembering locations I’ve been brought to, especially if it involves nasty slutty girls.

    As soon as I walked downstairs to the club, the first girl i saw was Julianna, she looked fucking hot, as always, her skirt was very short and she came right up to me and said: “I’m NOT Wearing Any Panties!” I told her: “Great! Let’s See It!” She looked around first then gave me a quick flash of her very pretty pussy. I could see the old woman sitting at her desk in her office, no way did she see Julie do that. I told Julie that I needed to see just how nasty and slutty she could be with some guy here at the club tonight. Then I said: “No Honey, Not With Me, Any Other Guy Of Your Choosing, OK?” She thought about it of course, but then she said: “OK! You Just Be Sure You Watch Me!” Then I said: “OK!”

    Julie would have to come and tell me that her show was ready for me to watch, she just had to find the right guy to play with her. I also wanted to make sure that Ms. Lamb was out of her office walking all around and looking at and checking out her hostesses tonight.

    It took Julianna only 15 minutes to come and tell me to take a seat in the backroom and just set there and watch her very closely. I told the two ugly twins that the girl named Julianna was about to do something very nasty in the backroom. I overheard her telling some guy to come in and get it from her really good. Ruth and Roseanne closed their legs and got up because they were also curious to see what she was going to do. In another few minutes Julie came in with some guy and sat right across from me. I knew he was feeling her legs, then he started to finger fuck her, this was nothing, I needed much more nasty shit than this. The guy and girl all the way at the table in the back, Adriana’s favorite table were gone now, so I moved my head in that direction when Julie was looking at me to tell her to get her ass back there and suck this guys cock. It was great to see both Ruth & Roseanne standing around waiting for it to get really wild back here, because I knew they were two of Ms. Lambs best damn snitches.

    Julianna made her first big mistake when she unhooked her skirt and stood for a few seconds completely naked form the waist down before sitting back down with this lucky guy. Her little skirt was placed on top of the table, then I guess she thought it should be in one of the empty chairs beside her and this guy. Everyone could see Julie’s long legs spread for whoever this was, her right knee and leg were sticking right out there in plain view of all the guys and gals looking over at them. He was getting it really great from this incredible Polish slut, and then I guess he wanted her to suck him off, so Julie went down, it was quite obvious that she was now sucking his cock. Still, not good enough, so my next signal was get up and get that ass of yours fucked girl.

    Julie got the message, she came out from behind the table all nice and naked from her waist down, she leaned over on the little table as this guy got behind her and started to ease his cock she just had in her mouth into her pussy from behind now. It was early, not too many people back here, now not even Ruth or Roseanne, I’m sure their off to find Ms. Lamb. Julie must have said something to her guy to let him know that this show was for me, so they stopped for a second and came over by me a lot closer, Julie smiled at me, then she let this guy put his cock back into her wet cunt. That’s when I saw her, but Julie didn’t, so she began to really shake up that skinny bod of hers as Ms. Lamb stood there watching the girl that she thought would never do shit like this, but now just became the nastiest whore of them all.

    The old lady shouted at them: “STOP!” Get Out, Both Of You!” It was no surprise to Julie, she knew if she did this and got caught that she’d be gone from the club. But so early, why at only 8pm on this Saturday? The band wasn’t even here yet. She tried to get Miss Lamb to let her stay just to 10pm, two hours more, but no deal, she was shocked at Julie, I thought she was going to smack the girl right across her face. The hot Pollock wiggled her ass back to get her skirt, but she walked right by the old lady and shouted to everyone: “Hey Look At Me! I’m Showing Off My Cunt, But Now I’m Out Of Here!” All that was left to do was grab her winter coat, put it on and go. Of course the guy left with her, hopefully he’ll become her lover, probably just one of 100’s, but if he meets her hot mom, well, who knows, it might work out?

    I will change my pager number right away, and forget Julianna’s phone number immediately. Now I must give 100% of my time to Adriana. Let’s go into The Pool Room and see how she’s showing the guys her ass and tits tonight.

    From now on this story will only be about one girl, no one else but the Italian slut, just one more week then I pop the question. What will the nasty thing say to me?

  72. I thought she’d be in there, but she wasn’t, and when I looked into Miss Lambs office, I saw her, there she was, I thought that maybe she did something with a guy in The Pool Room and now her nasty ass was out of here also. But she came right out and saw me, she told me that Miss Lamb told her that she had to let Julianna go because she was just too wild and crazy. I told Adriana that I knew the reason why, I was back there watching Julianna get her pussy fucked by some guy. Adriana looked at me kind of strange, as if she knew poor Julie was only trying to keep you for herself by showing you how nasty she could be. Of course she was just like Adriana, but at least my Italian girlfriend wouldn’t do that much shit in that backroom, or would she? At least Ruth and Roseanne wouldn’t rat on Adriana’s ass, they were great friends. But who are the other snitches? Maybe there aren’t any others, maybe Adriana could get naked, go back there and fuck, even get it up her asshole, and get away with it, if someone knew where Miss Lamb was at all times. Time to talk to the twins a bit, got a big question for them.

    While Adriana was dancing with some guy I went over to the twins, I asked Roseanne if there were any girls here that will tell on the others if they do stuff like Julianna did. They both told me that they were the only two, everyone thinks there are more of us, but there isn’t, just me and my sister. And then they said: “We Would Never Tell On Adriana Even If She Had Sex With Every Guy Here Tonight, Or Any Night!” I said: “Thanks, Because I Plan On Doing Some Nasty Stuff With Her Bare Ass!” The girls told me: “Just Let Us Know And We’ll Act As Lookouts To Make Sure Miss Lamb Doesn’t See Anything!” This is great, now Adriana can get naked and fuck and still keep her reputation intact even if she’s doing a gang bang back in that backroom. But still I knew it would be a lot safer if that old woman is in her office doing paperwork or something for a long time. I tapped the guy she was with on his shoulder to cut in on the dance, he didn’t want to leave her, but when she said: “It’s OK Jim, Let Him In And I’ll Let You Into Me A Little Later!”

    I told Adriana: “Maybe You Can Fuck Him A Lot Better Than Julie Was Fucking Right Back There Later, OK?” Adriana said: “You Know I Can Larry!”
    I found out that the old lady gets tired around ten o’clock, sometimes as early as nine thirty. She will put her head down and sleep right at her desk until the band starts to pick up their shit and the place is ready to close for this Saturday night. I was getting pretty friendly with the two ugly snitches. It was time to reveal my plan to them. I told both Ruth & Roseanne that I needed to see how kinky and nasty Adriana can be, I need to see her sucking cock and fucking and if she is nasty enough right in front of my eyes, then I will ask her to marry me within just one more week. Somehow these two twins understood that I was the kind of guy that had to see the body, watch it perform, do it’s stuff, before I will want it to be all mine forever. They said: “One Of Us Will Come And Tell You When It’s Clear, When It’s Perfect To Have Adriana Doing What You Want To See Her Doing!” I didn’t like it, but I gave both girls a big kiss on their cheeks for that.

    I found her again, I told Adriana if she’s wearing panties, take them off, if she’s got on a bra, remove that also. She asked me “Why?” I told her that tonight she’ll be putting on a show in the back room, it’s all very nicely planned out. She smiled, then laughed, then went into the restroom to remove her underclothes. Just like Julianna did, she came out of the bathroom and gave me and a few other guys a flash of her sweet pussy. I now knew she was naked under her short dress and only in her high heels. Now we wait, wait for the go ahead to get her into the back room, get her naked, and get her well fucked.

    I couldn’t have the whole club, every guy here in there fucking Adriana, so I asked her to walk with me, all around, and tell me which guys you’d like to fuck more than the others. Make your pic of at least 5 guys, but not more than 9, OK? She said: “And I’m Supposed To Do This In Here, In Our Back Room?” I told her not to worry, her two friends will be her lookouts. She said: “You Really Are A Trip, So Good At Planning Shit!”

    The band was here, the back room emptied out, some guys even helped the band carry their equipment down the stairs. Everyone wanted to dance to live music, shake it up, show their stuff. The old Miss Lamb was in her office, she didn’t care for the loud music and got headaches all the time when different bands were here. The girls gave me and Adriana that look, a look to go and do whatever the fuck we wanted to. So I took my girl by the hand into the back room, the guys we told she would be performing blow jobs and pussy and ass fucks for them followed us. I counted only 6 guys, guess three chickened out? I told Adriana to strip, get naked and suck some cock my little darling. One of the twins, Ruth, stood by Miss Lambs door, the other one, Roseanne stood by the entrance of this now orgy room back here. Adriana had 4 cocks surrounding her head, one cock in every direction. She kept turning round and round doing a very hot circle suck with her half a dozen favorite picks of the litter that was here tonight. When the guys were ready they let her up and she pulled two little tables together and got on top of them. One cock was in her mouth, one guy got between her legs went into her pussy to start the wonderful fucking back here. It looked so fantastic, but I had to walk towards Roseanne and see that old lady out there in her office. Roseanne said to me: “Your Lucky Adriana Is Our Great Girlfriend Or She’d Get Busted So Bad For Doing This!” It was hard for me, but I kissed Roseanne again and thanked here some more.

    Now the band began to play, they were loud, no danger of Miss Lamb coming out of her office for any reason now, she will come out so I’ve been told, when the band takes their first break. So I went back to enjoy watching Adriana suck cock and fuck. She was so beautiful, especially when all that cum was being shot into her mouth and all over her face and even in her hair. Two other guys were at the entrance of this back room, Roseanne looked over at me and I waved them in to join the little gang bang. I very nicely asked the guys to please put their cocks away when they are done with her, go out and dance with other girls, go play pool, or whatever, but clear this place back here up as soon as we can, at least before the band take that first break.

    So far my girl has made 3 guys fill her mouth and mess up her face, she still has to work hard at getting the rest of them off. The band was really good, they played a lot of CCR music, one of my favorite bands. There goes number 4, a beautiful hot shot all over her face and hair. She was a mess, a really dirty messy cum slut. The guy in her cunt wanted her asshole, so she got ready for the first guy tonight with the guts to ram her deep dirty ass. Sure hope he takes his dirty dick and shoves it right down her throat when he’s ready to cum!

    Adriana showed no signs of getting tired, she was on her fifth guy now, they all knew how to feed her their loads, some on her face, the rest right in her mouth. Where were all the other girls you ask? Well, they were either dancing or being kept away by Roseanne or she’d just have to kick their fucking asses. Adriana had still 3 more guys to get off. These last three all wanted her asshole, so of course I told them: “Take It, She’s All Yours, Fuck Her Any Way At All!” They began tearing the sluts ass apart, she even got a bit loud with her mouth as they banged her deep butt hole. But still, not as loud as the band. First one, then two, then three, all of them rammed her asshole as hard as they could, she was magnificent and she loved it, even if it hurt, we all knew she was in slut heaven.

    Time to stop, get her dressed and put back the tables. All but one guy was out of here, Roseanne came in to congratulate her on a wonderful night at the club, she couldn’t have done it if not for her two ugly friends. The band stopped, we peeked our heads around the corner to look at the old lady, she wasn’t in her office, she was right back there behind the long kitchen beginning to fix up some sandwiches for the guys to eat. If she looked up she would have seen Adriana’s tits, her legs, her cunt, everything she has. Adriana now put her dress on in only two seconds. But that cum, my God, her hair was full of it. She had to get into the girl’s room to try and fix it, at least a little bit. There were napkins in here, so I gave her some to wipe her face and clean off some of the guys cream. With Roseanne’s help again we got her into the ladies room to try and fix her cummed in her.

    When she came out she still looked like shit, but at least there were no big gobs of cum in her hair anymore, she combed and brushed it out as best as she could. Somehow she found a way to flash me again, but this time I saw her panties, she came over to me and said: “I’m Also Wearing My Bra, See, I Sure Hope You Love Me Now!”

    I did, I really did, and YES, I still want this girl to be my wife.
    It was funny when Miss Lamb saw her, looked at her wet sticky hair and asked her: “What Happened Adriana?” My girl told her: “It’s A New Hair Style Miss Lamb, It’s Called CREAM!”

    Still, a guy came up to her and asked her to dance, but the band was on break, it was only to a song by The Doobie Brothers, Listen To The Music. Most of the guys that fucked her and messed her up were gone, off to more places around New York until they come back to see if Adriana can do this next week with them some more. After her dance with this dud she came right back to me and stuck by my side until it was time to leave and the club was again closed.

    We did it, did a gang bang at Cardinal Spellmen’s Servicemen’s Club, and only the right people new that it happened, it really didn’t matter if Adriana got caught and kicked out because I think she had a pretty good idea that soon I’d be asking her to be my sex slave wife. Just the kind of life she and I knew we just had to have or neither one of us would ever get married to anyone anywhere else in this world.

  73. After that dirty gang bang at the club I let Adriana just dance and fool around with any other guys that she wanted to, I noticed that Miss Lamb was quite pleased with her ass now that she saw her going all around and talking and dancing with different men. On Monday I was going to make a reservation at a very nice place and pop the question.

    The little nasty girl made me tired standing there and watching her do 8 guys of her choosing, It still is quite hard to believe she was able to pull it off, suck them all off after they fucked her, in a nice place like this Catholic Club. Guess she won’t be going up to Heaven when she croaks, she’ll be down there having sex with The Devil.

    On Sunday we decided to have a nice normal day, me on the ship, her with her parents, when I called her up around 9pm I was surprised that her mother and father asked about me, she told me that her parents liked me, I couldn’t understand why.

    Early on Monday morning, the 8th. day of the new year of 1974, just 17 days after I met Adriana we had a date at The Top Of The Rocks, a nice expensive bar and restaurant called The Rainbow Room. It was on the 67th. floor of NBC right here in New York City. I had a rough fucking week before this night, from the 1st. of January, yes, I had to work on New Years Day, till next Monday, the 8th. It went very slow for me. I almost forgot Adriana’s ring in my locker as I was getting ready to go and pick her up at her parents apartment.

    When I got there I got another surprise, she looked so pretty, very beautiful in a normal dress, still short, but at least not all the way up to her ass. Looking at her now you’d never know what a crazy and kinky sex freak she really is. We kissed right in front of her mother and father, she just wouldn’t let go of my hand. She gave her parents kisses on their cheeks and then we left for the restaurant.
    Because of the way I eat, very fussy, just terrible, all I would be doing is drinking a beer, or some kind of mixed drink, Adriana of course could stuff her pretty face with anything on the menu.

    She also knew that tonight wasn’t a night for her to spread her legs and show anyone her cunt, or try to ask some guy if he’d like her to give him a blow job, or let him fuck her. It would be our first nice and normal night since we met each other. Her rose scented perfume was intoxicating, she smelled better than a whole room full of roses. She was wearing her Marymount Manhattan College ring on her finger, I hoped she’d like the one I had in my pocket for her just as much?

    We placed our order, I got my beer, Adriana chowed down on some kind of Italian food. I let her eat first, then I said: “It’s Time, Time To Ask You Something!” I took both her hands into mine and came right out with it, NO, I didn’t get down upon one knee. I just said: “I Love You, Will You Be My Wife?”
    I first saw a look of surprise on her face, then she even laughed at my question, but then she said:
    “I Love You Too, YES I’ll Marry You!” Then she jumped up into my arms and we kissed and kissed and kissed. Then people got a look up the back of her skirt, I know they did because a lot of men were staring at her legs and ass. It was OK, tonight she even had on a pair of panties. But still, the guys liked her butt a lot.

    We set back down and Adriana had her skirt pulled up so she could keep showing off those little legs of hers. Drinks were brought over to us, then we shared an expensive bottle of Adriana’s favorite wine, then the ring. I was stupid, why was I nervous? I brought out the little box and placed it in front of her, she looked up at me with the sexiest and most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. She opened it and jumped up again, then she shouted very loud: “FUCK ME, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!” Now I knew that bringing her to a public place, an expensive public place, wasn’t a very good idea, or it could have been simply all the drinks we’ve had already, her pretty ass was quite messed up. I took the ring and put it on her finger, so glad I got the right size, it was just a 5. One of the waiters came over to us, I was sure we were in trouble for Adriana’s outburst. But he said to us: “Congratulations, You’ve Got Yourself A Fine Girl There!”

    We paid the bill and left a great tip, my wife to be said she had to go to the bathroom to take a piss, I think she even said that a little too loud, at least a few people heard her say that also. When she came out she was looking all around for someone, I didn’t know it, but when she found that nice looking waiter, she gave him a kiss and put her tiny little panties right in his hand. She whispered into his ear and he smiled.

    We got our coats and a guy came staggering up to Adriana, no need to worry, not in this crowded place, but he said to her: “If He Won’t Fuck You Right Here, I Will!” She gave the drunk her beautiful smile but that’s all, then she said: “Do You Have A Big Cock, I Need 12″ Or More?” She laughed and then we went to the elevator to ride on down into the lobby and get a cab to take us back to her 53rd. Street apartment. When we got there, only a 5 minute drive she told me she was going to tell her parents and already start making the wedding plans. I waited and watched her slowly walk up her stairs, she lifted up her dress and showed me her bare ass for one whole flight, then she fixed herself before going into her apartment where her mother was holding the door open for her to come inside. Another second and her mom would have seen her showing me that fine fuck anyone ass of hers.

    Next entry will be the wedding date, then the wedding, then the reception, then the sex at our hotel.

  74. We both decided to do it quick, because on April 1st. The Coast Guard and me, and all the other guys, were going on what they call Ocean Station Bravo, a six month at sea trip up around Greenland.

    That was going to really suck after just getting married to a little hottie like Adriana, not knowing what she will be doing with all her men back in New York City.

    Anyway, the date for our wedding was right on Saint Patrick’s Day, the 16th. of March, 1974. Adriana and I talked about having a very open marriage as it should be because of her lust to suck off and fuck every man she sees, but I also wanted to be free to eat out and fuck any girls that I want to throughout my life with my little Italian sex pot. So with that thought in your minds throughout this whole long story, please understand that all the things my wife and I will be doing is of a free will and no one is being forced to to anything at all. We were born to be natural perverts and crazy do anything freaks.

    First of all I didn’t want Adriana to wear any panties under her wedding dress, no one would know except me and her, and maybe some guys that feel her up that high under the wedding gown. It might happen, who knows?

    The big show was at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on a Saturday in the pouring rain, which she told me was supposed to be good luck for the Italians. It was packed, I was so nervous because I really didn’t care for large crowds. There must have been 300 people we didn’t know or invite just standing around simply because they wanted to see some fools getting hitched.

    Skipping over a lot of the details, the music started to play Here Comes The Bride as I stood there waiting to see her strolling down the aisle on her father’s arm, I started to think, should she have been wearing white with all the cocks she’s had inside of every hole she has? Anyway, Let’s Do It!

    Richard was our best man, someone that she knew, I certainly didn’t. We had all the words said to us, we put on our rings, and I kissed The Bride. Now outside the church Adriana threw her bouquet to the girls, a sexy beautiful blond, Linda Rudloft caught it. I bend down to pick up Adriana’s wedding dress, let all the guys see her legs, as I pulled down her red and white garter up above those hot sexy white stockings. I asked her if she was wearing panties, she said: “Pull Up My Dress A Little More And You’ll See!” I quickly took a peek, saw her pubic hair and let the dress down, don’t know if anyone else saw that, but who cares? I snapped the garter to the guys, and I should have known, it was caught by Tom Bowman, the guy that first fucked her, the guy her parents didn’t like. Where did he come from because he wasn’t even invited to the wedding? Guess he was waiting for us outside and just pushed his way into the crowd and got the little trinket that was way up on Adriana’s thigh.

    After that a guy driving the limo for us held an umbrella over our heads as we got inside and ready to party and drink at our reception next. I pulled up Adriana’s wedding dress and played with her pussy all the way to the big show for me and my nasty bride. The limo driver got to see my wife’s cunt and she didn’t care one fucking bit. We could see him watching us every once in a while when he had to stop for red lights. Saw him looking into his rear view mirror looking at Adriana’s wet hole.
    I kept telling her to really spread out her legs and give him a very hot and nasty look at your twat. She was turned on doing that, no kidding, she wanted the old driver to see her pussy, see her asshole. I know she would have let him touch her, finger her, if he had the guts. Oh Well!

    She had her dress down when we got to this place that her poor father had to pay for, but gave everyone a pretty good shot when she slid he ass out of that big limo. Sorry to say that her dad got a quick look at his daughter’s cunt, he was standing right there and opened the door for us instead of the driver. He must of thought I took of her panties in the limo, she certainly couldn’t have gotten married without any panties on, right?

    The rice was supposed to be thrown at us when we came out of the church, but instead we got hit with it now, at this fancy bar where Adriana had to kiss all the guys and give them a little feel of her tits, or whatever. I told her to be as wild as you think you can get away with, but don’t insult your parents or my parents by sucking any cock or letting some guys fuck you, just wait until we go to the hotel. She agreed of course, she even said: “Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Careful!”

    I’m sorry friends, I have to go, there is a problem happening right now in my neighborhood. BYE!

  75. Tom, Roger, John & Chuck, were at the church, like hundreds of others they saw me marrying Adriana’s ass and the whole darn show. Now it looked like the 4 of them are going to crash our reception party. There was a fifth guy with them but I don’t think even Adriana knew who he was.

    Anyway, we went inside and shook some rice off of us, then we were taken over to where we were supposed to be sitting. At a long table where I just felt lost, I hardly knew anyone, never met all of my wife’s relatives before, just her mother and father, and her uncle Michelle & Aunt so far. She finally introduced me to The Best Man Richard, now at least I knew he was married to a brunette beauty named Toni. Right away I started to drink, so did Adriana, but she was slow at it, I drank fast. As soon as one drink was gone, another would magically appear. There was no live band, but the music was really nice, it was rock, but not hard rock.

    Guys came over to my wife and were asking her to dance, she said: “Just One More Drink And I’ll Be Ready!” When she finished her second drink I helped her out on to the dance floor, I just turned around and sipped at my fourth drink. I had two Screwdrivers and now working on my second Tequila Sunrise. What will be next, who cares? I’ll just drink whatever it is!
    Richard came over and told me I should be watching my wife, her four old boyfriends were monopolizing her attentions, no one has danced with her except them so far. They were giving her long wet kisses and even squeezing and feeling her tits right through her wedding dress. I asked Richard: “Did Anyone Go Up Under Her Dress?” He said: “No! At Least I Don’t Think So!” I said: “Good, Because She’s Not Wearing Any Panties At All!” Now our best man knew that Adriana had a bare pussy under her long white gown.
    Somehow I got up, I tried not to stagger and went out there when I heard a slow song being played, the guys got out of my way and I put my arms around Adriana and tried to move around the stupid dance floor. I really didn’t like to dance, never thought I was any good at it, but The Groom had to have at least one dance with The Bride, right? After that, I gave Adriana to her dad, then my father did a move or two with her, then Richard, then her cousin Bob Viarengo, and his son Steve, the first of three Steve’s she is going to meet, two out of three she will be fucking. Then her old boyfriends came back and I went back to my drinking.
    Time to eat, at least for everyone except me, all I wanted was some of our wedding cake. Adriana took a big knife and sliced into the cake, then she pushed a big piece of it right into my face, the crowd laughed and clapped at the same time, now it was my turn, I did the same thing, only better. I took a bigger piece and pushed it into Adriana’s face, then I rubbed it all around messing up even her dress. She

  76. wasn’t happy, but then Tom came over and began to lick and lap her face just like he has done to her pussy 100’s of times. Her parents were furious, but before they said something I went over to them to calm them down, I told them he was here as my guest, sort of a good-bye to the little girl he used to know, so please let him be, I asked them. Now it was OK, not only Tom, but all her old lovers could now eat her cunt or fuck her if they wanted too. Well, maybe later anyway?

    Adriana said she wanted to take off her dress, no kidding, just pull and peel the whole damn thing right off. She even went to tell her mother and father, she said: “I’m Hot, And My Dress Is A Dirty Sticky Mess, I’m Going To Take It Off!” They just shook their heads, I didn’t know if it was back and forth, or up and down, either way, what could they say?
    She got together with Ruth and Roseanne and a very beautiful brunette she told me was Joy. They would find her something to wear I hope? Remember, she’s not wearing any panties. Adriana came back in a little tee shirt that was long enough to cover her ass, of course it was white to match her stockings, but still when I asked about any panties, she said: “No Larry, I’m Still Not Wearing Any!” She told me that thanks to Richard, he had an extra shirt for her to wear. He even helped me to put it on. So Richard has seen her bare ass and pussy, Good! Adriana stopped her drinking, and was now having some strong Italian coffee. I forgot what number drink I was on, I was seeing two Adriana’s instead of one.
    For the rest of the time, she just strutted all around, talking to her girlfriends and dancing with her guys, I had no idea if she showed her bare butt or her pussy or what? I only know that her legs looked really great with those sexy white stockings and her 5″ high heels she had on. How the Hell could she dance in those things I’ll never know?
    Finally people were starting to notice how messed up I was, I ate my cake and even that had rum in it, so I had two pieces of it, everything had some kind of booze in it. When I tried to stand I almost fell over, so Adriana asked two of her old boyfriends to help walk me. Walk me out to the limo. Her mother took the wedding dress, and Adriana and I were helped into the car, now I knew Tom and John saw my wife’s pussy when she slid into that vehicle. She came all the way over to me and there was plenty of room in the back of that limo for Tom to ride with us, besides he said: “I Better Ride With You Because You’ll Need Help With Your Husband When We Get To The Hotel!”
    Then he asked my wife what hotel are we going to, and he even asked her: “Can I Fuck You For One Last Time?” She certainly didn’t say “NO” and I knew she looked at me, and I certainly couldn’t give Tom my answer, so I guess it would happen. Tom had his hand right up there, between her legs feeling and playing with her bare wet hole. I knew he would, why else would he be so willing to help my wife with me, her drunken hubby. I’m not sure, but I think she had his big German cock out also, jerking it up and down, I’m sure I heard him whisper: “Be Careful Honey Or It Will Go Off!”

    It didn’t take us long to get from fifth avenue and 50th. Street to The Salisbury Hotel on 57th. and 7th. avenue. This time the driver opened our door because Tom’s hand was still buried into Adriana pussy or asshole. I couldn’t tell which hole he was playing with, I couldn’t see straight anyway. I very honestly didn’t care, I wanted this open weird marriage much more than Adriana did. So play on Tom, her cunt and asshole are all yours pal.
    Somehow, Roger and John beat us to the hotel, i heard Adriana say: “What Happened To Chuck And That Other Guy?” They had no answer for her, maybe they chickened out?
    The five of us went in, we were expected, phone calls were made by Adriana’s parents that must be home already. Tom and John were practically carrying me, Roger carried Adriana’s purse and a bag of her fuck toys or something, I don’t know. Glad all the damn rain stopped, but now it was hot and sticky, I’d say at least 85% at 7pm on a Saturday night. We didn’t even have to stop at the desk, they just threw Tom a key, maybe they thought he was the husband, or maybe they thought it was John, certainly The Groom wouldn’t be drunk as a skunk when now he has to have sex with his bride, right?
    Her 3 old boyfriends were very nice, they dropped my ass on the bed and went to paw Adriana over a bit, this time with no one around to be offended, they picked her right up off of the floor, held her, kissed her, felt her bare ass, played with her cunt. She told them to give her an hour or so to try and get my cock up and working. Stay in the neighborhood, I’ll be calling you, I’m sure I will she told them.

    Adriana pulled off her tee, got down on the bed with me, and helped me to get out of my clothes, at this point, only in my shorts I’m almost always ready to fuck, my cock should be a little hard already. She took it, she shook it, she went down on it with her incredibly talented mouth, she rubbed her pussy on me, I didn’t even feel how soaking wet she was, the horny girl needed to get laid on her wedding night, she just had to. After what she told me was a whole hour she gave up, gave up with me, but now she was on the phone. Before passing out I heard her say to the guys: “It’s No Use, He’ Dead, Too Soft, Do You Have Something Hard For Me?”

    Don’t know what they said, but they were up here in about 5 minutes to get her ass. She let them in and she was still only standing there in her white stockings, her tits were perfect for her three studs. Her pussy was probably making a puddle right there on the hotel floor. I remember all 3 guys moving me off of the bed and onto a small sofa that was also in our room. I guess all three guys filled her up at the same time, then they did her a second time, one at a time. I was out of it, kept trying to see, but only got bits and pieces of this wonderful show that was performed on our very wedding night. Roger took some pictures, Polaroids, that’s all, on Sunday when I was taking my cold shower and preparing to go and eat a good breakfast and a pot of coffee, I got a good look at the porno pictures of my wife’s little foursome. Her playful romp with Tom, Roger & John. I thought about poor Chuck, why didn’t he and the stranger stick around? Then we could tell everyone that my bride did a gang bang on the night we were wed, but only three guys, that was nothing at all. There will be wilder and kinkier shit my wife will be doing to keep me very happy with her ass during our early years of this wild marriage, you can be sure of that friends. BYE, Larry

  77. Soon it will be 10am this Sunday morning, the second day of our marriage, not a word was spoken about Adriana’s little party she had with her three all time favorite boyfriends last night. Really, to me, it was nothing at all, nothing compared to the shit she would be doing as our very strange marriage goes on year after year. I had my shower, had a shave, and was now taking another piss into the bowl. Then I heard this loud buzzing sound and zipped up my cock and went out to see what was going on. Adriana had her biggest vibrator deep in her wet cunt, working it back and forth and turning herself on, when it was covered in enough of her pussy juices, she slid it out and began pushing it deep up her asshole next. That was it, time to make up for last night, time to eat out and fuck my nasty little slut wife.

    I went down on her for a whole hour, ate it good, then stuck it to her, fucked her cunt, then her asshole, then fed her my whole load. Just like her guys did to her last night between the hours of 7pm and 1am in the morning. After I fed her my cum, she got up and got dressed, said: “I’m Hungry, Need Something More Than Just Cum!” So we went out on the streets of New York to eat a good late breakfast. After that we went back to our hotel room and fucked some more.

    Our marriage was off to a great start, I knew she wanted to tell me in great detail about the fucking she did on Saturday night, tell me what I really couldn’t see all that well, clear up the scenes and let me know just how nasty and wonderful it really was for her and Tom, Roger and John. They even pumped cum right into her pussy, maybe now she was pregnant by one of them?

    It was March 18th, Monday morning, very early when I left for my ship to do my Coast Guard duties, she went to her job at J.C. Penny where she was nothing more than a sales girl. My pals and buddies on the ship asked me how is was going with nasty Adriana, now my wife. I told them that she was an extremely fine piece of ass, so nasty, so beautiful when she’s completely naked and stuffed with giant cocks. Then I told them I was thinking of sneaking her onto the ship so she can suck off and fuck all you guys doing her first big gang bang in this marriage. It would be my way of thanking you for bringing me to her, introducing her bod to my cock. A plan was now in the making to get my wife on the ship, as naked as she can be, to fuck all the guys that had to stay on board and not get liberty to go into the city to find whores, sluts, and prostitutes on their own. She would do it, she would really love it, I just know!

    On a warm Saturday night in April, right after April Fool’s Day, I told Adriana to go out today, get your hair fixed, your toenails and fingernails done really pretty, then just relax all day because tonight you’ll be gang banged by Coasties. Cute guys that will rock your world with their hard cocks! She didn’t believe me but she did take it easy, only went out to Bloomingdale’s and a few other stores close by. Then it was time to go to Governor’s Island and see the boys.

    It was 8 o’clock and all Adriana had on was a short dress with nothing under it and a pair of shoes. I saw my friend at the front of the ship, had to make sure the guy on guard duty was one of my friends. I asked him: “Where Is The Officer Of The Day?” All ships have at least one officer on duty to take control if something should happen and at least 20 to 30 guys on board to get the ship moving if it just had to be.

    I took Adriana over to the right, we went in through The Mess Hall, turned a sharp corner and went down the first set of steep stairs that were right there. When the horny guys saw her legs coming down those steps, they clapped and cheered so loud that some of them said: “QUIET! Or We’ll Have The Damn Officer Coming Down Here!” Adriana got out of her dress and started to move round, there was no danger of her hitting her head on anything like I did all the time, she was just too short to have to worry about that. The guys quieted down and began to grab her ass, feel her up and pull her into their laps. She kissed a lot of them and reached her hands down to feel and play with their cocks. Then she was down for the count, had a big cock in her mouth and another one starting to go into her pussy from behind. The show was starting, glad to see a lot of cameras snapping pictures at her, hope that I will get some. Someone had to go upstairs to help the guy on duty keep a watchful eye out for any intrusions, sure didn’t want my wife’s fun to end before all the guys get their rocks off into her mouth, pussy and asshole.

    After only a half hour I went down to check her out, if I saw guys still using her fuck holes I’d just go right back up again and tell my friend that all is going perfectly. Believe it or not, not all the guys down there wanted to eat or fuck my wife, there were around 5 or 6 guys that tried very hard to be true to their wives and girlfriends back home, wherever they were from.

    Adriana sucked cock and fucked for three hours straight, and then she was invited to take a shower with them, the only naked girl surrounded by cocks from The Coast Guard. Yes, she even got fucked some more in the shower. These guys had everything, even a hair dryer so my wife could blow her hair dry instead of blowing some more cocks. When she again looked just as hot as when she first showed up, we left the ship, but not before she got down and gave a very nice blow job to my friend outside, the pal that had to be there in order to get her ass on board that night.

    We walked back to the ferry with my wife still licking her lips after Jim gave her another load of cum to eat. It was midnight when we got to our east 59th. Street apartment, the first place we lived after getting married. Only two more weeks then I’ll be out at sea for 6 damn months, it was April 2nd. everyone, soon there would be no more fun with me and the wife for half a fucking year.

    The next part will be brief about my time away from her, but when we get back together should I tell you what she told me about all the guys that she sucked off and fucked while I was away from her, or just talk about the funny dangerous things that we did together as husband and wife?

    Don’t suppose I’ll be getting an answer to that question will I? Larry

  78. I’m on the water now, out at sea and going up around Greenland, what was called “Ocean Station Bravo”. Back home Adriana was visiting her mother and father a lot, she changed jobs while I was gone, now she was a bank teller at Chemical Bank down at 14st. Street and Varick Avenue. Now she will have an affair with Steve number one, one of her co-workers.

    I got a nice letter from my wife about once a week, sometimes it was every other week, she was busy at home with her parents, her friends, her fucking other guys. She told me that Tom was with her all the time, trying to keep her ass away from all other guys, except his friends that is. Tom’s friends could fuck her just as much as he did. Adriana’s parents had no idea she was having nasty sex while I was away, especially with that German stud, Tom. All I kept hearing in her letters was how much she loved him, how much he really owned her nasty ass. She really should have married him and let him have her white ass along with the butt of that beautiful black girl.

    What Adriana hadn’t told me about yet was her very good friend Steve down at the bank, guess they haven’t fucked yet, but soon it will happen I’m sure. Guess a wife has to have a few things she doesn’t tell her husband, right?

    Can’t wait to end this long time at sea, when I return I’m supposed to be reassigned to someplace not too far away from where we live in the city. My two years will be up on the big beautiful white ship, The USCGC Morganthau.

    When her parents couldn’t get a hold of their daughter she was out in New Jersey with her Tom lover. Tom was sharing my wife with a lot of his friends, she was putty in his hands and promised him, swore to him, that she’d always do anything he wanted her to until she died. Throughout our marriage she made that promise to around a dozen guys. I could tell you their names, I knew them all, they were all my friends also. Still today she is seeing 5 of them, 3 of them she is having sex with. Leslie, Mike & Stan.

    Let’s get my ass back home now, my six months are done and I’ve returned to my little slut wife.
    All I did was ask her about her job at Chemical Bank, she told me how she hated that first job at J.C. Penny, it didn’t pay good and she was on her feet for sometimes 10 hours straight. At least at this bank she could sit down at lunch, bend over and show her ass to her friend Steve, and even play with him at lunch time because they got it at the same time, they were always alone together in the employees lounge. Now that I was back I had to help her get this affair off to a burning start, she finally started taking about it and told me that this little chubby guy was very shy. There wasn’t a word spoken about Tom and all the sex she had when I was out at sea. Good!

    One week of me having some time off, then I’ll be at The United States Coast Guard Supply Center over in Brooklyn, New York. There I’ll meet Adriana’s second man Steve, her longest affair of all as my wife, it went on for 4 years. But first, the story of Steve number one at the bank.

    Be prepared!

  79. Tom was calling my wife all the time, he just couldn’t get enough of her nasty ass, I even spoke with him and told him he could have her, use her asshole, use her anyway at all anytime. Now we had that agreement, but i told him he’d have to let me watch them and take very dirty pictures, Tom agreed.

    At the bank, Chemical Bank downtown, the fooling around with my wife by this nerd ball named Steve was just too mild, I had to get it to be wild. So I told Adriana to pull out all the plugs and start to be a freak, get nasty with him and let him know that you want his cock. Every day now they have had lunch together just the two of them all alone, so what the fuck, suck him off Adriana.

    My plans have always worked before and I was certain it would work for my wife and this guy again. I told Adriana when the other girls are busy with customers, without any panties, bend way over and show Steve your bare ass. She did and he whispered to her: “Nice Ass Adriana, Can I Touch You?” What an idiot, of course you can, she’s trying to tell you to feel it. So after the third day of her showing it to him, he finally ran his hand up her leg and touched her pussy. Her face was looking at Annie and Merta, the two other tellers that weren’t supposed to see this going on.
    My wife told me that Steve stuck his finger right into her wet cunt, then he poked it up her butt, then he stopped. Adriana told him to wait just a minute before coming down to join her for their 45 minute lunch time together, she was going to give him a wonderful little show. They got lunch at 11am until 11:45, then the other tellers, the two cute girls they worked with came down when they returned, their lunch time was from 11:45 until 12:30. Then all 4 of them worked until the bank closed at 3pm, then they counted up all the cash.

    It was time, Adriana gave Steve a little kiss on his cheek, then she wiggled her butt for him and started to go down the steps to the lounge area. She quickly removed her skirt and was naked from the waist down when Steve came down, her legs were spread out very wide and she said: “Forget Your Bag Of Food Steve, Eat This Instead!” He just couldn’t refuse my wife’s delicious box lunch she had for him now could he? She told me that she could see a bulge in his pants, she was turning him on, so he went over there and got down and buried his face into her widely pulled open hole. Steve ate her out for the whole 45 minute lunch break and he even told her that she was yummy, quite tasty and smelled fantastic. That was their first day, tomorrow she will return the favor.

    She had to go slowly with this guy, she was thinking that he could possibly be a virgin, but still not 100 percent sure of it yet. He sure could eat pussy, she very honestly admitted that he was quite good at it. This happened on a Friday, and after work they kissed on the street outside the bank, and Annie, one of the girls saw them. Annie was a very hot little Asian girl. Now Steve had the weekend to think about the taste of Adriana’s sweet cunt, sure hope he jerks it off as he thinks of her?

    On Monday they kissed before going into the bank, there were no more stupid kisses on the cheek, they were lip locks now with tongues going down each others throats. Annie kept catching them, the other girl didn’t give a shit what they did. But everyone knew that Adriana was married to me, a guy they’ve all met a few times and remembered that I was a Vietnam Vet. So what, I’m done killing people for good!

    This time when they got their lunch together, before going downstairs, my wife whispered into his ear: “Today I Return The Favor Steve My Love!” Just in case he wanted to fuck her she always removed her short skirt and folded it over a chair, now when ever he comes down he can see her ass and cunt any way he wants to see it. Today, on Manic Monday, she went down in front of him and started to unzip his pants, she put in her hand and finally felt Steve’ cock, not the biggest dick she’s ever had, but still one that she really wanted to suck off. She took him deep down her throat and did her thing to him, she licked and lapped his balls and now the cock was looking a lot better to her, she told me he was 9″ long, one inch bigger than me. Adriana can usually tell when a guy is about to feed her his load, guess the cocks move and throb a certain way and she feels it or something? So a few more sucks then she took it out and held it front of her face, she was very nicely surprised with a big blast of Steve’s cum right up her nose and across her upper lip. She quickly got it back into her mouth and hummed a little tune as he shot the rest of it right down her throat and into her gut. With another job done expertly they fixed each other up and went back upstairs a little early to give the girls a little extra time for their lunch.

    Steve told Adriana that he didn’t live too far from the bank, it would be easy to have her come over and stay with him once on a while. So on Wednesday, two days after she tasted his cum, she called me and said: “It’s Happening Larry, Tonight Steve Will Be Fucking Me!” I told her: “Great!” That’s all I said, took him a while, but I hoped he would think it was worth waiting for, my wife’s super fine pussy and asshole.

    They went to his place about once or twice a week, usually on Wednesdays and Fridays, their affair lasted almost two years, it began after about three months of her working at the bank and ended when Adriana finally got Steve a date with the cute Asian girl Annie. The other girl had a Hell of a body, she just had bad teeth, a mouth that you just wouldn’t want to kiss. But maybe her pussy could have been a bit tasty?

    Adriana was leaving the bank, she was finally called up to be what she really wanted to be, what she got her Master’s Degree for, a school teacher. Now I will go back a bit and tell you about my Coast Guard crap, my time at the Supply Center out in Brooklyn. Adriana’s good girlfriend had a boyfriend also named Steve, he worked with me at The Supply Center and we joined the Coast Guard bowling team, because we were good at that game, we both had over 200 averages. The girlfriend was Roseanne Farley, the old gal that kept a watch for her at the club with the help of her sister Ruth. Ruth met a guy named Roy Staben and married him while Adriana was fooling around with her first Steve at the bank. Now I still blame Roseanne for my wife’s long affair with her well hung boyfriend Mr. Steve Beck because of what she told her way back in the year of 1974 in December, a whole year now that we’ve been married.

    I’m a bit tired now and will continue this part of my story tomorrow or on Friday, sorry, but I’m just not a good typist, I can only use my two fingers and have a hard time seeing the damn keys. Bye For Now.

  80. To sum up my wife’s work history, she only stayed a couple of months at J.C. Penny after finishing college, she hated that store, she became a hostess at Cardinal Spellman’s Club, but didn’t get paid, only laid. Then she went to Chemical Bank and had her first long affair with a funny guy named Steve.

    While still at that bank she met her second Steve, the boyfriend of her best girlfriend Roseanne Farley. She knew that she didn’t want to make banking her career, she wanted to use her brains a bit more now that they were beginning to work better, not so scrambled because of almost dying in that car accident with her 3 friends. Soon she would get her big break, be a school teacher and work for The Board Of Education. And make some really decent money!

    Steve Beck and I became the best of friends, we were always double dating with him and Rosie {Roseanne’s nickname}. When Rosie couldn’t come along it was a threesome, just me, Steve, and my slut wife. Roseanne was giving herself a birthday party, it was all just girls at the party because there would be some females there that certainly wouldn’t want to see Adriana, Rita, Joy, and maybe Roseanne herself doing nasty stuff with any guys that might have been invited, besides, Steve and I had to do duties at The Supply Center late that night of Roseanne’s 25th. birthday. Of course the 11 ladies, yes, I guess some of them were ladies, drank whatever they felt like, but did anybody really get drunk as a skunk? They certainly got drunk enough to talk about their men, the 5 married girls and the 6 single ones all had things to say, admit, about their guys in the bedroom and their performance, and the size of their cocks.

    Skipping over the most of this shit I’ll get right to what Roseanne had to say about her man Steve Beck. She laughed, she wasn’t taken seriously when she told all the girls that he has a 13″ cock. A lot of the girls eyes really widened when they heard that, especially Adriana’s. They began to ask Rosie about Steve, questions she would probably only answer because she was very fucked up, a lot of girls were. Rosie told them that he wanted to ram his dick up her asshole all the time but she just couldn’t take it, hurt her tremendously. He could only fuck her pussy with his monster dick and somehow she even wondered how the Hell she could take it up her cunt hole. Biggest damn white cock she has ever seen, the other girls she the same thing, all except my wife. She had a stud named Stan, and another one called Mike Lieber that came into her life a little later.

    Only Joy and Rita had no man to talk about, the very sexy brunette, and the hot natural blond.
    But even as the party was coming to an end, my wife just couldn’t stop thinking about Steve’s 13″ cock, was it the truth, was she just bragging, maybe it’s really only 10 or 11 inches and she added an or two to it’s real size? Adriana had to find out, she wanted to fuck Steve if he really was that huge! Yes, she would steal her girlfriends lover away from her.

    Now, the story of how I set it up for my wife to get a look at Steve Beck’s Cock. In our first year of marriage she would have not one, but two guys named Steve to have sex with. Her bank man, her Coast Guard man. And Stan, and a silly husband.

    After winning our bowling match on Tuesday night I invited my pal and a few others out for some drinks at the bar right across from The Alpine Lanes. After a while we started to talk about our old ladies, I really don’t remember what the other guys said about their 2 wives and one girlfriend. I only had ears open for Steve talking about Roseanne Farley. He said she has a really big pussy and can take his big cock all the way up it, but she just wasn’t into anal sex, at least not with his 13 incher. I stopped him and said: “Then It’s True What Rosie Said About You To Adriana?” He admitted it, yes he was very well hung. Glad he wasn’t too damn drunk or he might have whipped it out and shook it at us envious guys around him. Now Steve started to complain that his girlfriend couldn’t swallow all of his cum, she only did it a little bit, then even spit that out very quickly he told us. I wanted to tell my friend to get rid of Roseanne and get a real girl, a girl like Adriana.

    It was my turn now to tell Steve and the other guys if they wanted to listen all about Adriana. This would be easy for me, but would they really believe me? I really only spoke in Steve’s direction, I told him that my wife and I have a very open marriage and that she’s had quite a few different guys since we’ve been married fucking the crap out of her mouth, pussy and asshole all the time. Adriana has had guys with 12″ of cock, so what’s another inch or two for her holes? I invited Steve to try her out, I promised him he wouldn’t be disappointed. I told him she’d eat it all, swallow every drop of his cum when he’s done fucking her. After some silence and a few more beers, Steve finally said: “OK Larry Ole Pal, When?”

    Now the plans were made for Adriana to have sex with her girlfriends guy on this coming Saturday, in the daytime, around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Roseanne will be at her mother’s place while Adriana’s cunt will be on Steve’s face, she will never know shit about this affair. NEVER!

  81. Adriana and I were now living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, we had to get away from Manhattan for a while and try to find a more quiet place to live, of course we also had to buy a car, the only vehicle I ever owned while being a New Yorker. It only took a total of 4 hours to move from our 59th. street apartment in the city out to a two family home in a mafia neighborhood. That’s another story I’ll tell you all about soon. So when you think about it, my talk about my wife to Steve happened on a Tuesday, then we moved and by Friday night we were already settled into our new place with all our stuff straight, put away and in it’s proper place. My 396 Chevy Chevelle was in it’s assigned parking spot out back behind the building and I could look right down and see my car very nicely. Now it was Saturday, I gave Adriana the money she wanted to go and get her ass all fixed up very nicely for my pal Steve. Things happen very fast in New York my friends, I so hope I’ve been typing this all in it’s proper order so far?

    Steve knew about our big move, he even helped us and wanted to drive my car around, so I told him to: “Take My Wife Please!” I had to stay home and straighten things up a little more. Steve and Adriana went out for a little drive around the area. They were only gone for a short time, about a half hour, guess there was no sex between them yet? I was ready for my friend to drive us to his apartment in Brooklyn, I’d never find it without his help, but I paid very close attention to every left turn, every right, on our way to his residence. Adriana was only wearing a very short skirt and a tight white tee shirt that clung to her firm tits. Her nipples looked incredible. When she crossed and uncrossed her legs, if you were looking, you got a good peek at her hairy pussy. Glad to see Steve putting his hand down there to feel her thing she had for him as he drove us to his place.

    Now pulling into the driveway, which was made for cars of course, but no one had one that lived here, so my second hand new car was one of the first to be in this spot. I got out and watched my friend kiss Adriana before he got out with her. As soon as we were inside and the door closed she stripped for us, but not saying nothing to me she went right after Steve and said: “OK Lover, Let’s See It?” He wanted her to take it out herself so she unzipped his pants and her eyes were bugging out even before she got it out. The feel of it, it’s thickness, he was already half way hard for her. Her first performance was to get him up completely, get him as hard as a rock. She gasped when she got her first look at it, she was astounded, so glad that Roseanne doesn’t bullshit. This cock of Steve’s was really 13″, and very thick, not at all skinny.

    My wife went down on it, trying her very best to get at least half of it down her throat, she felt and gently played with his balls, then he stopped her her so he could get up and finish undressing. My wife rubbed her pussy and stared at the thing that would soon be all the way inside of her tiny body. Was she thinking about the pain she may have to go through when this cock rams her asshole? She helped her new boyfriend pull down his shorts, Steve had quite a beer belly, he was six feet tall around 250 pounds. Adriana was an expert cock sucker, had him sticking right out there in just a few minutes. She used her hands, lips, tongue, and her humming on Steve’s monster meat. I just knew this fuck show was going to be extremely hot and nasty. My friend was reading my mind, he said: “If You Want Pal Take That Camera And Take Our Picture?” I knew that he wanted to have some really hot shots of this fuck today also.

    Just for starts my wife put her legs over Steve’s lap right here in his living room on the sofa. She reached back and slid the head into her wet and willing hole, then she slowly slid on down until all I could see was her gorgeous ass flat in his lap, it was all buried into her pussy right now. Steve was playing and pulling on her tits, then they kissed, then she humped her ass up and down giving me a fantastic show of their very first fuck, really, just 1 out of a what would be over a 1000 in this four year affair.

    Adriana stood up, sliding her wet cunt off of his wet and shiny cock, they walked hand and hand into the bedroom. She got down on her back and lifted her legs up into the air, Steve got down there to taste her, eat her out for quite a long time. She thought he would just drive his monster into her, she was so glad he liked to eat pussy also. After tasting her sweetness he did stick it to her again, hope he wasn’t putting too much of his weight onto her 105 pound body? Then Steve asked me to do them a favor, so I put the camera down and went to where he was pointing, a little stand on the other side of his king sized bed. He said: “Please Pass Me The Anal Ease!”

    He pulled out of his girl’s pussy and she got up into the doggie position as fast as she could, now was time for her biggest test with my best friend. The ass fucking test!
    He greased up his massive dick and then gobbed a lot of the stuff on Adriana’s asshole, he even stuck three fingers up her ass and moved them all around to make sure she was lubed up properly for him. Then he threw the tube on the floor and got back on the bed right behind her ass she was wiggling for him so invitingly. He teased her by rubbing it all up and down her ass crack and then he was in it, first the big head, then about 5″, then 3 inches more, then up to 10 inches up her butt so far. She was panting, moaning and groaning and waiting for the rest of it. Steve said: “Are You Ready My Darling?” She answered back: “Yes Dear, Give It To Me, Every Inch Of It!” She arched her back which could have made it hurt more, but he did it, he gave it all to her. My wife let out a funny little squeak, like a mouse would make, that’s all. Strange, because I thought she would scream.

    Steve gave her asshole a little time to get used to his enormous size, then he began to move it in and out of her slowly at first, the a little faster, then faster still. She was keeping her promise to me and my pal, she has never let me down or embarrassed me in our first year of marriage so far.
    I am so proud to have this Italian girl as my wife, never a dull moment with a slut, she would do anything for anybody at any time of any day.

    Steve was really pounding her now, I saw a little tear running down the side of her face as they made a loud slapping sound as their bodies came together and I kept on taking my pictures of them. Then it was her second test coming up {cumming up}! Steve told her that she was the best, much better than Rosie by a 100 times. But why did he say: “Will You Eat My Cum Now?” I already told him that she would, didn’t he believe me? Maybe he thought that because his dick was buried up her shit hole she wouldn’t want it in her mouth now?

    A few more deep strokes and then he popped out, really, his dick came out with a “POP”
    Adriana turned around with a big wide opened mouth, she really wanted it, her reward for being a much better fuck than Roseanne could ever be. Steve stuck it in, went down her throat only about 6″ then he began feeding her, giving her his load. I watched her throat move up and down as she swallowed and swallowed for around five minutes. Then exhausted, the two lovers relaxed, my friends cock was out of the best throat he’s ever been down, and they just laid there on the bed in each others arms for a very long time. I went out into Steve’s refrigerator to get a beer and wonder what they would be doing next. I laid out all the porno Polaroids on Steve’s coffee table and wondered which ones he would give to me to show to all my other friends what he did to my wife today?

    Before this wonderful day was over, they did it again just as nasty as the first time, sorry to say there was no more film left for any camera this time. Adriana stayed naked in Steve’s apartment until I had to try and remember which way to drive and get us back to our new Brooklyn apartment.
    She told me that she loved him, really, it was that cock of his my wife was in love/lust for. This was the beginning of a full 4 year affair with her girlfriend’s guy, Steve fucked my wife many times more than he did Roseanne, I’d say for every 12 times he fucked Adriana, he did it with Rosie only once. And she never found out about it, didn’t even have a clue to what they were doing.

    And That’s The Truth!

  82. Guess what? My wife was knocked up! Apparently the first Steve, the one at the bank was creaming right into her cunt all the time. When Adriana felt sick I went with her to the doctor’s office. It didn’t take long for him to tell me and the wife that she was pregnant, she was already two months on her way to having a son or a daughter. That means that Steve from Chemical Bank knocked her ass up around the middle of October of 1974. In another seven months approximately she’ll be having our first and only kid.

    Her first wonderful long fuck with Steve Beck was on December 1st. of 1974, I told him him could even fill her pussy with all of his cum, besides her asshole and her mouth, it didn’t matter, she was already knocked up, couldn’t get any more knocked up no matter how much cum was being shot into her cunt hole. I know that we weren’t ready to have a child, but I also knew that I even pumped my cum into Adriana’s cunt a lot, so maybe, just maybe, the kid will be ours and not the result of all the fucking she did with Steve at the bank?

    I had to get my wife a few more steady boyfriends and I needed to do it before her belly gets too fat. Every time that my pal Steve Beck fucked his girlfriend he came right into her cunt, so did I. We all wanted to be the father of this kid. Adriana loved the feel of cum squirting inside of her, quite a change from eating it, swallowing it all the time. Guess she did miss that sweet taste she loved so much for the next 7 months?

    Steve didn’t care how fat Adriana got, he was in sheer lust with her asshole! Her doctor told her that she could have sex, even anal sex, right up until the very day the baby is born. That also made Mr. Beck very happy. Still their BIG secret was being kept from Ms. Farley, Adriana’s great ugly girlfriend and that dirty shitty apartment she lived in.

    Steve was also driving my car much more than I did, there were always places he wanted to take his nasty pregnant girlfriend that I really didn’t want to go to. Like places that didn’t have my kind of food, no French Fries or Pancakes and Bacon. No Cottage Cheese or the right kind of bread I like. I was a trip, the fussiest guy you’ll ever find or see anywhere on this planet. So Steve took my wife to exotic restaurants to eat Chinese, Pizza, Greek, etc. Stuff that I just wouldn’t even try. Adriana was his wife more than she was mine, he spent more money on her ass and treated her to some really good shit almost every week. The best shit was her shit on his big cock when he popped it out of her very deep asshole! She begged him to let her eat it one in a while, so of course he did.

    Now in the next part my wife will have the baby, we will see who it looks like and give it a name. It is interesting if you have the patience to stay with me friends. Thanks Again, Bye For A Little While.

  83. Soon there will be a lot of changes for everyone, some happy, some sad, but our lives were about to get more complicated because my wife was going to have a baby. For some reason Adriana went back down to get fucked some more from the Steve at the bank, but still, no one at this time in her young life of only 26 has any guy fucked her cunt and asshole like Steve Beck. Adriana even loved him more than her first man, Tom Bowman. Still she felt guilty to what she was doing to her really good girlfriend Roseanne with her Steve, but no way in Hell could she stop now!

    Another month went by and Adriana was getting her belly bump, her tits were getting bigger right along with her gut. I swear, i never had sex once with my wife when she started to show signs of being very knocked up. I don’t like fat girls, not even if they are only fat because they’re going to be giving birth soon. So my wife had her Steve & Steve and every once in a while some guy she’d meet in a bar or while traveling all around New York. A weird dude of some kind that got his thrills out of fucking pregnant women with gold rings on their fingers. Guess this way they’d never have to worry about mistakes, getting them pregnant, she was already in that state.They just liked doing someone else’s old horny bitch out on a Friday or Saturday night.

    Our son Michael Philip Day was born on June 15th. 1975, he was 8 pounds and 4 ounces, he had to born by a C-section because there was some kind of a problem with how he was up inside of his mother. It was all explained to us but sorry, I forgot it, not important anyway. The going out at night was stopped right away, we now had to stay home to take care of our son. By the way, he was named after his two Grand Father’s, Michael Cerrato and Philip Day. Adriana only had 2 men in her life, Steve and Steve, of course ME, the hubby!

    She was worried about the scar across her belly, had to get her bod looking really good again. She used creams and lotions recommended by her doctors, she even went through some cosmetic surgery to make her gut look flat without marks of any kind. In a few months she was ready to get gang banged again. So bring it on guys of all ages, all races! Let’s now fuck the new little mother!

    To get more cock for her we became members of the best swing club in New York, it was expensive and first we had to take our son Michael to Adriana’s parents to watch him for us, be our FREE babysitters. In late September of 1975 I paid $75.00 for a two year membership to Plato’s Retreat. Care to hear about our very first night there as a swinging couple?

    The club has it’s rules, first of all there is no real alcohol here, no one is allowed to just pay the fee and walk all around watching people having sex. You had to go hit the showers as soon as you come in, then wear nothing but a towel, now you can stroll around and check the other members out. Men wore their white towels around their waists, most women wore theirs around their tits and it was supposed to be long enough to cover their asses also. But Adriana also wore her towel around her waist, she wanted everyone to see her tits right away, as soon as they look at her, begin to check her out. Nothing wrong with that, other females were doing it, they just didn’t look as good as my wife did. I was more shy than my wife, she is very bold, a strong exhibitionist. She will do it in front of anyone while strangers aim cameras at her to take her picture, or even a movie camera to film her in action. With me it would only be one girl at a time and it would be behind closed doors, in one of Plato’s private rooms.

    Adriana almost made it around the large swimming pool when all of a sudden a great looking guy touched her arm and smiled at her, that was it, she sit down with him staring at her tits and they began to talk to one another. I continued to walk around looking for a girl I might care to eat out and fuck on this first night at Plato’s Retreat. When I came around where my wife was sitting with that stud, she was gone. Some other person said to me: “She Went In There” He pointed to the area where the club had around 20 private rooms.

    This was only the first of three trips she made into one of Plato’s private rooms, then when she came over to me, her husband, she said: “I Love It Here, I Never Want To Go Home!”
    The problem was that this is a swing club, a place where a couple are supposed to swap wives or girlfriends with other couples. Woman unescorted can come in alone for a fee of only 45 bucks. It cost couples what we paid, 75 bucks, men alone weren’t allowed in at all. So there was always more women at Plato’s than there was guys. A member couldn’t even bring in his pal or buddy, but he could bring in a dozen girls or more if he wanted to.

    So you may have guessed by now that Adriana had much more fun, much more sex at this really nice clean place than I did. We tried a few times to do some nasty shit right in front of everybody on the orgy mat, a big area where all bodies were writhing around like demons in heat, but it wasn’t for me. Many times I’d just get up, sneak away, leaving my wife right in the middle of strangers feeling her ass up, and even fucking her. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t even get up on the dance floor with all those colored flashing lights and dance with my wife. Since Adriana saw many girls dancing naked with men of all sizes, she of course did it that way too. I must say she really looked great, you’d never guess that she had a baby boy just three months ago.

    Somehow we kept our two year membership, and I lent Steve Beck my card so he could pretend he was Adriana’s husband and go in with her to see if he could have better luck than I did with finding girls for his big dick to screw. When they got a look at his cock, believe me, Steve got many other gals to shove it into. He really never paid attention to which way Adriana went,he just let her go and get what she wanted from every guy in the whole club. She even got banged by some of the guys they hired to work here, this place really loved cute little sluts like Adriana. Her guy from the bank never came here, he just wasn’t meant to conquer Plato’s. In our two year membership, I had only 3 girls that were my kind of skinny girls, sexy little Asian babes. I will take a good guess, I think I can safely say that Adriana had at least 50 guys, neither she or I was making an exact count, that’s just a guess, it could be a bit more, but certainly not less.

    Next up, Mr. Steve Beck gets a new assignment with The Coast Guard, I get another honorable discharge from The Coast Guard, and Adriana finally is through with Chemical Bank and soon to be a school teacher. Michael, the baby boy, has his first birthday party. We move out of Brooklyn, away from 396 Bay 19th. ST. in Bensonhurst, back to Manhattan, right on top of her parents apartment. Please Stay Tuned? Larry

  84. The year is 1977, my discharge from The Coast Guard will be coming up in another week, now I’ll have not one, but two Honorable Discharges, one from 4 years in the Army, now another from The USCG. Adriana was sad, she was losing her best lover of four great, fantastic long years. Steve was reenlisting and he got promised an assignment very close to his home town in Chicago. He was going to make The Coast Guard a career just like Roy Staben, the guy that married Roseanne’s sister Ruth.

    Adriana would have liked to have given Chemical Bank a two week notice but there just wasn’t enough time, they told her to be down at Seward Park High School at 8am on Monday morning to be sort of sworn in as a new teacher for The Board Of Education.

    The car I had, the only car I owned in New York, was sold to my pal Steve, I gave him a really great deal, I paid $4600.00 for it, I let him have it for only two thou. After all Adriana and I were moving back into the city and a car would now only be another problem for us, we would be using buses and trains from now on. After a long wait our name finally came up on a list of people trying to get into this nice five story walk-up building because of the area it was located in, right near the famous store Bloomingdale’s.
    We would also be living right on top of Adriana’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cerrato had a lot of influence on Mr. Silber, the landlord, to get our names ahead of around 6 others still waiting for a chance to get into here. Influence and some cold hard cash of course, they wanted us closer to them so they could see their Grand Son, and we of course needed to save money on babysitter’s. The grand parents of course would be totally FREE. Steve helped us move all our shit up three flights of stairs in our new apartment, there were items we didn’t want the professional movers to handle, didn’t want them to touch at all. Of course baby Michael was in a room of his own with my wife’s parents. He would have his own bedroom downstairs as well as upstairs.

    When the move was over we invited Adriana’s mother and father to go to The Carriage House, an Irish Pub, for a few beers or whatever, of course they declined and told us to go and have fun with our best friend Steve Beck. They would take care of the baby while we did what we wanted to do. Adriana showed a lot of leg as I played Steve on a 6-foot pool table, back in my home state of Maine I own an 8-foot Brunswick table. He may beat me at bowling once in a while, maybe a few times at chess, but NOT at this game of pool. It has been quite a while since my wife only got looked at, she was showing off her legs but because of the size of me and Steve no one came over to try and feel them or ask her for a blow job or something. I was proud of her, she was saving it all for her lover Steve.

    We only stayed at this bar for around two hours than we decided that our friend should fuck the crap out of Adriana one last time, he would just have to be quiet because now my in-laws were right downstairs. There could not be any banging the bed all over the bedroom. Michael would be sleeping right underneath them. They did most of the beautiful sex right in the living room, you could very easily tell how much these two were going to miss each other.

    When the cum was swallowed my wife went downstairs after I shook his hand and wished him a lot of luck, they kissed for around 5 minutes, people saw them, they just didn’t give a shit. Now my best pal drove away in the 396 Chevy Chevell I just sold to him for two grand. That was it it, no more Steve Beck for Adriana’s mouth, pussy, and asshole!

    Adriana was a little nervous about what she would have to do on Monday, get all her shit together and show how smart and well educated she is instead of showing her pussy and asshole this time. She might even be dressed normally, with a bra and a pair of panties on her body for a change. She didn’t need them for her jobs at J.C. Penny of that Bank job.

    Tonight when she comes home I will have to ask her to explain her first year up to around three more years of now being a teacher to me so I’ll be able to still keep telling this story very accurately and in order as these events happened.

  85. Finally, after 4 long years I was free of the military completely, I only waited over the weekend and went to get me my first security job at Saks Fifth Avenue, not the big fifth avenue store, but at their supply center on tenth avenue and 14th. St. Adriana looked pretty good dressed as a little school marm now, she even playfully pulled up her skirt to show me that she was wearing panties, I could see her bra right under her sheer blouse that might not be appropriate for her job as a teacher. She left at 6am in the morning, I left an hour later at 7am.

    We had a lot of work to do in our new apartment, lots of shit to put away, arrangements to be made when our little boy would be downstairs with his grand parents, and when he would be up with us in his other little bedroom. I need to find a few good men to keep me satisfied with my hobby of watching Adriana sucking off and fucking other guys. Michael was two years old now, still too young to understand why his mother will be completely naked with strangers doing things to her with their funny looking dicks they have between their legs going into her pretty juicy pussy and up her very deep butt hole. So for now she can still have as much sex as she wants while Michael is right there watching if he wants to. No problem yet, no, not at all.

    Our first days at our new jobs went will, guess it was alright for a teacher to wear a see-through blouse as long as there was a bra under it to cover her little boobs. Her skirts could even be short, but really not all the way up to the cheeks of her ass.
    At my job all I had to do was sit at a desk if I worked at night, let the trucks in when they are delivering the clothes that would soon be going up to the big store of Saks Fifth Avenue. Also have any employees working late sign in and sign out of the building. It was boring as Hell. I left Saks in a hurry, stayed with them for only a year and a half. The best thing about the job was my discount store card that me and my wife loved to use for a 33% discount off of all the expensive clothes in the big store. Our beautiful sexy friend Joy also pretended to be my wife every once in a while so she could use my card also. Hopefully someday I’ll get to see and use Joy’s big hairy cunt? I saw her perfect tits a few times, she has incredible nipples, Joy is a real beauty.

    BUT! this story isn’t about any hot and sexy brunette, it’s about my 5′ 4″ 107 pound wife with her medium brown hair and those pretty brown eyes. Adriana’s measurements are exactly 36A-22-35.
    So what if they aren’t perfect, no man has ever complained about her bod yet! Every guy loves ramming Adriana’s deep almost bottomless asshole!

    No one from Saks got to fuck my wife, but I had an affair with a girl that looked a lot like a short Lynda Carter, the woman famous for playing “Wonder Woman” Her name was Cynthia, another Italian piece of ass like Adriana, only Cynthia had much bigger tits. My wife new about the affair and didn’t care at all, after all we have this wonderful OPEN marriage.

    One day when Adriana came strolling down our block she saw the next cock she really wanted to fuck. She was sure he was married, or at least had a dozen girlfriends very young, very sexy and hot! But they talked to each and quickly became good friends, I also saw Stan outside a lot and became pals with him. Adriana told me that she knows he has a really big dick, she was caught more than once staring at it and the large bulge in his shorts. Stan always liked to wear those Bermuda kind of shorts. I just told my wife to show him her pussy and ask him if he’d like to eat it, then fuck her like crazy, but it didn’t quite happen that way.

    Again it was ME, I got Stan interested in Adriana and her hot ass. We were only here at this new place for a month, Adriana working down at Seward Park High School as one of their best new teachers, I hoped. And now as she was still missing her man Steve, she was going to have a guy that looked like a beach bum, a surfer like dude with blond hair and blue eyes, lots of muscles, and a really BIG cock right on our block. In fact his building was right along side of ours, so easy for the two of them to get together and get it on.

    One day I was off, I was looking for a new job because I quit fucking Saks. Stan was outside and he made a comment about my wife. He said she was “Hot” and wished he had met her before I did. I told him if he’d like to borrow her ass at any time of any day that I wouldn’t mind at all. Then I explained the open marriage agreement my wife and I had, then our first friend, outside of the ones in our building, started to believe me. He smiled and said he’d think about it. Sounded to me like he would only fuck Adriana is he was desperate, so we shook hands and I went upstairs to wait for the slut to come home.

    It was the Summer of 1979 when my wife first gave it really good to Stan, she came back to me a little shocked and all worn out, even her mom and dad asked her if she was alright when she stopped in to say hello to them and tell our son that he could come upstairs with us, his parents, whenever he was ready. She had just enough time to tell me that Stan was her biggest white cock of all times, he was a two legged horse. Had to have 14″ of meat for her to handle up her asshole whenever he wanted to use it again. It hurt her like crazy, made her cry, but still she took it, every inch of it, Stan told my wife that he loved her because of how she handled his horse cock. This is why Stan was single, it was the reason he told us anyway. He said to me one day: “When Girls See My Cock They Run Away!” But then he said: “Your Wife Is The Only Girl Since My Marie That Could Take My Thing All The Way Up Her Asshole!”

    Who the fuck was Marie? Marie Osmond? Anyway, they saw each other in the beginning on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, three times a week. After around the 20th time Stan gave Adriana his giant cock I finally got to see the two of them doing it. Funny how it happened. I was walking down the street and saw my wife outside on our top step, she was spreading her legs apart for people to see her pussy when they came down the block and turned their heads to stare at her. She was really only waiting for her new man Stan, the rest could all go and drop dead for all she cared. Finally he came out, a little late from his usual time. He saw my wife and came right up our steps to talk to us. Stan said: “Is That For Me?” Adriana put her hands down on her cunt and opened her hole up very wide saying: “My Pussy Is Hungry, Care To Feed It Some Meat?” When she got up and walked over to Stan’s door I began to go upstairs, then all of a sudden Adriana yelled at me: “Hey Larry, Want To Come In And Watch?”

    Now what do you think I did? Guess she didn’t want me to see Stan fucking her until she was very used to his size, she could take it without crying and screaming. Also Stan had to be sure I would never be mad or pissed at him for screwing Adriana’s brains out much better than I ever could. The three of us went inside and it was the start of another wonderful weekend, tonight starting early on Friday, it was only 5pm.

    Next time I will tell you briefly if I can about the fuck I witnessed between my wife and Stan. Also my next security job for a company called MRA Security. There we had fun with Charlie & Liz, an interracial couple, a tall thin natural blond and a dark ugly black man. Then Mr. Sam Houston got it from Adriana a total of 3 times, then Norris Hopkins, then I changed jobs again for a third time here in New York City.

  86. Our son Michael was 4 years old when Adriana starting having sex with our best looking neighbor Stan The Man. I thought the invite into his apartment would be very special, was sure he’d have a cock bigger than a real horse, or something to surprise me like it already has surprised Adriana. I was hoping he had 15, 16, 17, maybe 18″ to shove up inside of her, but he was exactly like her man Steve Beck, the same size of 12, maybe 13″ of meat for her holes to swallow up.

    I went into Stan’s apartment 3 or 4 times to watch Adriana play with him, see her suck him off and fuck him just like she did Tom and Steve. I got bored and excused myself when they invited me in for the fifth time to watch them, I had around 30 pictures to look at and show the non believers, and that’s all I really needed.

    After that weekend with my wife doing Stan, another new tenant named Tom up in apartment 4B, and her best ever Hispanic dude named Jose right down our hallway, I got up early to start my new job at MRA Security, hopefully a little better than working at Saks Fifth Avenue.

    The first person I met there was Norris Hopkins, the main man that hired new supervisors, then there was Sam Houston that hired the female guards that a lot of clients requested because they were fed up with the male kind of security. Then I saw a very beautiful blond, but she didn’t work there, she was just waiting for her very black husband, Charlie Lamarr, to get his shit together and recuse her ass from all the staring eyes, including mine, checking her out. She was wearing a very sheer see-through blouse without a bra and a nice short skirt showing off her sexy legs.

    I went through the sign up process, filled out all the required papers and was hired right on the spot. Then I met Roger Hawkins and John Clark, the two supervisors that would be training me to be just like them, a supervisor for MRA. We all joked that the initials stood for “Murder, Rape & Assault” but they were just the initials of the guy that owned the company.

    It only took me a few weeks to tell Norris and Sam that my wife and I had a very open marriage, my new friend Charlie also heard me bragging about how nasty and kinky Adriana was. They saw her just last week and approved of how she looked, now let’s see how they like fucking her. I knew I would soon get an invitation from someone to go and have drinks with them, and since Charlie saw me checking out his sexy blond wife, the invite came from him first. this was going to be our first interracial couple that Adriana and I have played with since we got married.

    My friends sexy blond wife was called Liz, she was a model in Sears & Roebuck catalogs, and of course all she wore in these catalogs was her bra and panties, very hot and sexy stuff showing off her bod, but really no complete nudity. We only got down and dirty with them one time and there was a reason for that, so now I guess I’ll explain it to you all.

    We followed the directions to there place, Liz buzzed us in right away, she gave us both long wet kisses, it was great to see Adriana and Liz lock lips and french kiss each other. Tonight she will prove just how BI she can be. Charlie came out of the bathroom wearing only a shirt and his boxers. Adriana could see a really fine black dick waiting for her inside those shorts I’m sure. We all
    had a drink, then a beer, then another drink, it was time to do it, so let’s get nasty!

    Liz did a fantastic strip for me and her husband, then Adriana did the same, then Charlie said: “OK Girls, Give Us A Lezzie Show!” The pretty blond went to her toy drawer, pulled out what she thought would entertain us guys more than anything else. My wife was spreading her legs and pulling her cunt apart so my friend Charlie could see up inside of her. Liz strapped on a huge dildo and greased it up with something then got behind Adriana’s Ass and began to enter her wet cunt with the thing. I stayed put but Charlie moved to see it a lot better. Liz pushed it all the way into my wife, Adriana knew the kinds of sounds we all wanted to hear, she moaned and groaned and purred like a kitten, she was performing just like she was making another porno movie for me. I knew my dark black pal couldn’t take this much longer, he just told the girls to “Stop!” “Get On The Bed!”

    Liz released my wife from the giant dildo and took it right off, she slid her tall thin body back onto the bed and Adriana went down on her to eat her out. My wife felt her perfect tits and pulled and pinched her nipples while sucking on her clit and tonguing out her natural blond pussy. Adriana even licked and lapped Liz’s asshole! Then Charlie got up on the bed, jerked his long black cock back and forth a bit, then eased it into my wife’s cunt from behind. Now with Liz under her and Charlie behind her, my wife was doing her first man and woman threesome. Why the fuck didn’t I bring my damn camera?

    It was Liz, no joking, that said: “Fuck Her Asshole Honey!” So when Charlie Boy was ready, done with Adriana’s pussy, he was very interested in fucking her ass now. Liz gave her husband the grease, her applied it to his cock, then to Adriana’s asshole. My friend did it, pushed it all the way up there, all the way to his big black balls. The 3 of them had a great time for two whole hours. I got nothing, I knew that Charlie didn’t want me to touch his wife, I had to be only satisfied to get to see Liz naked because I’m sure not too many other white guys have had even that pleasure.

    Time for Adriana to eat cum, my friend slapped her really hard on her ass, he popped out and she was helped by Liz to turn around and open up her big mouth. Somehow Liz got out and stood right beside of me all nice and naked. We watched Charlie shoot a shot across her forehead, then he was in her mouth giving her another 6 or 7 spurts of his delicious cum. My wife had eyes for no one except Charlie but he had eyes for only 1 woman, his blond bitch Liz. All other white women were only holes to him, just a place for him to enter and fill with his black load of cum. And since I could not touch or feel Liz up, couldn’t eat her out or fuck her, we never went back to play with them again. I really do regret not giving Charlie & Liz my wife at least one more time, one time when I had my camera and lots of film in it to take pictures so I’d be able to prove Adriana likes girls just as much as she likes giant black cocks!

    But now it’s time for Mr. Sam Houston to fuck Adriana. This is NOT the guy from The Alamo, just a light skinned black dude that hires women for MRA Security.

    One day I had to be in the office to get some uniform supplies to bring to some of our guards at different locations all over the five boroughs of New York. My wife was sitting right outside of Sam’s office showing a lot of leg. He came out and saw her and trying to be funny he said: “Well My Dear, Are You Looking For A Job?” Adriana was a whip, she came right back at him and said: “I Already Have A Good Job As A School Teacher, But I’m Always Looking For Some Hot Positions!”

    That was it, I watched as Sam took her by the hand and brought my wife into his office. Norris and I knew what they were going to do. It didn’t take long to hear the same kind of sex sounds that we were used to hearing when Sam was interviewing his cute little girls applying for jobs in this security company. Sam was now fucking my wife.

    She was trying out for a position in there with Sam for about an hour, then the door opened and they saw me waiting out there for them to finish. So Sam said: “Great Job Adriana, You Got The Job!” Then he just closed his door and may have even did some work for a change, who knows?
    Not many guys liked Sam Houston, he really was an asshole, but I never planned to have Adriana fuck him, it just happened, so what the fuck, it’s OK, I knew he would never dare to hurt her or then I’d have to fuck him up. She had sex with Sam three more times, there must have been something that he was doing to her to get her to come back for it again and again.

    Two of my other friends were leaving MRA Security to go to Effective Security Co. A bigger company that paid better money. Adriana fucked only one other guy at MRA before my big break in security finally found me. She let the wonderful old guy Norris get her ass and that was only a one time deal also. We felt sorry that he had to hear all those sex sounds of Sam fucking young girls to get them good jobs at this messed up company, and then listening to him and my wife doing it 4 times in there, so we asked Norris: “Would You Like To Fuck Adriana?” What do you think he said?

    We went to his apartment at West 23rd. Street one night and my wife did it fantastic for him, a funny fat black man with a big bushy mustache that probably appreciated Adriana’s sex much more than Sam Houston ever did.

    I didn’t stay with MRA very long, only a year and a half, then one Friday night I got a call from Roger Hawkins, he told me that Effective Security could promise me a hundred bucks more in my very first paycheck then what MRA was paying me. You should know how fast I left this place right?
    I only waited over the weekend and on Monday I would be a supervisor for Effective Security, the company I worked 18 years for. Now came three guys that my wife would fall in love with. There were a lot more, but only 3 that she really loved just as much as me. At least I think as much as me, maybe she liked them more?

  87. It was 1981 now, our little boy, our only son, was six years old now, is that too old to have his mother naked all the time fucking guys in our apartment? Adriana loved sex so much that I left her alone and figured she would stop doing it so often with Michael still awake and running around while the usual guys rammed her mouth, pussy and asshole all the time. I’ll let Michael get older and older and see his mother doing nasty stuff with her lovers and my pals every weekend and wonder what it is she is doing! We just couldn’t keep sending him downstairs or Mr. and Mrs. Cerrato would wonder why we are doing that. Adriana did go into our bedroom with her guys and always closed the door, but still our son was quite puzzled. Probably wondering what the fuck is his mother doing in there with men he has never seen before.

    Another new job for me, Mr. Gus Avena at Effective Security also hired me on the spot as a supervisor, I was in charge of the midtown area, had to go to the sites that the company cars couldn’t go to without getting a lot of tickets or towed away. I did drive there cars on certain days when going up to White Plains to get the checks or other supervisors were off or on vacation or something strange came up and they needed me to drive. I had a good driving record and even did jobs down in the Wall Street area where it was Hell to have a vehicle down there in that area of New York. I got very friendly with some of our best guards, but this one guy was having very bad wife problems and finally got a divorce from his old lady. So of course I thought I’d offer him my wife, told him the whole story about us and convinced him finally that Adriana would fuck him great, do it any way he wanted her to. I knew our son had a little league game coming up and told Adriana to tell him we had to go somewhere and wouldn’t be able to see his game this time. So Michael’s grand parents went with him. While I brought Bobby home with me to meet and eat my wife. Bobby was nervous, Adriana waited for us in her baby doll pajama set without panties. When this handsome guy first laid eyes upon her he freaked and we thought he was going to run down the stairs and get the fuck away from us. But Adriana told him that he didn’t have to fuck her if he didn’t want to, she always dresses this way in front of everyone, anyone!

    He came in and I got him a beer, Adriana figured out that she would have to play this guy a little different, he was shy, but you could tell that he really liked my wife’s almost naked body. Adriana sit so Bobby could see her cunt, check it out and eventually decide if he wants that juicy hole, or he’s just going to go home after drinking a few brews. I waved Adriana over to sit between us on the sofa, I grabbed her right leg and was glad the Bobby grabbed her other leg and pulled it into his lap. Now my wife was spread very far apart and we could see her cunt so very nicely. Bobby liked her legs and was rubbing his hand up and down the one he had in his lap, then he got brave and rubbed it right over her hole, Adriana purred for him, said: “That Feels Nice, Don’t Stop!” Bobby’s first contact was quick, but when she said that he went right back to touching her cunt again. He put in a finger, then even a second one. When he had enough cum on them he stuck them into his mouth to taste Adriana’s pussy juice. I let go of her leg and she went after his cock, she attacked his pants to hurry and get him undressed. Now for her BIG surprise, well really friends, it was quite small. Poor Bobby had a cock even smaller than mine, he was, at the most only 7″ and thin, not thick at all, like she likes them to be. Now my wife had to prove to me and herself what a good actress she can be. She had to make Bobby feel like his dick is really pleasing her holes, she just had to! She lowered her head and began to suck on him, she took the whole seven inches right down her throat, it was an easy cock to deep throat. It was my wife that stopped sucking and suggest that they go into the bedroom and get much more comfortable.

    They first sit at the end of the bed to play a stupid video game that I had hooked up to a smaller TV in there. I was on Adriana’s right, Bobby was on her left. After a few minutes of this shit my wife pulled the thin little straps off of her shoulders and let the sexy nightgown fall down to her waist so her first fuck from Effective Security could see and play with her tits. Bobby was a real romantic, he kissed her, kissed her deeply, long wet ones, over and over. Then he began to feel her little boobs, he did everything just right, he believed in doing the foreplay stuff instead of just sticking it to her and fucking her like so many others have. He really gave her lips, on her face, her tits and nipples a long wonderful workout, something she wasn’t used to getting from other guys, except Tom that is!

    She slowly slid her body back on the bed until she was right in the middle, her legs couldn’t have been spread any farther apart or she’d hurt herself. After some more kisses, Bobby slid down her now naked bod and ended up with his tongue tasting Adriana’s sweetness between her legs. From the way he ate her and the way she was responding you could very easily tell that this guy knew how to eat pussy. Bobby chowed down on my wife much better than any guy I ever saw do it to her. He even licked out and lapped her asshole for a long time. Her head was whipping back and forth and I thought she might break her neck or something.

    After more than an hour of eating her pussy and ass he finally made a move with his little dick. My friend from my new company came up to her dripping wet cunt and put his dick into it, she was perfect, made the right sounds, the right moves, and even told him how great he was. Then my wife said: “Bobby I Love You, Why Don’t You Try My Asshole?” Guess she thought she might feel his cock more if it was buried up her ass. He changed holes when he was ready and was buried to his balls up Adriana’s best hole for around 11 minutes, then he asked her, really, he asked, if he could please cum in her mouth.

    Of course she told him: “That’s What I Want To Hear, Feed Me Darling!” Bobby got it out in the nick of time, came up to Adriana’s pretty face and gave her what she needed. The whole seven inches was in her mouth as he squirted and squirted and squirted. He said something about being able to shoot so much cum that other girls have been choked by it. But this was my wife, an expert cum eater, she’s had so many guys that could give her 7, 8, even 9 big spurts of cum after enjoying her fuck holes all night long, we knew she could do it, do it better than a pro.

    Bobby was happy, very satisfied with my slut wife. But he also knew she wasn’t satisfied with him, somehow he figured out she was making believe he had a 12 inch cock and not this little seven incher that just fucked her as good as it could. This first guy from Effective was her third one night stand. It would be her last, in all our life together she only had 3 one night stands, all the other lasted much longer than that.

    I know she will never forget Bobby, never forget the way he ate her hot holes, never forget all the cum he fed to her, but also never remember the size of his cock, she will forget the little ones!

    Next up, a guy she still sees today, this big German stud has a big one, yes, another 12″ dick for Adriana, the 3rd one in her life. The second man from New Jersey. A guy with the same name as our son. Please stick around?

  88. We have made it, made it through our first 5 years of marriage. Really this is our 6th. year and my wife and I have each had three jobs, two that weren’t that great and now one that we like and want to keep. Adriana went to J.C. Penny as a sales girl after college, then that nasty Chemical Bank with her lover that may be the real father of our only son. Then she became a school teacher, the job she wants to stick with for 30 to 40 years. She will be making much more money than me because she got that college education, I didn’t. I hated school and quit when I was just 16. Got my High School Diploma from completing a GED test in The Army. the only good thing The Damn Army ever did for me. I’ll never forgive that branch of the service for saying I wouldn’t go to Vietnam, then after basic training, giving me and three other boots some really special training, eight weeks more of crap to get us ready for combat. Eighteen years old and killing the yellow man in a foreign country. I was lucky, very lucky to survive, much better men than me didn’t. At least I came back with all my body parts and half of my brain still a little sane.

    Adriana and I were trying so hard to enjoy our fairly good paying jobs now, maybe this year of 1980 we’ll take our first trip up to Maine, my home state, to visit with my friends and relatives, I just have to let my pal Ronnie Williams fuck Adriana in her ass. Maybe Johnnie and Charlie will want a piece of her also? With my new security job they’ll be giving me a week’s vacation in The Summertime of 1981. Of course Adriana will have all of July and August off from school because of the kids and their Summer vacation.

    But first there was a special job my new company wanted me to do, stand in a fucking lobby with another guy my same height and make sure only employees walked by us. It was down at The Stock Exchange, a very touchy situation. It would be for only two weeks and then I’d return to my midtown job delivering checks to the guards and training them at different posts. So down at a site called Stone & Webster I met Mr. Mike Lieber, the next very long affair for my nasty little wife. Mike was a big mouth, a very talkative guy, but all I saw him talking to were the guys, mostly the food delivery guys that were trying to take up grub for the big shots upstairs. I of course kept talking to the good looking women, especially Ellen Marie, Mr. Donavan’s hot secretary. There was also Cheryl, the tall thin model we used to call “Legs”! Well at least she looked like a model.

    I really thought Mike Lieber was gay, almost certain that he didn’t care about all these hot girls and women that kept walking past us every day. So to test him, see where he was coming from, I sit up a double date with me, Mike, Cheryl and Ellen Marie. We would go into The China Imperial Bar after work for drinks and conversation. This bar was right inside the building where we were working, we didn’t have to go far at all, just a few feet into the entrance and get a seat, hopefully at a table.

    I knew what to say, how to talk to hot ladies, or sluts, or whatever kind of girls Ellen & Cheryl happened to be. But Mike kept talking to us all about his pals and buddies he goes skiing and skating and hunting with in upstate New York. The girls got bored, so when Cheryl made up an excuse to leave, of course my girl got up and left with her. I’ll never forget how my new work friend may have ruined my chances to eat out and fuck Ellen Marie. Mike and I still stayed in the fancy bar and finished our beers and got two more. I began my talk about my wife and our open marriage. Told Mike that Adriana has a big cunt and almost bottomless asshole, even showed him the pictures of it I always kept in my wallet. Had to find out what he thought of my wife’s fuck holes?

    This was a nice Friday night, but Mike said he couldn’t come over to meet Adriana tonight, but he did say, next week he would, he promised he would.

    On Monday beautiful Ellen Marie apologized to me for leaving, but sexy Cheryl was her best girlfriend and she just had to. She invited me, not Mike, to go for another try in the bar any day I wanted her to be in there with me this week. I told the hot skinny girl: “How About Wednesday, Hump Day?” She said: “Great Larry, It’s A Date!” Still fate was working against me, on Wednesday I was sliding my hand up and down Ellen’s leg, getting ready to feel her pussy, when her boss popped in looking for her. He had more work for her to do in his office, probably wanted to fuck her himself some more, or he was pissed that she was with me, a lowly security man. It just wasn’t going to happen, I’d have to get along without this beautiful girl in my life.

    Now for my wife and her newest fucker Mike Lieber. I talked to Adriana all week about this guy, told her i wanted her to be naked right from the start, try to shock him, try to see if he’s for you, or he’s for other men. She knew that I showed him her cunt and asshole and a few fuck pictures, she could have cared less. She wanted his cock, she knew how handsome he was and really promised me she’d be a freak on his dick if he’ll let her.

    Adriana was 31 years old now, our son 6 and staying downstairs with his grand parents for this very special night of his mother meeting Mike. I swear every year my whore gets older she continues to look better, didn’t look like a mom at all, not a beauty mark, mole, or mark on her body anywhere. I used my key to get in, knew Adriana would be up there all naked with a smile on her face and only some perfume for us to smell as we entered our apartment of sex. My friend stood back in awe, he licked his lips, and we walked in. My wife got us some beers and I began to make her a Manhattan, a strong drink made up of only a half a glass of Vermouth and half a glass of her favorite Whiskey. She could usually handle two of these drinks, but tonight she’ll have even more.

    Mike’s new lover, my wife, sit with her legs spread nice and wide, she held her drink in one hand and used the other to rub her cunt and get it wet for Mike. She told him he was handsome and he said he knew that. Then she saw the bulge, his cock was getting hard, a good sign that he liked what my wife was showing him and he just might want to fuck her. Adriana gulped her drink down very fast, before she could move, get up, I passed her another one even stronger than the first one. Then I said: “Why Not Sit With Mike And Have A Toast To This Evening?” Now I let her get up and go over to cuddle with her big German Stud. Let’s hope he’ll be a stud and not a dud?

    Adriana rubbed her hand over his cock as she kept drinking almost a pure glass of straight booze. Only Canadian Club in the glass, just a drip of Vermouth. My friend gave in to her, let her unzip his fly and take it out. What a lucky little whore she is, Mike had a 12 inch cock in there, she can always find the really big ones, with my help of course! I watched her jerk it up and down, get it as hard as a rock, then she finished her second drink, then she started to suck Mike’s dink. I went out to make her a third drink, this time straight Canadian Club Whiskey. My wife was already fucked up, so just to make sure my friends cock wouldn’t hurt her asshole I wanted her to be as drunk as a

    At first it was funny to see Mike pushing her head down on his dick beyond the amount she usually deep throats. Was it the booze that let her get what looked like 10″ down her throat? She gagged and choked but Mike wouldn’t let her head up. Somehow she did it, she did it his way, all the way, then I said: “Get Loose Mike, Get Undressed And Take Your Girl Into The Bedroom!”

    He did, he showed me right away that this was a guy I wouldn’t want to have a fight with, he was younger than me, taller than me, and had more muscles than me. Of course, a cock much longer and thicker than mine! Adriana got on top of her man, she turned her little body around so her juicy cunt was right on his face as she made love to that big thing of his. It was Mike that said he was ready to fuck now, so she turned around again and reached behind her ass to slide it into her pussy very deeply. She rode him like a cowgirl on a bull in a rodeo, she was a wild slut on Mike’s bid cock. You should have seen the way they looked at each other, in complete lust, which would soon be all love!

    They tried 3 different sex positions, then the right one for ramming my wife’s asshole. He got behind her fuck anyone butt and used my Anal Ease to grease up. Then he was in it, he wasn’t gentle, he was pushing it up there very hard and fast, it was a good thing she was drunk for their first night together. I saw the monster dick only for a few seconds then it was gone, every inch of him was buried up Adriana’s Asshole, only his big balls could be seen. But still my wife had a cute look on her face, not a smile, a look like some kind of demon in heat! She kept pushing her tiny body back on that cock every time he slammed it into her, it was fucking hot to see her getting fucked just as hard and long as she used to do with Steve Beck when we first got married. I began to hope and pray that this would be the start of another very long affair for Adriana, even longer that the 4 year affair she had with Mr. Beck.

    Even a stud like Mike has to get off sooner or later, really can’t say how long there first fuck was but it sure was a lot longer than I could do it to her. Besides, I was getting tired of my wife’s ass after only 6 years of being married to it. Mike came out of Adriana’s Asshole with a very nice “POP!” Then the slut did her thing to his thing, she got her mouth on it just in time like she usually does for all guys, he began to pump his load down her throat, I counted exactly seven spurts he put into her gut, now she was looking up at her man with that famous smile on her face saying: “More, More, More!” “Give Me More Cum!”

    He said to me: “Is She Always Like This?” I told my friend: “Yes! Only When She Has A Man With Twelve Inches Of Cock!” Mike’s fantastic piece really didn’t go soft all the way, he said he wanted to fuck her some more, so after a short break and another drink, they went into our sinful bedroom and did it again, even longer than the first time. He gave her the same amount of his cum to swallow, seven more incredible spurts. Fourteen spurts from just one cock and two times fucking her, she has finally found another monster lover to ravish her nasty little body all the time, any time he wants it.

    There was a knock on our door, Adriana skipped out to open it, she wasn’t tall enough to see out the peep sight. When she opened it there was our son Michael, we had totally forgot about the time he was to come back up to his parents apartment. His mother was totally naked, Mike on our sofa was sitting there with his big cock hanging down almost to the floor. Was the little guy shocked? Was he embarrassed to see his mom naked in front of some other guy with his huge cock showing? He just went into his room to get some more toys and back out the door to go back downstairs with Gramp Pa & Grand Ma. Oh Yes! He did say “Hi” to Mike just to be polite. Now we wondered if our son would tell his grand parents what he just saw, Adriana was drunk, she didn’t give a shit at all. Still, it should have been me that went to our door to see who was out there, at least then I could have had my wife and her boyfriend in their bedroom with the door closed before our son was let in.

    There was really no harm done, Mike Lieber came over all the time when Michael was up and he even played games with our little boy, when we sent him downstairs to play, he probably just thought we were going to play our adult games again and he couldn’t get to watch. But if he stood in the right place, he could get to hear the bed banging and bouncing all around as Mr. Lieber slammed his giant cock in and out of all of Adriana’s holes again and again. Now my wife was fucking him without having to be drunk anymore, besides she had to prove to him what a great ass fuck she can be without any alcohol in her body at all. You tell me, tell us, do you think our son knew what his mother was doing with Mike Lieber? Did he say anything to his grand parents? We never heard any comments from my wife’s parents, we never had any questions being asked by our son. This hot fucking and affair went on until Mike Lieber married his first wife and moved to New Jersey, but do you think it was over between my wife and him? Not a chance, his marriage fell apart, and he wanted my wife’s deep ass again for his pleasure.

    Next segment, our trip to Maine, then back to New York to have my wife fuck her very first Indian man, an ugly guy from Guyana.

  89. So now our six year old son knew that Mike Lieber was fucking his mother all the time, so what? He still didn’t know that Stan next door was also doing her, and Jose down the hall and Tom upstairs in 4B.

    Still NOT enough, I want more cock for my dirty little wife’s fuck holes. Nothing turns me on more than to see her stuffed with much bigger dicks than what I’ve got! “Rip Her Fucking Body In Two!”

    We still weren’t ready for our first 375 mile drive up to my little town of Bath, Maine, so while Mike and Adriana kept fucking each others brains out, even with our son just outside the bedroom playing games with me, we started to save our money, save and save for at least a two week vacation up in my home state. I simply told Michael that mommy and Mike really love each other so they play funny games in the bedroom all the time. Michael said: “I Know That, They Don’t Like To Wear Clothes At All!” “Mom Looks Funny!” He didn’t say anything about how Mike Lieber’s Cock looked, good thing he really never saw that huge long thing moving in and out of his mother’s pussy or asshole! Or all the cum that got shot all over her face and right into her mouth! He did see
    some of Mike’s cum in her hair once and so nicely pointed it out to his mother so she could go into the bathroom and fix it. No kidding, she got some of her lovers load in her hair a lot.

    Mike was coming over every Friday and Saturday night, Stan usually needed Adriana on Mondays and Wednesdays. She went up to Tom’s apartment and over to fuck Jose whenever they called for her and that could be any day of the week and at any time they knew she was home. She had four steady lovers and now time for number five.

    One of my best guards worked at the main branch for Chemical Bank at 277 Park Avenue, between 48th. Street and 47th. Street. It was Mr. Leslie Persaud, a guy from India, a dark skinned skinny man that wasn’t very good looking. Like a lot of guys he had marital problems, so we went to a few bars and drank some brews to talk about them.

    Adriana and our son Michael have met Leslie and his family a few times, he has a very slim and sexy teenage daughter. some Indian girls can be very “hot”! But his wife, OH NO! NOT her! Leslie’s old lady was fat, looked like a bowling ball with the three holes not in the right places. That’s how he described her to us. Even though our son was still too young to play with Anisha’s teenage cunt, he tried to fix her computer all the time because she didn’t know shit about those things and Michael knew just about everything about computers, at least he thought so. I noticed the young girls legs and tits, not sure if Michael did or not! Whenever his wife wasn’t looking Adriana gave the funny guy from Guyana a peek up her dress and a look at her pussy. I don’t think she wanted to fuck him but she knew I wanted her to show that thing of hers to every man she meets, and even though he was ugly, he still was a man, so show him your wet pussy my wife!

    The next day at work, after we just had a very nasty Sunday with the neighbors, Leslie invited me out for drinks to thank me for what I did for him. I recommended my Indian pal to be a Supervisor like me at Effective Security. Now he was going to hear all about the little slut I have at home and what we do as often as we can with a young son around. I showed the wallet pics and really forgot that he has already seen Adriana’s cunt right in front of his face. His eyes told her that he liked it.

    So I asked him if he’d like to eat out and fuck a tiny skinny girl instead of his fat round woman.
    Then my weird buddy told me: “I Would Love A Skinny Girl, But I Don’t Eat Pussy, Never Did!”

    Guess that would be OK, he didn’t have to eat it, just keep fucking it for as long as he can. So I offered Leslie my wife, at first he thought I was talking about some other skinny whore I knew for him to fuck, but when he found out it was Adriana, he reacted like a new man, he was so pleased, so hot for my nasty thing I married. I told him if he could be free next Saturday night he could come over after Mike Lieber fucks her ass. Again I shocked him, he knew Mike, said they met a few months ago at another Effective Security site and became friends also. So I told him I’d show him the fuck pictures of Mike & Adriana, let him see the size of that thing she is in love with. But he’ll have to show up first, don’t chicken out, be here at 11pm next Saturday for sure. Mike will be done with her by that time and then she’ll freshen up her holes for her next guy, the ugly old Leslie Persaud.

    As I knew it would be, I had a hard time convincing Adriana that I wanted her to suck and fuck Leslie, after all, her men so far have all been pretty good looking guys, now she had a man older than her, a husband and father, knows his family very well, and as ugly as all Hell. But he needs my wife’s cunt and asshole for his pleasure, she just has to do it, do it for me if not for herself.

    Mike Lieber finished with Adriana at 9:30pm, now our son went downstairs because he preferred to sleep down there, it was a lot more quiet and darker in his room down in his grand parents apartment. My friend Mike fucked my wife dozens of times while our son was right up here with us. Our son knew we wanted it this way, my pal to do everything that his mom and dad do all the time. I’m sure he understood that this was normal stuff and nothing was wrong about it at all.

    At around a quarter to 11 I had my wife all nice and naked and out on our convertible sofa stuffing a huge white vibrator into her wet pussy. I wanted Leslie to see this as soon as he came into our place for the first time. He showed up only 10 minutes later, still 5 minutes early. He was so pleasantly surprised to see Adriana naked and fucking herself for him. He really thought she was hot for his Indian cock. Still he took his time getting undressed, he stared at her body with pure lust in his eyes for her. Before he was naked and his 10″ dark dick was out my wife changed holes and began to stuff her toy up her asshole. When he walked up to her face, she stopped and pulled it out to begin a super fine blow job on my friends big hard dick. Time to get the camera snapping at them. Leslie did ask me: “Please Larry, No Shots Of My Face!”

    He was too ugly to show his face having sex with my wife, anyone that sees the pictures will have to believe me that he is a hunk, a skinny good looking man from Guyana with a pretty nice dick for my old whore wife.

    I really liked the way Adriana sucked his cock, she even licked and lapped his big balls, was this an act or was she honestly getting into it? Adriana made only one mistake, she asked him to do some 69 with her being on top of him, then he told her also that he was sorry, he just didn’t like to eat and lick pussy. Still Adriana laid her whole body out on top of Leslie and put his cock back into her mouth. I was only inches away from her blowing him and now looking at me with her pretty eyes. Her eyes told me that she liked him, she was surprised also that he had suck a fine cock, not a 12 inch one, but a fine ten inch one. About 3 or 4 inches more than she was expecting. Silly slut thought that a skinny man from Indian would have a cock even smaller than Bobby’s. Guess this won’t be their first and last fuck, they’ll be together a lot I’m sure.

    Adriana turned around on top of her Indian lover, reached back behind her ass and eased Leslie’s dick into her dripping wet cunt. First she bounced up and down on it, then she leaned all the way over putting her tits right on Leslie’s chest, reaching back to pull her ass cheeks apart so I could see my friends cock really doing a job inside of her. These sex pictures were really going to be nasty, a lot of close ups and shots of my friends big black cock. Adriana asked Leslie if he’d like to fuck her in another position, but before he answered her she got off his dick and he got up. She laid down on the sofa bed with her legs spread far apart and then lifted them right up into the air. My ole buddy got on top of his girl and re-inserted it deep into her cunt again. They were in lust at first sight, they knew each other for just a few months, now they are fucking each other already and I hoped that it will last for years.

    Leslie made a mistake now, he said nothing, just pulled out of his girl’s pussy and blasted off all over the front of her body. she never even got the chance to tell him to cum in her mouth because she’s an expert cum eater. I thought for a second there that he was embarrassed that he just messed up my wife’s squeaky clean naked body. He plopped his ass into Adriana’s favorite chair, my wife asked him if he was alright, did she do anything wrong? Thank whatever powers may be, he told my wife she was prefect, best piece of ass he ever had. But he didn’t fuck her ass, only her very willing cunt. Adriana wondered about him, maybe he was older than he looked, maybe fucking her might give him a heart attack? So she moved a little closer to him and started to rub his cum into the front of her body, she rubbed it all over her tits, her gut, and even some on her legs, then she licked it right off of her fingers, told my friend that his cum was so delicious. Leslie laughed and also told us that he very seldom came right into a woman’s mouth, never did that with his short old ugly wife. Adriana told him: “If You Expect To Keep Fucking Me You’ll Have To Feed Me My Reward!”

    We invited Leslie to stick around until the sun comes up today on Sunday, but he said he was going to have a hard time telling his family where he has been for the last two hours, it was almost 1am now on this wonderful Sunday morning in New York. It will probably take Leslie a half hour or less to drive back home to The Bronx on The Grand Concourse. His cute daughter will be sleeping, but will his wife? Will she be waiting for him with a rolling pin in her hands to whack him over the head when he walks in?

    The results will be explained tomorrow, also news of their next little affair right in our living room on the fold away sofa. When he left her she turned to me and said: “He Didn’t Fuck My Asshole, That Fucking Sucks!” And I thought she didn’t like little old dirty men, it just proves that all she cares about is size, the size of their cocks. If they have 8″ or more they can make her feel really great, less than that she just might laugh at them. Or they’ll only get blow jobs, little dicks would get lost inside the big holes she’s got anyway. But still, I really think she missed my old pal Bobby Cassase, no one could eat her out like he did.

    Got to go, need some food and have to take my diabetes medicine. Next time Leslie gets Adriana’s Asshole and he gets hooked on my wife for good. Now she has 5 steady boyfriends at her age of 32. Maybe I won’t look for anymore, all her other fucking will be here, there, and everywhere while we’re on vacation up in Maine or out in New Jersey, or even right in Central Park, just a few blocks from where we live. Now that’s another story, her pussy showing and having sex in New York’s biggest and best city park. Have a great day everyone!

  90. It was a warm Sunday morning, the day after Adriana’s Indian Man fucked her a lot better than she expected. Leslie was only starting his long affair with my wife, that late night fuck was just the first of 100’s more to come. He will be enjoying her fine ass for even longer than Steve Beck did. Maybe he and Mike Lieber will make a record of some kind out of having sex with my dirty little sex slave wife?

    Adriana told me many times that as a young girl, a nasty teenager, she used to go to a lot of different city parks and spread her legs to show strangers her cute pussy. I thought that could be very dangerous if she ever showed it to a real creep, or a guy that might be a rapist or even worse. She explained to me that she never had any trouble because all the guys she flashed were either good looking sane men, or people with cameras around their necks, tourists that may be bird watching but got to see a hot pussy instead. So I told her that’s what we’re going to do today, dress you in almost nothing and show good looking guys your cunt. All she wanted was for me to assure her a lot of safety and not get her ass arrested for indecent exposure.

    At 7am we left for Central Park, New York’s biggest park, a place where Adriana said she knew like the back of her hand. It was early and every person that went out last night to drink and party were more than likely still sleeping. All we saw at first were people walking their dogs and some old folks just sitting on the benches reading the Sunday paper or some kind of book or magazine.
    Adriana just sit down in her very short mini dress and opened her legs, she was giving me, only me, a good shot of her pretty pussy. So I aimed my camera at her and took a few pictures of my wife’s cunt. There were people walking behind her and I made sure that they got in the picture also so our friends that see these shots will know she’s exposing herself outside in public.

    People came walking by my slut, but not the kind she should be flashing her fuck hole at. So we moved from here and looked for other safe areas for her to spread her legs. She saw him before I did, an interesting man that just had to be a tourist, he had that look about him. She plopped her ass down on a bench and spread out her legs nice for him, when he walked by he stared and stopped, aimed his camera at her and took pictures of Adriana’s pussy. When he came closer she spread it wider, her hands were on her hole and she was pulling it open as far as any pussy hole could be. Her smile for this guy, as for every guy, was incredible. I was right across from them but really couldn’t hear what they were saying. Hope this guy didn’t realize we were together?

    Adriana stood up and walked away with this complete stranger, She gave me a signal to follow, but not too close. She led this lucky guy to a hill where there were some large trees, they walked up and soon she was down taking out the guys cock. There was no one around, they could have done it right down here in front of my face. But they decided to try and hide. Still, if anyone walked by and happened to look up the hill they might be able to have an idea what that girl was doing up there with that man.

    The guy came down first, without my wife, he walked right in front of me as he got out of here in a hurry. But everything was alright, Adriana only wanted to brush the dirt off of her knees and fix her little red dress a bit. she told me all she did was suck the guy off and swallow his cream. So I asked her: “Why Did You Have To Go Up There Just To Do that?” She explained to me that she wanted me to see and know where she used to go all those years ago. This was her favorite spot to suck cock and even fuck strangers if they dared to do that to her. She sit down and hiked up her dress, told me that she’d spread her legs and show her cunt if another man came near her again.

    I went away from her about a blocks distance but kept her in my sight at all time. If guys came from the right they would have to walk by me first before they get a look at Adriana. From the left, she will see them before me. Now just like I was hoping, a black guy was walking by me right now, when he passed me, I waved at my wife to let her know to spread those legs very wide. I could see her doing it, she looked down at her cunt and decided it was showing perfectly for this dude we hoped would have a giant cock for her mouth, pussy, and asshole. When he saw her she was rubbing her hand up and down the front of her wet thing, he of course stopped, then took his black cock right out for her and shook it in her face. It was only a little after 8am so Adriana took a hold of it and began doing her thing on it. I wished I could see it better, but if I was closer I might have ruined this whole shit from happening.

    I’m glad they saw the people coming their way, an old couple with a dog would soon see her giving this guy a blow job if they didn’t stop right now. My wife closed her legs and the stranger hid his cock until they were gone, walked by me and off into the distance. Then they went up the hill and behind that big old tree up there. Guess she continued her blow job, guess he tried out her pussy and asshole.

    All I could do was wait, listen for screams or sounds of complaints going on from my wife’s mouth. Then ever if I got my ass kicked I’d run to her rescue. But that never happened, in all the years we did this, it never happened. The stranger always came down first, I think she did that on purpose to make me think she was hurt, up there all cut up and bleeding or something because the stranger killed her after he fucked her. Things have happened like that in New York a lot as you probably know, right? But when she came down she always told me how great it was, she always described the sex she got to a “T”! Then she would let me know if she’s had enough or still wants to flash her gash some more. All I’ll tell you is that her last stranger fucked her good, even shoved it up her asshole. Then fed her his load!

    The park was getting crowded now, maybe too crowded for this kind of fun to continue this Sunday morn. But she wasn’t done, she suggested just one more time in a different area of the park. We walked quite a way, she looked great and men were checking her ass out as she walked by them, then this one guy made a loud comment about her tits, he said: “Hey Babe! Your Cute, But You Have No Tits!” He was brave to say that while I was right there beside her, maybe he wanted to start a fight with me, her husband? So the little girl with the small boobs went over to him and pulled her dress right down revealing her two tits, nipples and all, shaking them in his face. His friends thought that was so funny, everybody laughed, but when she covered them up again and we began walking away, the stranger followed us. He was close so Adriana led him to another spot where they could get down and dirty. When no one was around she turned around and said: “Do You Want Something From Me?” He said: “YES! I Want A Blow Job Bitch!” Then he took out his stuff, while I was right there with my wife, right beside of her as she got down on the guys dick so I could watch her suck him off. I told her: “Have Fun Honey, I’ll Keep A Lookout For You Guys!” She said nothing, she just gave this dud a really great time in her mouth.

    When he shot off he pulled out of her mouth and covered her face with his cream, he shot all over her head and hair, just everywhere except in her mouth. He left us laughing his fucking head off at us. I had nothing at all to give to Adriana to clean herself up a bit, so she tried her best to wipe it away with just her hands. No good, her hair was covered with cum. So we just walked home at 9:30am with lots of cum showing and drying in my wife’s hair. By the time we walked the 6 blocks to our apartment building Adriana’s parents were outside with our son. First their faces showed their disgust about the dress she was wearing on a Sunday, a day she should be in church. Then they asked her what was in her hair, I had to bite my lip when she told them what had happened, I was about to crack up and laugh my head and ass off at the same time. She said: “We Were Taking A Nice Walk All Around The Park And These Dirty Birds Took A Crap Right On Top Of My Head!” “Excuse Me Mom And Dad But I Must Get Upstairs To Wash My Hair Again!” Michael just got up and he stayed down there with his grand parents to help them fix up the front of our building.

    My wife and I could now laugh, as we walked up the stairs, we cracked up like crazy, our Sunday got off to a great start and it could only get better as the day goes on. Only 3 guys got some sex from Adriana on our first trip to the big park to have her show her pretty pussy to strangers. Well, it really was our first trip as husband and wife, I had no way of knowing if she did this as a nasty teenager or not, but she did say she used to. Was it the truth, or was she making it all up? At least I know what i saw today, it was real and it was hot! We will be doing this again and again.

  91. Please don’t ever think that once my wife and I find a new thrill for something very nasty for us to do that we do it only once? We got very used to her spreading of the legs and showing her pussy and ass to strangers. Whenever the weather was warm or hot, you could find Adriana up by The Boat House, down by The Great Lawn, or around her Big Tree showing men her pretty cunt. And then sucking their cocks and on occasion getting fucked. I told her that I would only go to the park with her if she can promise me at least 3 to 5 strangers that she plays with from as early as 6am to around 10am on any Saturday and Sunday morning. So far in her nasty life she has always been able to keep that promise to me. So many guys just walk all over Central Park looking for sluts like Adriana.

    Now in her 30’s she was still looking like she was in her 20’s, she had her German Stud Mike Lieber, her Indian Man Leslie Persaud, and still even Stan wanted that deep asshole of my wife’s every once in a while when his sexy Asian girlfriend wasn’t around. In our building she had her Hispanic lover Jose, and her second Tom right upstairs in apartment 4B. Now a third neighbor was going to get to eat her and fuck her. Robert from way downstairs in apartment A.

    I used to love watching Robert’s sexy wife Lois jumping up and down outside with her jump rope.
    Watching her tits move so nicely because she never wore a bra. I told her many times that she was fucking smoking hot, but all she kept saying to me was: “I Wish You’d Tell My Husband That?” When the sexy brunette told me that her crazy husband thinks she’s not skinny enough and he wished that she looked like my wife Adriana, she also told me that he loves my old lady, would love to fuck her a lot. I told Lois that I didn’t give a shit who Adriana fucked, if he wants her I’ll send her down sometime for him to ram her asshole all damn night. She immediately said: “NO!” Then she explained to me that Robert doesn’t want her to fool around at all, he’s jealous as all Hell. If he saw me sitting on the steps right now talking to his wife he might even get pissed at that. So I still kissed the beauty on her cheek and she went back into our building. I just couldn’t understand why Robert is a jealous guy but still doesn’t think his beautiful wife is slim enough. Does he have any idea how many guys have walked by checking out Lois’s Tits as she jumped rope?

    I became good friends with Robert, since I collected knives and had a few extra ones that were exactly the same, I gave him my extras, his wife didn’t like it but I was sure he wouldn’t use them to cut up his sexy wife. Cut her to make her ass as skinny as he wanted her to be. Then one night a few weeks later Lois came upstairs and knocked on our door, I looked out and saw the hot woman dressed only in a sexy revealing nightgown, you could see right through it, even see her pussy. We were sure she had a bad fight with her crazy hubby.

    We invited Lois in and she told us that her husband will be having another birthday next weekend and when she asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said: “I Want Larry’s Wife!” “I Want Her For At Least A Few Hours!” I asked her why he let her come up here in that see through nightgown? She said she told him I wasn’t home, I was at work on the 4×12 shift tonight. But still other neighbors might have popped out of their places and seen her hot ass.

    Adriana agreed to do Lois’s Husband next weekend, she was delighted! She said she’d go out shopping for a few hours so they could do whatever they want to in her downstairs apartment. This time when I kissed Lois good-bye I gently squeezed one of her tits and told her again: “Your So Fucking Hot!” She left saying: “I Know You Love Me Larry!”

    For some reason the week went by fast and my wife was ready to go and fuck Robert, as always she looked and smelled fantastic. I had her wear a little see through creation just as close as what Lois wore when she came up to give us this wonderful news about my wife fucking yet another strange neighbor. So at 10am on this Sunday morning Adriana walked downstairs to have sex for a while with crazy Robbie.

    The stores were open, some of them, others didn’t open until 12 noon on Sundays, but Lois left them alone. I didn’t go down there, I wasn’t invited, but I heard Lois say: “Have A Great Time, See You At One Or Two O’Clock!” Robert shouted back at his wife: “Make It Two Bitch!” Did I really hear him call his beautiful wife a bitch? Anyway, I’m sorry but I can’t complete this story, since I didn’t see it happen I’m not going to tell you what Adriana told me about the way Robert fucked her. When she finally came back to our apartment she had a look on her face like something, at least one, possibly two things may have gone wrong, either not what my wife expected, or a little more than she could take, and I don’t mean another huge cock that Robert may have had in his pants.

    Adriana didn’t talk about it much at all, she never asked to go down there and fuck Robert again and Lois never requested her to either. Three months went by and they were gone, moved out and soon after that they were divorced. Never saw Robert again, but Lois made good, she was just down the block remarried to a young handsome doctor. We see her a lot, always stop and talk, but not a word gets mentioned about what Adriana did with her first husband, all she talks about is how happy she is now. Good thing there were no children involved, Robert & Lois had no kids together.

    Adriana got a call from the people that owned our building, we are going to be a co-op, we will have the choice of buying our apartment and paying only maintenance or paying whatever the high rent would be each month. Adriana had the money, I didn’t, she bought our apartment and now we were broke, but we now owned our place and could always use it to get us a loan from a bank if we ever needed it. Adriana’s parents also had a lot of cash saved, they also bought and became broke just like us, their apartment would someday belong to our son Michael.

    Some people moved out, couldn’t afford to buy, couldn’t afford the high rent. My wife lost her two lovers Jose and Tom. They were gone, of course, so was Robert because of that nasty divorce with his wife Lois. Adriana was down to just three steady lovers now. But she had always been lucky, soon a new neighbor, a gay guy, would be moving into this building. Very strange things soon began to happen again and I was very satisfied with my slut wife doing it all. I’ll try to explain in my next story, I want to be done with this shit by number 100 entries, OK? This is number 97.

    Next up, the strange years with Mr. Phil Crimando. Then a homeless man named Bill. Then the big climax of the thing known as “aholeday” now, my wife Adriana.

  92. Another Saturday night and Adriana was getting ready for her well hung Indian lover to come and ram her holes all night long again. Leslie was never late for his date with my wife, he was very often quite early. Tonight he was going to pound Adriana’s Asshole very hard and very long. Also, my friend
    Leslie was the only guy I ever let see me fucking my own old lady, not even Mike Lieber ever saw my cock, only Leslie Persaud did.

    She was hot, very horny, and quite naked when my pal came in again to use her body for his pleasure. As she liked to do she started a very nice blow job on Leslies’s 10″ cock. When he was as hard as it was going to get, they did a little 69, at least my wife tried to deep throat all 10 inches of his dick but couldn’t, she only got about 8 or 9 inches down her throat. Leslie didn’t eat her delicious pussy, he only drilled his fingers up there, first her cunt hole, then her asshole. She had to tell her man: “Be Careful Darling, Watch Those Fingernails, Don”t Scrape The Insides Of My Cunt Or Asshole Or They Won’t Be Able To Please You Like You Want Them Too!”

    Tonight our son was staying with his friend Justin, who has a very hot mother, but she isn’t a slut like my wife, so I never got that fine pussy from her either. But at least my wife and Leslie could fuck their brains out and be as loud as they want to be. We moved into the bedroom for this hot fuck, Leslie got behind Adriana’s butt and started to enter her wet pussy, he had to use some of Adriana’s pussy juice to wet down his big dick. Then he came out and tried to enter her deep ass, but was having problems, so I told him: “Here Leslie, Let Me Loosen Her Asshole Up For You!” Believe it or not, I got behind my wife’s ass and inserted my little 8 incher. I spread her cheeks very hard and pounded her butt for only about 5 minutes, then came out without messing her up with my cum, had to keep her clean for my friend. Leslie is the only one that will mess her up tonight. Then I told the slut: “Use Both Hands, Gape Your Asshole Open As Hard As You Can For Leslie!”

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    Leslie never stuck around long enough to fuck her a second time, only once, either her cunt or her asshole would get rammed, then he’d cum and get dressed and leave her until next Saturday night around 9pm. Adriana was getting tired begging her man to shoot off into her mouth, so after the third fuck he started to feed her his complete load, now their affair was perfect.

    We are getting a new neighbor so Adriana told me, tomorrow after school she will have to go down to 11th. Street and meet with the owners of our building to help the other owners make their decision about this guy. My wife is on The Board Of Directors and helps with the 20 questions new tenants get asked, like, will they be quiet, be good neighbors, whatever? She will tell me about them when she comes home of course to see if I approve. It really doesn’t matter because I can’t stop anyone from moving in here, only The Board can.

    The little rollie-pollie guy was named Phil Crimando, he wore a lot of gold chains and bracelets and rings, like a little Mr. T. He was also a gay guy, but so what, Adriana liked him because he was Italian, like she was. When I met him I liked him because he had 5 dogs that were quite old, 4 Yorkshire Terriers and a beautiful Cocker Spaniel. He would be living downstairs in apartment 1B, two fights down from me and the wife.

    We 3 became great friends, the only people Phil would trust to take care of his dogs when he went on vacations, when he was sick {he was a diabetic and had high blood pressure}, or when he was just working late, or for any reason at all, we were glad to help and even had a key to his apartment. Of course our new friend was told that I’m as straight as an arrow, so please don’t hit on me and think I’m a BI guy or something close to what he is!

    Phil completely understood about Adriana being a do-anything slut for me and having her men that she just couldn’t resist. He even expressed the fact that he’d like to watch her having sex many times right to my face and hers. We were scared he might want to suck on one of her guys dicks and ruin the show, so that never happened. But we did do a lot of kinky shit with Phil and here is the facts all about it.

    Phil liked to think Adriana was his little play thing, he used her ass to make people think that he really wasn’t ALL Gay, at least not all the way. We went our in public, all over New York together while Phil kept playing with Adriana’s tits. He would unbutton her blouses and put his hand right in there to pull and pinch her nipples, yes, right out in public. It was easy to do because Adriana never wore a bra when she was with him. They always hugged each other and walked hand in hand, they kissed each other very long and deeply. I was like some kind of body guard, to keep other men away so the two of them could play and play. Phil even rubbed her legs and felt her pussy and fingered her hole when he could get away with it. But people weren’t looking, except me, when he did that.

    So one fine day when Adriana was working he said to me: “I’d Like To Have Adriana Come Down And Spend The Night With Me!” I told him he could keep her ass if he wanted too. Then he laughed and said: “NO! Just One Night With Me And Her Completely Naked!” I said: “OK, I’ll Tell Her Tonight!”

    Adriana came home and got undressed right away, she never wears any clothes at home and will even open our door completely in the buff to anyone, even The Cops. You can’t get arrested for being naked in your own place! But she won’t open the door naked if it’s our son out there! But Michael has seen it all, seen her naked even when men are in our place. But anyway, not when she’s all alone with me, she’ll only be nude for her well hung lovers like Mike who our boy knows very well.

    Before I could tell Adriana what Phil wanted her to do she again said that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him, she likes him so much that she’d take orders from him just like she does from every straight guy she knows. So I said: “Get Ready Baby, Phil Has A Job For You!” She began to bug me, kept trying to get me to tell her what her little chubby boyfriend wants from her ass. The phone rang, she grabbed it before I did. It was Phil of course, they had a long conversation, she laughed a lot and kept saying: “OK! Yes, I’ll Do That, Sure, Why Not? Anytime!”

    When she hung up she skipped into the bathroom and started her make up routine. Getting it all nice and ready for a friend. It took her a half hour to look the way she wanted Phil to see her, then she opened our door, still in the nude. I asked her: “Are You Going To Wear Anything?” She said: “Hell No! My Little Man Wants Me To Come Down Naked!” “Even Bare Foot, My Best Suit, My Birthday Suit!” I watched her begin her walk down the steps at 7pm this Friday night, guess she wasn’t the least bit tired after her day teaching at the school. Guess Mr. Resnick didn’t get his sex from her today? He’s The Old Man, The Principal. She also does Kenny, Mark and Steve, 3 other teacher friends.

    She had to be careful walking by her parents door right below us, they were the only ones, everyone else can come out and feel her ass up if they want to. She’s that nasty and friendly with everyone in our building. I told her I’d come down in about 20 minutes or so, I’ll give her some time alone with Phil just in case he wants it that way. I heard her gently knock on his door, he opened it and then it closed. I heard no words of surprise, any chuckles or sounds of enjoyment that she was there with him in the buff.

    When I walked down I first stopped and put my head to the door of my in-laws apartment, I could hear what sounded like a kids video game being played, so Michael was in there with his grand parents. Phil was right by his door, had it open for me as I approached. He said: “Look At This Larry!” I stepped into his nasty apartment and there was my wife bouncing up and down on somebodies cock, right there on Phil’s sofa. Phil told me right away that this was his good buddy Gary, a totally BI Guy. He explained that he always wanted to get a girl to have sex right in front of his eyes and Adriana was the only girl he knew that would gladly do it for him. Even he heard her say: “I’d Do Any Fucking Thing For You Phil!” So now she was, I could only think of one, well really two things that were worrying me. One, please don’t cum in her pussy and knock her up, we really didn’t want to have any children, poor Michael was an accident, we were planning a childless marriage forever. But then Steve got Adriana pregnant! Then she had our 8 pound and 4 ounce child that we are calling ours! The other fact is, what if she gets Aids? Isn’t that something the gays are famous for? And now everyone was getting that shit all over New York. We have never used any kind of protection in our lives, it has always been flesh into flesh, or no sex at all.

    Adriana did it to Phils’ instructions, his way exactly, the cum eating was shared, between my wife and Phil. After she sucked it out of Gary’s cock she gave Phil a big long kiss and spit the cum into his mouth and he swallowed it all. Now Gary watched as Phil got down between Adriana’s legs and began to lick and lap her wet hole for a very long time. He did stop long enough to say: “Even A Woman’s Pussy Can Taste Great After A Guy Has Just fucked It!” I wished you could have seen the look on my wife’s face as she got eaten out by a man we thought would never even want to see her in the nude, let alone do this to her. Phil wasn’t gay, he was BI. Liked women just as much as men!

    It was getting late, well really i was getting bored, when Phil was done eating her his friend took over and chowed down on her cunt and asshole next. This was about as great as when Bobby ate her, the guy we always credited as being the best pussy eater of all time. Phil ordered his sex slave into the bedroom, I watched as Gary fucked her again, this time even up her ass. Phil had his little dick out jerking it off, he said to me, not my wife: “I’m Going To Cum Into Adriana’s Mouth!” The timing was perfect, these two men, I think, were great together for my wife. After Gary fed Adriana his cream, Phil was right there, right at the exact height he needed to be to get his little cock into Adriana’s mouth. Next time I must film this weird shit if they’ll let me, this was a new turn on for me and my wife, I knew already she’ll want to do this all the time!

    Phil’s dick may have been only 6″ long, but what a load he fed to Adriana, more than his pal Gary gave to her. She was a very happy little pig. Gary had to go, but it was already planned for Adriana to spend the whole night with our best neighbor now. I left when Gary left, said good-bye to my wife and told her to do whatever Phil wants her to do. She said: “After What You Just Saw Me Doing, Do You Think For One Second I’d Ever Say NO To This Guy?”

    I didn’t kiss her at all, I just waved at her as I turned to go upstairs and watch some stupid TV. I hoped that Michael wouldn’t come up and wonder where his mother is? Could I tell him she’s spending the night with a friend? Maybe Joy or Roseanne, her two college girlfriends. Maybe with Edith Rossi, our friend confined to a wheelchair.

    Anyway, let’s see what happens tomorrow on Saturday morning, I have no idea what time she’ll be walking up the stairs in her Birthday Suit! Hope you all liked this story? Larry Day


  93. The weeks went buy fast, Phil and my nasty wife saw each other in the nude almost every Saturday night before Leslie came over to fuck her. Then when Leslie was finished pumping Adriana’s holes she’d go back down, in the nude, to spend the whole night with Mr. Crimando. She’d walk back up to me at around 8 or 9am on Sunday mornings, still in her birthday suit. Then get ready for Mike to get his sex from his girlfriend, my wife. Mike started coming over on Sundays now to fuck Adriana’s Ass. One of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to Adriana was when her mother caught her outside in the hallway completely naked. She was always very quiet when walking past her parents apartment, our son was in there with his grand parents sleeping where her preferred because their place was a little bigger. But one Sunday morning her mom just opened the door very fast and there she was, right in front of her mother’s face without a trace of clothes on her body anywhere. The little girl froze for a few seconds and covered her tits with her hands, but still, there was her pussy, all smooth and clean shaven the way Phil loves it to be. When she realized how she wasn’t dressed at all, she jumped up the next flight of stairs quicker than she has ever done before. She knocked on our door to be let in, when I opened it she was almost in tears. She said: “My Mom Just Saw Me Naked Outside, She’ll Never Talk To Me Again!”

    I calmed her down and told her that I’d fix things for her when I saw her mother again. We were sure that her mother would never tell her husband what she just saw because Michael was in the apartment also. The next day when we thought the time was right, when Michael and his Grand Dad were grocery shopping because they needed his help carrying the bags, I went down to talk to Mrs. Cerrato. Her name is Joan, she’s a sort of nasty woman also, she did her mailman and other delivery guys a lot, any man that worked in her apartment got quite a show and lots of blow jobs, so my wife told me but I never believed it. Adriana use to see her mother fucking her uncle because over in Italy their bedroom door never closed all the way, if it did it would soon open up again and you could peek in and see the big bed very clearly and what was going on on it.
    Anyway, I told Joan that my wife and I made a silly bet, it was over yesterday’s Yankee Game. I told Adriana if The Yankees win again she’d have to walk downstairs in her birthday suit then walk back up again all the way to the roof, then down one more time to our apartment. If they lost she could have me do whatever she wanted me to. So that was it, she lost and had to be out in the hallway all nice and naked. She bought it, she even chuckled a little, thought we were crazy, but still forgave her daughter for doing what she saw. Adriana told me that she owed me, owed me something really crazy, kinky and perverted so I’d be very turned on watching her for fixing things with her mother. She swore she’d do the most craziest shit ever and the word “No” would NEVER be said at all. I told her to wait until we go up to my state of Maine, you can then do it all with my friends, my uncle, and anyone else I tell you to even before we get to my state of Maine. Then I told her she’d be riding in the rented car completely naked in the passenger seat. Right away, much to my surprise she said: “OK, What Ever You Want, Absolutely Anything Larry!”

    In 1981, six years after we got married we would finally have the kind of jobs to get good vacations, also the money, to have a week or two for a much needed vacation. A vacation full of sex, very nasty sex for my very horny wife!

    Before we go there, to Maine, there is one more very embarrassing thing that happened to her, this time it would be her dad that catches her. And this time it would be a lot more nastier.

    There was this old homeless man that liked to work our block, all the people here knew Old Bill. He was sane and cleaner than all the other bums that are all over New York. Whenever we saw him we’d gladly give him a buck or two. If we were in our apartment and heard him downstairs going through the garbage cans I’d send Adriana down in one of her very sheer nightgowns to give him soon money. Only a buck or two each week for food we hoped, not for booze. We never smelled any alcohol on him, we never really smelled anything, he was taking his baths somewhere in this shitty city.

    You could see right through Adriana’s long nightgown, especially when she stood right under a street light after it got dark outside. One night she came back upstairs and told me that Bill has a BIG cock. I of course asked her how she knew that. She said: “I Could See A Massive Bulge In His Pants As He Looked At My Tits And Pussy Through My Nightgown!” I told her: “Now That You’ve Turned Him On, You Must Suck His Cock And Fuck Him!” Right away she thought about how clean is his cock, would he give her Aids or something, would he want to really fuck her? I put a plan into action for my wife to follow to a T.

    The next night was hump night, perfect for her to fuck old Billy Boy. Even for this bum who must be in his 60’s or so, she fixed it up really nice for him. When he comes around tonight she will tell him that she’ll give him five whole bucks if he will fuck her, fuck her cunt, then her asshole! I gave my wife instructions NOT to give him the fiver until she finishes swallowing his cum after he is done fucking her. Another dangerous game we will be playing, we are certain Bill is probably the only homeless man that deserves Adriana’s fuck holes!

    It was only 7pm on a warm Wednesday night when we heard him again, I ordered Adriana down in the same sheer nightgown he saw her in that made his cock get hard for her. All she had in her hand were the keys to our basement and a five dollar bill. I watched from our window looking down at them as they talked, leaving his bags of cans on the sidewalk she led him by the hand and down the six steps that led to our basement. Now I left our place to go down and peek at them through the window down there. Glad to see that she was thinking of me, she turned on the two lights down there that lit up the whole basement very brightly. I could see that she was down on Bill’s cock and blowing him, her knees were on the old mattress that someone was storing down there. Hard to see anything with Bill’s big back in my direction and the windows so damn dirty where all the stinky garbage was all around me. But I knew my wife very well, anyone could tell what was going on in there if they have half a brain.

    She stood up and leaned against the wall, Bill got behind her back now and started to pump into her, when that wasn’t good enough, she got down with him on the mattress. Now this was hot, my wife was on top of him riding him like a bull in a rodeo. She even waved back at someone she knew was watching them. They stopped to do a few more positions, Adriana on her side, her now on the bottom, her legs straight up, then pulled back along her beside her head, then her up and on her hands and knees. I felt bad, forgot to give her the grease for a perfect ass fuck. Maybe she has enough pussy juice for her old homeless lover?

    It appeared that she was getting ass fucked now, then I saw a light come on, the only light that led down to the basement from inside the lobby of our building. It could only mean that someone was now coming down the inside stairs. With a big black dick up her asshole he appeared, Adriana’s father. The poor little old man was frozen with intense fright at first, maybe he thought his daughter was being raped by an old bum? Then he must of heard them speaking, what he heard that I couldn’t, told him now that she was doing this for me, her husband. Giving a really nice old man the pleasure he hasn’t had in a long time. Bill turned his head and saw the old guy watching them, he must have told Adriana because she tried to turn her body so only Bill’s back was facing her dad. Bill wouldn’t let her up, she only tried to hide her face from her dad’s view, but it was too late, he saw it, he knew that thing was his only little girl being screwed by a bum.

    I saw him throw his arms up into the air and then turn to go back upstairs. When the light was put out Adriana still continued to put out for Old Bill. It was a long fuck, a lot longer than I could ever do it to her that’s for sure! Finally, a cum shot! She still made it wonderful for me, they turned again, one last time, I could almost see that first shot going across her face, then her hand came up quickly to take the giant black snake into her mouth. I made believe I was counting the spurts going into her mouth, I got up to nine, but it just couldn’t have been that many now could it? She will tell me I’m sure.

    Bill started to walk to where I was watching them, out of the basement and back to his tin cans and bottles. I jumped up and ran up the stairs and into the lobby. Adriana grabbed her nightgown and without putting it on she came up the same steps her dad went up. She came out by the big mirror in the lobby where we met each other. She was again very upset. Right away she said: “Now Are You Going To Fix Things For Me With My Dad Like You Did With My Mother?” I just shook my head back and forth, with all the good luck she has at finding men, even homeless men with big cocks, she sure has her bad luck at being seen as a slut by her parents and even her son when big Mike comes around to do her.

    In her hand was the five dollar bill, she forgot to give it to Bill, so I ran out to see if I could catch him. He was all the way down to Lois’s building now and I said to him: “Here Bill, Adriana Wanted You To Have This!” I said nothing about the fucking with my wife, he didn’t have to know that I know all about it. Then I went into the lobby of the new building on our black to talk to my friend Angel, the security guard.

    When I came back home Adriana was in the shower, so I turned on the rest of a ball game and started to think about Adriana’s Dad and what he saw her doing in the basement. This was going to be a big problem, it will end I’m sure, but how long will it take? Both Mr. & Mrs. Cerrato now know that their daughter is a sex demon, a nasty little ultra submissive married slut. Where is this crazy marriage going to go from here? Can it still get worse? Can I still make it even more perverted and kinky? I will try, this is my thing, my wife is my hobby. Only the most severe kinkiest shit will satisfy my strong strange sexual desires of my wife being fucked by every man she sees or every man that even looks at her. So at her age of 32 she will only get more nastier, more crazy, than any other wife anywhere in the world. This I promise you!

  94. We kept running into Adriana’s father a lot, he wouldn’t even look at her anymore, but her mother was OK, apparently they never told each other what they saw. Joan never told Armando that she saw Adriana out in the hallway naked and Armando never told Joan he saw her getting fucked in the ass by Big Bill. Our son Michael never knew about anyone fucking his mom except Mike Lieber. But I’m sure if he knew that, he also had his ideas about other guys she was doing, other guys in our building, like Jose and Tom, or the handsome Stan next door.

    The months went by, 3 whole months before her dad finally spoke to his slut daughter again. She was outside one day while he was working on his flowers and fixing the front of the building to make it neat and clean. She asked him if he’d like a cup of coffee or something from The Deli, he spoke, she was surprised to hear him say: “Yes, I’ll Have A Coffee!” When she brought it back she said she was so sorry for that thing he saw her doing, she told him if would never happen again, and it didn’t, Bill never came back for more, he either moved to another block or he even might have died, Adriana’s holes may have killed him. Still Phil keeps saying he needs her naked ass at least once a week and if she doesn’t come down all nice and nude, she won’t get into his apartment, no clothes ever allowed in Phil’s Place! Even if it was filled with other guys to see her, other guys for her to have sex with to keep her funny little man happy and pleased with her ass.

    Now she was lucky again, her mother never came out to catch her coming back upstairs in the nude and her daddy never caught her having nasty sex with any man again. Besides we were getting ready for our Maine vacation, it would be in one of the warmest months to go up to that New England State, right in the middle of August.

    Now Mrs. Slut Day would be paying me back for helping her out with her parents, now she will be used by every man she sees. Now she may even be fucked to death!

    My pig had no choice, she had to wear a little something when we went to pick up our car rental at Avis. Our son decided not to come with us on vacation because he had some important ball games he had to play, he was the pitcher and his team needed him. Michael was 7 now, would be 8 on June 15th. this year.

    We would be going to the beach in Maine, but Adriana brought NO swimsuit, she brought some very short skirts and dresses, not one pair of panties, no bras, not even any pantyhose. She was traveling very light, I had more clothes than my wife and the man never usually does that. My uncle will be fucking her, he just went through a divorce with Francis and will need some good pussy and ass fucking. Adriana will give him that if his teenage daughter isn’t around that is! Ronnie and Johnnie were called, also Charlie Cunningham and Donald Archer. They will spread the word that we are coming, me and the girl I promised they could all fuck. Fuck her until the cows come home!

    Of course there will be many times she will put on a show at The Bounty Lounge inside The Bath, Maine Holiday Inn with who knows how many strangers that might want a piece of her nasty ass also. We should have a sex filled crazy vacation. Please wish us luck?

    We picked up the car as soon a Avis opened on a Saturday mornings at 6:30am. In no time we were on The FDR Drive north going to the 95 north freeway. I got off the very first rest stop and told my wife to get out of the car and strip. She used the car to block the view of the other two cars that were in here with us. The little elastic waist banded skirt came off in a second, she asked to keep her tee shirt on because she thought people would be able to see her tits as we were driving up to Maine, especially the truck drivers looking down at them. I told her: “Great, Let Them See Em!” So off came the tee, now all she had on were her new tiny little white sneakers. I let her keep them on so her feet wouldn’t get dirty when she gets out of the car to show off her naked bod. Throwing her two items off clothing into the back seat she plopped her bare ass down into the car and we were off again. Our first toll was coming up, she covered her boobs with her hands as we drove through, I didn’t like that and told her so, she said she wouldn’t do that anymore. Since she mentioned truck drivers I planned to stop at all the truck stops and see if any of the drivers would like to fuck her. It would have to wait until we get into the state of Connecticut where there will be rest stops and weigh stations for these big 18 wheelers. Let’s hope they aren’t too tired or too old to want some good clean free pussy from a married woman?

    We have driven more than a hundred miles, time to see if she can do this for me. We pulled off 95 north at our first truck stop, only one big rig in here, still she got out and walked around in her cute little sneakers only. Then we saw him, the driver, his head must have been down in the cab of his vehicle. He got out right away and came up to the naked girl he saw on the grass. Adriana was told to tell all the guys that she’s an incredibly horny slut in need of a lot of cock. He took her by the arm all the way into the back of the trees, I could hardly see them, then I couldn’t see them at all. I turned off the cars engine, then the radio, to listen for any kind of screams coming from back there.

    She came out in only 15 minutes, and she was upset about something, she said: “FUCK! That Was Terrible, He Came Way Too Fast!” But still as we got out of there she stuck her hand out the window and waved good-bye shouting: “Thank You!” to the guy! No need to ask her what she got, a fuck or just a blow job, it’s really not important at all. It would be 15 miles to the next truck weigh station. That was a rest area, next would be a weigh station for trucks only.

    It looked like this would be better, there were three trucks in here, they immediately blew their loud horns at us, trying to signal us that we aren’t supposed to be in here. But still I pulled the car up and turned it off, I told Adriana to get out and show them what you’ve got. She did and that silenced them, they got out of their rigs and started to come and get it. Adriana walked a little faster up to an old picnic table she saw and then she just sat on it and spread out her legs as an invitation to the guys to play with her. They were all over her body, they seemed to be very horny old guys, one of them had a long ugly looking beard. But that won’t stop Adriana from fucking him.
    After a lot of kissing and feeling her up they took her over to the middle truck and I heard the metal door in the back being lifted up. I could see her little legs and the legs of the drivers as they lifted her up and threw her into the back of the big thing. Then all 3 of them joined her. I wanted to go over there and stare into the back of the 18 wheeler, but of course I didn’t. They might not like that and I wasn’t able to beat up three truck drivers, at least not this day.

    I just sat and waited, waited for a whole hour and a half for them to be done with her. I was so glad to finally see her walking back on her own, no limping, no crying, still a slight smile on her pretty face. I would wait until she was ready to tell me how they fucked her, if she didn’t it would be her secret because I didn’t get to see the action again, oh well.

    Had to get on our way, can’t waste too much time getting her ass laid before we even get to my home state. We were out of Connecticut finally, now the other states would fly by a lot quicker. In 3 more hours we saw a sign that said: “Welcome To Maine, The Way Life Should Be!” Signs can say such bullshit I swear! Adriana reached in the back to get her tee shirt, she pulled it down over her head as a car looked over at us and saw her do it. She went back to get her skirt but I told her not to put it on, at least not just yet. There may be one more chance for her to get some action. We pulled off at The Maine Welcome Building. A place to get information, go to the bathroom and get drinks to quench your thirst. I looked for the right car, the right guy to see Adriana’s cunt. When I saw the chance I pulled in and parked right beside a guy waiting for his kids and wife to come back from their rest stop things they had to do. We saw the rest of his family getting out of their car and walking away. Adriana opened her door and put one leg way out to show the guy her cunt, she was naked from the waist down remember? He saw it and said: “NICE!” That’s all, just one word and she started to yap her mouth off with him, he invited her into his car and right away her head went down on his cock. I laughed watching her run around his vehicle pulling her tee shirt down to try and cover her ass so other kids and families wouldn’t see her like that. She had to hurry, get her reward out of this guys dick before his wife and kids come back. She of course did, the timing was perfect, she came running back and here they come, another few seconds and there might have been some trouble. We laughed in our car and the guy acted like nothing happened at all. Now she put her skirt on and we got out to go and get some info and some maps, and something to drink.

    It was 2pm now and we wanted to eat, she wanted a nice restaurant and I only wanted a McDonald’s or some other fast food place. After we were full and rested we drove the rest of the way to our hotel. Another 75 miles. A total distance of 370, a six hour drive if non-stop, with a wife and family around eight hours, with a horny wife that wants to suck cock and fuck, ten hours, or more.

    Sorry, I really thought I could be done with this whole story by 100 short entries but I’ll need more to explain my friends with Adriana, my uncle Bob, and our time at Popham Beach. And of course the action at The Holiday Inn. Please forgive us and stay with us, we will try and make our true stories as interesting as possible for you all to enjoy. Larry

  95. There are some things that I think we should clear up about the state of Maine. Since it is a densely populated state and there aren’t as many people, no where near it, as New York has, you can do a lot of weird shit and get away with it up here. Even as a little kid I went all around the beaches with my cute little girlfriends completely naked at all times and no one that saw us said shit about it. We were around ten, eleven and twelve years old then. the next time we did it, we were in our teens, 14, 15 and 16. Our little dicks were out, the girls showed their tits and pretty cunts to everyone!

    Adriana was dressed, well almost, when we pulled into the parking lot of The Holiday Inn. We grabbed our bags and went into the lobby to sign in and get our keys to a non-smoking room by the poolside of the hotel. That’s what my wife wanted. Right away she felt eyes upon her body, men were checking her out, women seemed pissed that she was so undressed, very sexy and revealing for the state of Maine. Her nipples were really protruding out of that very tight sheer tee shirt. Her skirt so short that if she bent over just a little bit she’d be showing the cheeks of her bare ass. She was making men hard for her already and we haven’t even gotten our room yet.

    We would be in room 117, just down the hall and on the right of the first floor. You could pull open the curtains and stare right out at the big beautiful swimming pool. Where Adriana will try to sun herself in the nude and see if she can get away with it. After hanging up our clothes and putting our stuff in the drawers of the bureau, we had to eat somebody, I mean we had to get some real food for our guts. My wife put on a pretty dress suitable for dining in, but still there was nothing underneath it. She brought NO underwear of any kind with her on this vacation. Also NO bathing suits or any nightgowns.

    Let’s make this easy on you guys, we will only say that we ate good, we met a great waitress named Ellen, very nice and friendly but also very ugly and plain looking. We went back to our room and called up my uncle Bob in Augusta, the state capital. I told him we were sorry but Michael couldn’t come up with us, he had obligations to his team back in NY. So it’s just ME and my nasty wife. He asked me: “Why Do You Say She’s Nasty?” I told him: “You’ll See When You Eat Her, I Mean Meet Her!” He laughed and I let my wife say “Hello” to him for a few minutes. No, they didn’t have phone sex, but she did talk in a low sexy voice for him. Made him wonder what she was all about! He’d find out soon! We would be seeing him first, at 12 noon tomorrow on Sunday, a day he wouldn’t be playing his game, golf. He was pretty good at it and always wanted me to try the game, but Golf just didn’t interest me at all.

    Tonight we would be having a few drinks in The Bounty Lounge, not too late, but just so my wife could see what it’s like. I told her to wear something short and revealing and set on a bar stool and show off her legs. Saturday night is their best night for a crowd to be in here. They have a pool table and I wanted to kick ass on that. I also wanted men, all men, to kick the ass of my wife, use it and abuse it. It was crowded and there were no stools available for my wife to sit on. It was early anyway so we sat together at a little table and jumped up to grab the table and pool cues as soon as the guys there stopped playing their game. I let Adriana break the balls so she could bend over and show her ass a little bit. Just like at the club she worked at all those years ago. I saw guys looking at her, she didn’t notice them yet, she wanted to beat me, but she has no chance of that unless I got careless and scratched or really fucked up which I very rarely do. We kept looking for a bare bar stool for her to put her ass on and when I saw it I told her to get over there between those two guys and show off those legs of yours. She did alright, she even showed her cunt to me as she slid her hot ass on the stool and then faced her two admirers. I don’t think they saw what I just saw, not yet anyway. She waved at our girl Ellen to order a drink and i never saw her take out any money from her bag, the guy on her right paid for it for her. They must of known she was my wife, her shiny gold band on her finger was shown to them more than once. I just kept banging the pool balls together and making almost every shot I took. Then I got challenged by some guy that probably thought I’d be an easy mark. He wanted to play for money, I didn’t. So we started very low, I told him I’d give him five bucks for every ball I have left on the table when he sinks the eight ball and beats me if he can. He agreed, I broke, I made five balls in a row and then missed on purpose just to give him a chance. He was good, but NOT good enough. He made four balls and missed an easy shot because he got too cocky, thought he was some kind of shark or something. Now I won and he had only three balls left on the table, a mere 15 bucks he had to pay me. Now he wanted to play for a hundred bucks a game. I refused and told him I didn’t want to take his money from him. He got pissed and then we agreed to play just one game for the fun of it. Had to show him something. I again broke and made two balls on the break, i did my thing and ran the whole table and called every shot. I made the eight ball by banking it the whole length of the table, he walked away and didn’t care to play after that beating I gave to his ass. We would of course be visiting my parents where I have my own eight foot Brunswick Table and maybe my father would be able to give me a good game, after all, he taught me the ropes. But of course I got a lot better than he was
    because I played pool a lot more than he did these days.

    I looked for my wife, she was gone, should have paid more attention to her, but I couldn’t because I was doing my thing, playing my game. Then Ellen came over to me and told me she went off with the two men she was talking to. Probably to their room or maybe out to their car or truck. People had been watching me play pool, no one came over to play with me, so I had the table all to myself for a few hours if I wanted it that long. Finally I saw her, she came back all pretty and acting drunk, but she hadn’t had that long to get fucked up yet I thought. This time they took her into the restaurant area where they had some big tables. They were kissing her face and feeling her up under the table, they were making quite a scene. Ellen said: “You Should Stop That!” I told her: “To Stop It Now Would Mean A Fight In Here!” I don’t want to fight over any woman, especially my wife.

    We were planning on going to bed early so she’d be strong for my uncle tomorrow, so I’d give her ass until midnight, then grab her from them and take her back to our room. But before 10, she got up and went to our room anyway, with both of these guys. Should I join her? Should I tell the guys I’m her husband and I want to watch them fucking her? No! Not now! I let her go and be used without me being there with her nasty ass.

    I was glad it was before midnight when I saw the two guys back in the bar, my wife was not with them so I went back there to see if she was still alive or they may have killed her in our room. The door was locked and I had to knock, I banged on the door for five minutes, then she let me in. She said she was sorry, she must have fallen asleep on one of the king sized beds. She looked kind of weird to me, I think those guys, one of them, slipped her something in a drink. She wasn’t drunk, she was high on something. Now that wasn’t very nice, she would have put out without them having to drug her ass. She didn’t know what the fuck it might have been, she didn’t care, it did her no harm, it just got her fucked by two guys at the same time. One cock for each hole, I hoped the biggest one was buried up her asshole? Anyway, it was off to bed, to sleep, then up to the state capital to visit with my wonderful uncle and his funny daughter at noon tomorrow. Good night!

  96. We somehow got up early this wonderful morning to eat a good breakfast before starting our ride up to Augusta to visit and play with my uncle all day. Adriana wore normal clothes while we ate in the restaurant, but went back to our room to change into some really sexy stuff for my uncle to see her in. Really all it happened to be was a little short and low cut red dress and a pair of shoes. We were in the car and on our way at 10am.

    If we have time and don’t get lost we’ll make a stop in Hallowell so Adriana can get out and look at some old shit, some antiques here in Maine. Maybe she can find a lot of places where she can bend over and show her ass to people? What a pleasant surprise, there was no traffic, at this time of the year all kind of tourists come to this little stupid state. We stopped at the town my wife had read about in some brochures to get out and walk around a bit. It was crowded here, a lot of people had the same idea as we did. Adriana was getting stared at, mostly by the women, guess they thought a married woman shouldn’t be so revealing out in public? Maine is like that, there aren’t many extreme exhibitionists like Adriana in this state. The men that checked her out weren’t with their wives and girlfriends that’s for sure.

    We went into around a dozen stores, saw a lot of interesting stuff but nothing we wanted to spend our money on, so we drove the rest of the way up to 17 Manley Street to spend the day with my uncle. As soon as we pulled into his driveway he came out to meet us along with his dog Sasha. He said his daughter was home but is expecting a call very soon to go with her friends to The Mall.

    He told us that right away so Adriana wouldn’t take her dress off too soon or show her pussy to my uncle Bob so that Melinda would see her do it. His daughter by his ex-wife Francis visits her dad only on the weekends. She’s a cute kind of chubby teenager that Bob believes to still be a virgin. I hope he’s right, but a virgin at 17 is rare these days. We kissed the girl on her cheek and sat down to talk to Bob. Adriana had her legs facing him and would give him a peek at her cunt only if she thinks it’s alright and the teenager isn’t looking. Melinda was pacing the floor, seems to be wondering why her friends haven’t called yet. Then we all jumped, the phone blasted off, the damn ringer was so fucking loud! She said only a few words and told whoever was on the other end: “OK, I’ll Be Outside Waiting!”

    Now with the young girl outside my wife showed my uncle her cunt, he told her that it was beautiful, just like the pictures I sent to him a long time ago. I sort of prepared my uncle to fuck my wife by telling him what a fine slut she is and giving him a bunch of her nastiest photos. I even gave him one of her videos, the one where Mike & Leslie, then Roger & Allen were doing her so fantastic. We did make a total of 13 movies in our marriage, from two hours in length to 6 hours in total fuck time.

    With his daughter still outside waiting, Bob excused himself and said: “I’ll Be Right Back, Got To Take A Whiz!” He went upstairs and we saw a car come at that same moment to pick up Melinda. It was full of other teenagers and we hoped they would keep her away from my uncle and my wife all day long. I told Adriana to get out of that dress, put your shoes at the bottom of the stairs, and get up there with my uncle. “You Know The Rest, You Know How Your Supposed To Be!”

    In about two seconds she was half way up the stairs to see my uncle pissing, I watched from the bottom step and sort of thought how cute it was to see my wife’s bare ass looking back at me. She had her head turned to the left watching Bob’s urine drop into the toilet bowl. Even I could hear it splashing in there. She winked down at me and went up the rest of the way, time for me to get back out of the way and just keep Sasha company, my uncle’s Doberman and German Shepard mix dog.

    She was an old gal, and needed a lot of special attention, the dog, not the wife! Not yet anyway!
    Now I’m sorry but I can’t explain how they did it because this was a special time for my uncle and I didn’t want to ruin it by being up there with them to watch or try to take a bunch of porno pictures.
    Tonight back at the hotel she will if she wants to, if not, I’ll let her keep it a secret from me as to how good Bob ate her and fucked her. All I know is that he had her, his bedroom door was closed and I couldn’t even hear a fucking sound, not one.

    A whole hour and a half went by, then Bob came down alone, he shook his head at me and said: “You Are So Lucky, Lucky To Have A Sex Pot Like Adriana!” She had no choice but to come down in her birthday suit, her dress and shoes were down here with us guys. My uncle stayed in just his shorts, Adriana stayed all nice and naked. Glad to notice that my uncle just couldn’t take his eyes off of the pretty naked woman in his home. Adriana petted the dog, good thing she was a female or she might have sucked the animal’s dick. But only if we both thought that would excite my uncle and not disgust him. To see Adriana sucking, then fucking his pet.

    Adriana just got up and began moving and swaying her body to some imaginary music that must have been in her head, then she went over to my uncle to sort of give him a lap dance. With a little practice she could very easily get a job in a nudie bar. Bob’s cock must have responded to her sexy little act and began getting hard again. So my wife took it out and started her sucking on it. I peeked out of the side of my head, didn’t stare like I really wanted to see them having sex in front of my face. Never saw my uncles dick before, there was never any call to, he had a wife for 11 years then something went terribly wrong and it ended. That’s all I ever knew. Adriana put her legs over my uncle’s lap and as they were kissing he put it right back into her very willing wet hole. She slowly started her special movements on his cock, rotating her ass around in a circle and squeezing his big 10″ dick with her pussy muscles to give him a really tight hole to fuck. Her asshole
    didn’t get it, in fact I didn’t know yet if he even fucked that hole when they were upstairs, maybe later I will find out if Adriana speaks to me about it?

    Adriana got some more cum, he gave her the signal, she got off of him and got down on it! He must have had a lot of practice at this with Francis and maybe other women he may have done before my nasty wife. There wasn’t a drop of cum on her face, she swallowed it all for him, again!

    Not knowing when Melinda was coming back they both got completely dressed and we drove up to a great restaurant called Pat’s where we would drink pitchers of beer and chow down on burgers and fantastic french fries. Also pizza and other Italian dishes. Right up my wife’s alley. Still we came back to the house after Bob got a call from his daughter saying exactly what time she would be home. So back at the beautiful big house, they had time, plenty of time, to do it a third time, again up the stairs and into Bob’s bedroom where the door got closed again also.

    When the fun was done, the wife and I said good-bye and drove back to The Holiday Inn to make dirty plans for tonight and tomorrow. This time we drove back a different way, we came back through Wiscasset and then Woolwich, then back into Bath. We stopped in Bath to look around and see if I ran into any old girlfriends or people I used to know and went to school with. It was funny, so strange this state of Maine and my little home town of Bath. Every body living here seems to know everybody’s business, it’s like there are NO secrets at all. And there she is, it was Flo, one of my best old fucks. I spoke first and said: “Hello Flo, How Are You Honey?” She acted funny, she spoke with her hand over her mouth, maybe she had bad breath or something, but at least she was still slim, looked like she kept her bod rocking as hot as it ever was. Then her daughter Stacy came over to speak to her mom, then I saw her problem, she had no teeth, the ones she did have were all black and rotten. The girl I used to kiss, the girl I used to eat out and fuck, now wasn’t any where as wild and fuckable as she was when she was all mine for a while. But because of the fond memories I was nice, I kissed her cheek, introduced her to my wife, then we left the store. My wife never even questioned who she was and I was glad of that.

    Back to The Hotel, OH Hell!

  97. I’m sorry but I had to give you all an idea of the typical Maine woman, they either keep their bodies looking OK, or their faces, but NOT the whole package. Once they get married many guys up here complain about some way or another their old ladies just don’t keep their shit looking good for them anymore. But my wife certainly wouldn’t expect any guy to want to eat her, fuck her, if her body wasn’t kept looking super fucking hot!

    Now in our hotel room I made three phone calls to my buddies to see if they’d like to come to our room and fuck my wife tonight. Three quick calls, 3 quick OK’s! They’ll be here at 9pm.

    Of course Adriana was naked, inside any room she hates to wear clothes! She had never been shy about meeting men she has never seen before in the buff. Especially if they’re coming over to fuck her. My friends were not late, right at nine they came to see and use my slut wife. Never seen a small group of 5 guys get out of their clothes so fast. My three best pals brought Charlie and Paul with them. Ronnie and Johnnie got down on the bed with her, one started eating her out, the other was getting her blow job. Charlie was close enough for her to grab his cock and jerk it for him. Donald Archer was just talking to me about what a slut I married. He wished his wife was only a fraction as hot as Adriana. They slid into her holes, one guy up her pussy, one guy up her asshole, one guy in her mouth. Two guys patiently waiting for an opening. They to me seemed to be in a hurry and I didn’t like that, so I said to them: “Hey Guy’s, Slow Down, Take Your Time, She Isn’t Going Anywhere!” Just when you might think it would all be over in two hours only, the little gang bang lasted for three and a half hours. They showed up at 9pm, left our room very happy and satisfied at 12:30am. They said they would be back for more before we drive back to New York.

    I already had tomorrow planned, if it’s a good hot day we will be going to the beach, Popham Beach, not a nude beach, but it will be when Adriana’s on it. She didn’t bring any stupid swim suit.

    The morning came quickly, we waited until 12 noon and started for Fort Popham Beach. All my wife had on were a pair of flip-flops and a little boy’s tee shirt. We got there at 12:45 and looked for a parking spot in the shade, I didn’t want to come back to a steaming hot vehicle. I carried her blanket and her bag of toys, especially her favorite sun tan lotion, the one her doctor prescribed for her type of skin. We walked away from all the kids and their parents and grand parents, we went way down where the water really isn’t safe. Their were signs posted that said: “Swim At Your Own Risk!” Adriana got naked, hardly anyone way down here and those that were weren’t close enough to see her tits and pussy yet anyway. We spread out the blanket behind an old log that would hide her nudity when she’s working on that all over perfect tan. Then all of a sudden she took off for the water, only to wade into it up to her ankles. Then the guys started to come closer and closer. No one seemed shocked to see a naked woman on this beach, girls did this all the time, except this one was married and NOT wearing any rings today, couldn’t take a chance of her losing them in the sand. So when the two guys spoke to her they more than likely thought she was a single girl, a horny slut that needed their dicks to play with.

    I just stood up by our blanket looking down at my wife making friends, then her knees plopped to the sand and in her mouth was a man. One guy just whipped out his shit and fed it to her. The other guy just stood there and watched, for now. It wasn’t that long, no, not his cock, the time it took to give two blow jobs. First she sucked off one, than the other, I’m sure they exploded into her mouth. She came running back up to me and said: “Wasn’t That A Good Start So Far?” I just nodded my head and said: “It’s Early Still, Maybe You’ll Get A Lot Nastier?” No matter how nasty she is, no matter how she tries, I’m never satisfied, at least I make her think I’m not, but really she’s the fucking best. I could have never found a better slut wife anywhere!

    She spread her legs out on the blanket and requested that I rub her down with her special oils. I made sure to touch her everywhere, massage it in to every inch of her body, first her backside, then her tits and the whole front side, even right over her smooth shaven pussy. Can’t have any hair down there when she has to get tanned to the max and look like a little beautiful black girl. Me, all I do is burn, I must protect my sensitive skin from the suns harmful rays. I can get a bad burn in just a matter of minutes. Adriana has always cooked up nice and brown very quickly.

    I told her I was going to scout around for guys to come over and see her all nice and nude and ready to do anything. She said: “GREAT! Find Me Some 12 Inch Cocks!” First I had to think what the fuck I was going to say to guys I might get close enough to talk to. I had it, the perfect words, now where are you fellows?

    I kept looking back where she was, every few steps I took I could see her popping up her head to see where I was, could it be that she was nervous about me leaving her alone when she’s completely naked? There was a guy walking towards me, when he got close enough I went into my act, I acted excited and shouted at him: “Hey Guy, There’s A Naked Lady Over There Behind That Big Log!” He didn’t know she really was no lady so I said that anyway about her. Couldn’t let him know that she was married to me, I just didn’t want to do that.

    He walked over there, guess he liked her, i saw him take off his trunks and get down with her behind that old log. I didn’t go over there until I saw him walking away. She was fine, had a big smile on her face. She just said: “More! Get Me More!” I did this for her three more times, once it was with two guys at once. Nobody hurt her, they just used her body for their pleasures and came on her or in her mouth and walked on. Even down here now this very clean beach, the best one in all of Maine, was getting too damn crowded. Too many kids running all around all over the place, so we prepared to leave. We stayed here for two hours and already my wife looked incredible, she was getting brown, on both sides, all over, really looked super fucking fine.

    Again, I carried it all, she began walking back in the nude but when someone’s child shouted: “Look Daddy, A Naked Lady!” She pulled her tee shirt down over her head. Thank God the two of them kept walking by, didn’t want any parents arguing with me over my wife’s nudity. It was a long walk back to the car, there were other cars parked on both sides of us and Adriana said she had to take a piss. I told her to just squat down and do it, use the two car doors to hide in between. When she started to let it flow, the family that owned the vehicle right on our right side came back also. She saw them at the same time I did, she jumped up and pulled down the little tight shirt. Did they know she was pissing? Did they see her doing it? Don’t really know, Adriana didn’t either, her pee was running down and going behind the rear wheels of their car. Time to laugh and get the fuck out of here. They must have wondered what that was, could they smell the strong scent of her urine? Who Cares, Who Gives A Shit!?

    We went to the beach 4 more times during this vacation and each time it wasn’t as good as the first day, made the mistake of going there on the weekends and it was just too crowded to do much more than suck cock. Get the guys off as quick as she could with her mouth, not much fucking the other times, only once or twice, that’s all. But she loves to fuck outdoors under a burning hot sun, now she was brown, didn’t look like a white girl at all.

    My parents knew her pretty well, they were there at our wedding, but now it’s time to visit with them and play some pool on my eight foot Brunswick Table. My wife and I right now returned to our room, had to drink and eat food sometimes, right? We really liked our friend Ellen, she was an excellent waitress.

    Tomorrow my wife spends the most of the day with her in-laws, my mother and father, should I have her act slutty and show off her pussy, or should I have her make believe she’s a good girl?
    It doesn’t matter, my parents will never know that uncle Bob, my mother’s brother, fucked her so wonderful a few days ago and we’re planning on going back to see him again so he’ll do it some more. Only us three will ever know about that. OK? Good-Bye For Now.

  98. Today will be a lot of driving, going from town to town and all around with my parents, my father doing all the driving, so glad of that. We’ll be looking for flea markets, street fairs, lawn sales, and antiques all over Maine. My father collects a lot of crap, my mother likes almost anything but can’t afford anything because dad only gives her a ten dollar a week allowance, no kidding everyone, mom is strictly a housewife, never worked at any job except being my dad’s little picker upper.

    I asked Adriana to be careful and to wear a dress or skirt a little longer than she wore for my uncle, not flash her pussy to my parents, make them think your a normal good girl for a change. This act for Adriana will be very hard I’m sure. I told her tonight we can make up for it and be our old crazy and kinky selves. So after only 2 games of pool with my dad we took off for Brunswick, then Lisbon, then Lewiston, etc. Just enjoying what we had to do, a visit with my parents, her in-laws. By the way, I won one game of pool, I let my father win the other.

    It was all over and we went back to The Holiday Inn to plan our evening, not much action up here in the middle of the week, not much action on the weekends, I honestly think my home state and town is boring as all Hell. So we have to find and make our own action, try and get into trouble, what a fucking joke? At least the weather was cooperating, every day was at least 80% or warmer, no rain in the forecast yet. So Adriana stripped off all her clothes and put on a very tiny little thong and went out to the pool area. We both saw another girl out there baring her boobs, so of course Adriana had to do it also. But her bikini bottom was normal size, my wife should have been nude, you could hardly see the thong she was wearing unless you came up close to her, the string in between her ass cheeks completely disappeared when you looked at her from behind. She looked and appeared to be in her birthday suit, the two guys out here were going crazy but they were with their wives or girlfriends, too bad right? The topless girl was being talked to by some guy already and she didn’t look halfway as hot as my nasty thing.

    It took just 15 minutes for some dude to come over and offer to rub the lotion into Adriana’s skin. She smiled and said something to him and then she turned over on her front side letting him begin with her back and ass. I’m sure he could see her asshole and that wet pussy she has! This young guy may have been someone that worked for The Holiday Inn. He might have been 18 or 19 if anything at all. At least I hoped he was 18 or older. I paid them no mind until my wife turned over for him to do her front side, rub her tits and down between her legs. She was already quite tanned, looked better than the other women out here, except one, a girl that must have been from Florida or someplace where she got so dark even before coming up to Maine. Now why would anyone want to go on vacation if your from a much better state than this one? And why was her top on? She should be topless like my wife and that other girl over there.

    Adriana saw me keeping an eye on her ass and waved me out to her side, with this funny guy still with her she asked me to bring her out a bottle of water, I even offered her friend one. He declined, guess he wasn’t thirsty. My wife got up and walked to the steam room, she opened the door and went in, she must have used her towel to sit on because I knew those wooden seats can be very hot, even hotter than her cunt. She stayed in there about ten minutes and then came out with a guy holding the door for her. She briefly gazed back at where I was and walked away with the guy. I didn’t see her again for a whole hour and a half. Time for me to take a little nap, maybe she’ll tell me what they did, maybe she won’t, who cares?

  99. Whenever we went somewhere, wherever it might be, I can never tell when my wife might find some action all by herself without any help from me at all. I just hope she uses her good judgement
    and truly believes the men she goes away with are safe clean guys?

    I was woken up in our room at 8pm this night and saw her standing there with a very happy look on her face, she said she was sorry for waking me and told me nothing about what she did and how it was done. Fine, now she will do something nice and naughty for me and my camera. It was now dark but still nice and warm, I told her to come with me for a ride, bring NO clothes. I went out to the parking lot to start the car, she ran down the hallway naked and didn’t get seen by anyone. She jumped into the vehicle and I drove way out to the only golf course I knew of in West Bath. No one plays golf in the dark so I told her to get out and just walk around all nice and nude. Now instead of 18 holes on the field there were a couple of more, her cunt and asshole. I took some shots of her posing her body for my camera, she spread her pussy nice and wide and no one saw her out there, there was no one around. My shitty home town is dead at 7pm, all the stores are closed and people just go home to eat, drink, watch TV, or fuck. Probably fuck their dogs, donkeys and horses. A lot of places remind me of The Dukes Of Hazzard, a lot of hicks and farmers. I have other ideas of Adriana walking around my state of Maine completely naked, but we’ll wait until 1am or 2am in the morning so there won’t be a sole anywhere around or awake, including the cops. All 6 cops that my town has in it.

    Adriana was complaining of being hungry so we drove back to the Holiday Inn, I snuck her ass back in, she got dressed and we went out to eat. We came back and took separate showers, we never do anything together anymore, we have lost interest in each other, but certainly NOT others.
    We do nothing as husband and wife, but do anything and everything with other people that we like, that like us, or we are getting to know. Adriana is my model, my ultra submissive sex freak, the nasty exhibitionist, the BI girl of the world. Nothing shocks her, nothing scares her, nothing bothers her at all. I think that’s because she’s also quite crazy! So glad I married this cute little nutty thing!

    We took a little nap and made sure that we got up after midnight, it was a quarter to one in the morning when we left for Downtown Bath. Of course Adriana was not dressed, she only wore a smile. We slowly drove around the town with our headlights out, saw no one, not another car anywhere, except parked ones. So I told her to get out, walk up Center Street, turn left and walk down Front Street. Stop in front of all the stores we go into when they are open at 10am. Stand in the light, under the street lights as I photograph her on the streets of Bath in the buff. We cut through a short cut and ended up in front of The Police Station, she went right up to the building and made believe she was going inside. She touched the front door knob, she sit on the steps and played with her cunt, she posed by the sign that said: “Bath Police Department”, she did it all and had that big smile on her face constantly. Now back in the car I drove her to the water, down by the boats. I had her get out again and go onto three beautiful boats and do some more pussy shots. Make like she’s driving the boats, make it look so nice for all the people that I’ll show these pics to when we get back to New York.

    The last thing I had her do was go up to the doors of some of my old girlfriends homes, like Flo’s place, Terri’s home, and Natalie’s and Janice residence. Had to be sure the door number was shown so if I send out these pictures to them they’ll know my wife was there in front of their place in the nude. The whole posing of my wife’s naked body took us about two hours and no one knew a fucking thing, the cops were probably sleeping, all of them except the desk officer in charge.

    We were finished and back in our hotel room at 3am in the morning, we should sleep until at least 10am or later, right? Maybe not if we get roused up by our friends. Anyway we are supposed to go back and have our second visit with Bob and this time his daughter will be with his ex-wife. So the two of them can fuck their brains out from when we arrive until midnight if they want to. He could
    even keep Adriana all night and I’ll come back and pick her up when he’s had enough of her nasty ass.

    I will say good-bye for now, again, and see what the rest of our vacation will bring. We will have to see my best pals and buddies at least one more time also. I want to see Ronnie’s hot sweet tiny girlfriend Roberta. She’s almost the same size as my wife, but she only weights around 100 pounds, Adriana is 107 or 108, something like that.

    I may stop this shit at any moment, not really sure if anyone is reading my stories or not. I can’t be wasting my time because I don’t have much time left. Want the world to know all this crap before I blow away like dust in the wind.

  100. Well here we are again, sorry, but there is still more shit to tell. So far our Maine vacation included a few stops at some truck stops on the way up here so my wife could get out and show her stuff and get laid. Then my fantastic uncle gets his cock into all my wife’s holes, then my friends, then some guys at The Bounty Lounge Bar, then she gets it at the beach and walks all around my friendly little town completely naked while I photograph her. Even right in front of our police station. Of course we had to spend a day with my parents. So what do you say? Would you enjoy a vacation like this? In Maine!

    Only a few days left then we’ll be driving back to New York. So I better keep my promise to my uncle and get Adriana’s nasty ass back up to Augusta with him while his daughter is back with her mother and they’ll be no danger of Melinda coming in and seeing her dad and my wife fucking.

    We called him first and he said he’d be home after 2pm because he’s at the club playing a few rounds of golf. Then he said: “Why Not Come And Meet Me Here, I’ll Introduce You To My Golf Buddies?” Of course he had to give me the directions of how to find his club and he told me to make sure Adriana wears some clothes on her back. He didn’t want to get into trouble with the management and mess up his membership. So Adriana would have to behave herself for a while.

    I got to hit a few golf balls, I surprised my uncle and myself, I hit the ball far and straight, guess it was beginners luck but Bob said I should do this more often. After this vacation i never hit another golf ball at all. My wife was doing a lot of talking with Bob’s friends, it seemed like she wasn’t showing them her pussy but I’ll bet the men could tell she was a little married slut just by the way she blinked her eyes and flirted with them. Of course we couldn’t watch her constantly, she may have done some things she’ll never tell me. She sure went to the ladies room a lot that’s for sure.

    We left the golf club, got back at Bob’s House at 2:30 and the two of them went to work on each other, never saw them strip and run upstairs so fast before. After their first fuck, we all ate at his home, I had french fries and soda, they had some kind of Italian stuff. Then they were nice enough to put on a show for me in the living room while i played and petted Bob’s big dog Sasha. Since he was taking his daughter and ex-wife out to dinner tonight my wife and Bob only did it two times on this hump day.

    We got back at the hotel in another hour and sit and wondered what the fuck we were going to do tonight, then we noticed we had a message on our room phone. Ronnie had called and he invited us to the nastiest place in all of Maine, a nudie bar called The Holly. It was in Portland and since this is Wednesday, hump night, it’s the best time of the week to see a lot of outrageous shit going on in this raunchy place. Then he told me that his sexy little girlfriend Roberta would also be there with Charlie Cunningham and Johnny Brewer. He also mentioned that Adriana should wear something very sexy and revealing and expect to be put on display as a plaything for ALL the customers to enjoy and do with as they please. When I heard that on the phone I just had to call him back and ask a couple of questions.

    He answered right away, think he expected me to call him, I told my pal that I wanted his girlfriend to dress sexy and revealing also, show off her cute tiny body. And I wanted her to put on a nasty show also. I knew Ronnie was a jealous man and this would be very hard for him to do, let Roberta be a slut for just one night. He just told me that he’d think about it and let me know within the next hour. Guess he had to talk to Roberta first to see if she’ll go for it!

    Adriana was game for anything, I already knew she’d do the nastiest shit she could get away with in any public place we bring her ass too. Ronnie’s call back came in a half hour, he just said: “OK, I’ll Let My Girlfriend Do Whatever Your Wife Does!” I thought GREAT! Now I was going to see little Roberta naked, maybe even sucking cock and fucking?

    We met Ronnie and the gang at his house, then followed him to this wonderful sex bar. There was no advertisement on the door that this was a nasty place, a topless or nude bar, or anything. It just said: “COME IN AND BE JOLLY AT THE HOLLY!” It opened late, at 9pm and will be open until at least until 4am on Thursday morning. The girls were checked out right away by so many guys of all ages, some not bad looking, some ugly, some with beards, some with no hair, just a lot of horny guys everywhere. We looked all around and only noticed two other whores in the whole place. Then
    a guy got up on stage and held a mike in his hand and talked to the crowd. He said: “For Those Of You That Have Never Been Here Before I Would Like To Warn You Off The Nude And Lewd Performances You Will See Tonight. In This Place Anything Goes, Nothing Is Taboo, Just Do As You Want To Do!” Roberta and Adriana smiled at each other and they whispered but we heard them: “We’ll Have A Really Wild Night Tonight If I Can Control Ronnie!” Adriana told Roberta: “Just Do It Girl, I’ll Help Control Him!”

    This was a strip joint, also a live sex club, but this was amateur night, a night when anybodies wife or girlfriend can get up on stage and dance naked, show off their fuck holes, masturbate with absolutely anything, even get eaten out and suck cock and fuck the customers. Never had a clue that my state of Maine had a joint like this! These places weren’t even back in New York. Or at least we haven’t found them yet.

    Some girl from way over on the other side of the club got up and started to walk towards the stage, she wasn’t so hot, not as slim as our girls at out table. Ronnie got up and went over to talk to some guy at the bar, he came back and said to my wife: “Your Next Adriana!” Then I said to my pal: “Then It Will Be Roberta’s Turn!” He just gave me a dirty look and nodded his head.

    We watched that girl up there take her clothes off, then she showed her cunt and asshole to everyone. Some guys stuck their fingers into her holes, and when she got down they ate her out. There was a box of handi-wipes provided to wipe the pussy clean after it gets eaten and you move over to the next guy to taste it if he wants too. We saw no one getting a blow job or inviting this girl to sit in their laps and get fucked. But it still lasted until 10 fucking thirty. Then she was called off the stage. The announcer even said: “Isn’t She Nice, But We Must Give Another Wife A Chance!”

    Adriana stood up and was helped up onto the stage by the owner or whoever this guy was. Right away she got some cheers, they clapped for her ass, the guy with the mike got down, she stripped off her pretty black dress, now she was naked. They liked her, the place never saw her before, they probably saw that other girl every week, who knows? Slow sexy music was playing, she went in front of all the guys and spread her cunt and asshole apart for them to look up inside of her. They made her get down on the plush rug and get up into their faces, she reached back for the wipes and started to get eaten out, first one guy, then another, then five more, then five more. Every once in a while she’d look back at our table, Ronnie and I were really enjoying it, then she came at my pal, she wiggled her finger at him to get the fuck up and come and get some of her. I put my hand on Roberta’s leg under the table, she told me: “Feel My Pussy, I’m NOT Wearing Any Panties!” While Ronnie ate Adriana’s cunt I finger fucked his cute girlfriend for about five minutes to get her nice and wet down there. When he came back of course I stopped, Roberta whispered to me that I’ll get more, a lot more, and Ronnie didn’t hear her say that to me.

    I laughed and joked with my pal, I asked him how my wife’s pussy tasted, he said: “Fine! She’s A Delicious Girl!” Some guy got up with his cock sticking out, my wife took it and leaned over to take it into her mouth, the place got really crazy now, everyone wanted her to suck them off. Even Ronnie wanted a blow job from Adriana right in front of his girlfriend. We could tell, she made sure, that we knew she was eating the cum from these strangers cocks. I counted 11 blow jobs, then my friend went up to her with his dick out. Roberta just sat there and didn’t say a word. Ronnie got sucked off to make it an even dozen. Then Ronnie helped her down and right back to his chair to hold my wife in his lap as his girlfriend got up now. Roberta stripped right beside off her boyfriend, she leaned over and whispered again: “Now Watch Me Honey!” Two guys helped the sexy skinny thing up onto the stage, Ronnie acted pissed but my wife had him in her control. Adriana stayed naked the whole night, right up until the place closed and locked up.

    It was so thrilling to see a girl even smaller than my wife completely naked getting felt up and played with as she pulled her pussy wide open and showed that her cute asshole hasn’t had anywhere near as much cock as my wife’s asshole has had. Ronnie was great, he was keeping his promise to let Roberta do as she wanted too for this one night. They ate her out and fingered her hot wet holes. The cocks came out and she played with them, then she sucked a few of them off. They pulled the little girl down into their laps and we saw her humping up and down in their laps getting fucked. Roberta even put her mouth on all the cocks when they were ready to shoot off, she must have eaten just as much cum as Adriana did, maybe more? Then it was my turn, the nasty cutie came over to me, I took a quick look at my pal and went up to get some of a girl that I’ve always wanted to eat out and fuck, Ronnie’s girlfriend. I licked and lapped her delicious wet hole, she bent back and stuck her legs into the air so I could also lick her asshole. Then I finger fucked that asshole and ate her some more. She kissed me, she said: “Come Visit Me And I’ll Let You Fuck Me While My Mother Is Home, Ronnie Will Never Know Shit!”

    I think Roberta’s performance was a few minutes longer than our other slut, the thing I married.
    When no other girls were jumping up to do this shit, they asked Adriana if she’d like to go at it one more time. She said she would only if Roberta joined her, only if the two girls could do a Lesbian show for the crowd. Ronnie pushed his girl at the stage, he said: “Do It You Bitch, Do It Really Nasty!” We were shocked to hear him talk like that to the beautiful cutie. But both girls got on stage and amazed the crowd. They got on top of each other, sucked their cunts and ate out each others assholes. They fucked themselves with large sex toys and then licked them clean, they strapped on dildos and Adriana fucked Roberta first, then Roberta fucked Adriana. Then they licked their sex toys clean and stood up and bowed to the crowd.

    What a fucking shame there was no picture taking allowed in this place because My pal and I would have given anything to record or have photo proof that this shit really happened. So did Ronnie ever take Roberta back to The Holly? Sorry to say, but “No Way!” Did I ever get to fuck my best pals girl, you bet I did and “Yes!” her mom was home and knew it happened. If you would like to hear that story I can tell you, but this is not about me, it’s only supposed to be about my wife.

    Vacation almost over, only 2 days to go then we’ll have to go back to our jobs in New York. Her teaching job, my security job. Her bunch of lovers, my only one girl, but what a girl she is, an ex porno queen, my Marlene Willoughby, The Princess Of Porn. No fucking joke guys!

  101. Don’t ever let it be said that my wife won’t do something, anything anyone can think of, she is unbelievably crazy and kinky and loves to have the whole world know it. She is also a very strong influence on other girls she meets and is getting to know, like Ronnie’s girlfriend Roberta. Not even did my pal believe what he saw his little girl up there on that stage doing with all those men. He’ll never admit it, but he liked seeing Roberta do that crazy shit. Getting felt up and finger fucked in her cunt and asshole, spreading her holes as far as she could, letting the guys eat her out and even fuck her. Also sucking cock and eating a lot of cum. Just going wild and crazy like Adriana did when she was up there. Only problem, don’t think we’ll be coming back here, at least not this year, not enough time, my friends should have told us as soon as we came up then we would have been able to do it twice, last Wednesday and last night as well.

    Ronnie had to work all day on Thursday, so I told my wife to stay at the hotel while I go to visit Roberta and fuck her really great. Adriana wished me luck with the tiny 99 pound girl and said: “Don’t Worry About Me, I’ll Find Someone To Do Me!”

    I drove to Woolwich, about 10 miles from Bath, first I called sexy Roberta to see if it was alright to come and eat her cunt and fuck her ass today. She said: “You Better, You May Not Get Another Chance Larry Dear!” I thought “GREAT!” and continued my drive. I pulled into her driveway just a few minutes after we talked. The little girl came out and jumped into my arms, all she had on was a see through nightgown. She kissed me deeply and said when our lips came unglued: “You Saw It All Last Night So Why Hide It Now?”

    We went inside to see her mother, an old lady that drank like a fish, but knew me and liked me even more than Ronnie. She told me many times that she wished her daughter was all mine, my girlfriend instead of Ronnie’s. The poor woman was the same age as my mother, Adriana’s mother, she just looked older because of her bad habit. I was shocked, Roberta took off her nightgown right there in front of her mother, the woman just smiled and said: “I Think She Likes You Larry?”
    Roberta said: “No Mom, I Love Him!” We moved on down to the other end of the trailer, there wasn’t much room in this little tin thing. Now in Roberta’s bedroom I began my thing on her thing. Just like last night I chowed down and chewed on her delicious pussy and asshole. Sorry, but I had to close the door, really didn’t want to put on a show for Roberta’s mother. Ronnie’s girl smelled so good, what was that wonderful exotic scent? The whole trailer smelled of it, I didn’t see any incense burning, they both told me it was natural body odor. Even Roberta’s mother smelled the same way, it was so fucking intoxicating. If her mother wanted to fuck I’ll do her next, I swear I will. She is slim and has a still good body, she’s just drunk all the time.

    Roberta took out my cock and started blowing me, the hot little slut had me hard as a rock in no time. She spread her skinny legs so far that I thought she might hurt herself as I slid inside of her wet cunt. I knew her mother could hear us, good thing there are no neighbors around here or they’d hear us also, her nearest friend lived 3 miles away.

    Roberta asked me to just enjoy her pussy and feed her my cum when I ready, she wanted me to fuck her up the ass the next time I get hard for her. I was having a hard time to keep from shooting off already, she was so hot, this girl is on fire. What a lucky guy Ronnie is to have this little whore?

    Time to feed the slut, she knew it too, I slid out of her dripping pussy and she got down and around and ready to swallow. With my dick all the way down her throat I fed her my whole load, I must have shot 6 or 7 spurts into her mouth, loved the way she looked up at me, I loved her very much, so tiny and small and can do it all. I didn’t care about anything after that, I only put my shorts on and went out where Mrs. Merrill was sitting. Roberta’s mom was sitting so I could see all the way up her dress and tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. She had a pretty pussy, very hairy and she knew I was looking at it, so she spread her legs more for me, that’s it, I’m fucking this bitch! I got down in front of her cunt and rubbed my hands up her legs, they felt great, warm and smooth and so willing to spread wide opened for me. I knew Roberta was right behind me as my face kept getting closer and closer to her mother’s beautiful hole. When she went back into her bedroom to put some clothes on I was eating her mother’s cunt right there on the little sofa. That smell was putting me into a trance, I felt like I was under their spell, maybe they are two witches or something?

    My cock was sticking out of my shorts and Carol saw it, she said: “I Have The Perfect Place For That Darling!” I never wanted a 60 year old woman as much as this thing before, she was incredible, looked like a witch, acted like a witch, and drank like one also. But when I slid into her she let out the best fucking moan I’ve ever heard come from an old woman. We fucked for exactly 27 minutes. I knew because Roberta told us. Roberta was there to eat my cum again when I was done with her mother, the girl thanked me for fucking her mom. Now I had me a hot mother and daughter team if I wanted them. It was still early, plenty of time to play with Roberta, plenty of time for Carol Merrill If she wanted more of me also.

    I offered my girlfriend of the day some food, something besides my cum that is. She said: “That’s OK Larry, Ronnie Will Be Here Later And Feed Me Something!” So I just waited until I could fuck one more time, had to ram this creatures asshole!

    She wanted it also, deep up her ass, my cock! It took me two hours after I fucked the mother to get it up for Roberta again. She even asked her mom where the asshole grease was and Carol told her daughter and even passed it to her from a drawer right beside of her. We went into the bedroom again and I ate her some more, then rubbed up my cock and her asshole and started to push it right up there. She squealed like a little mouse, I liked it. She wiggled her ass for me as I went deeper and deeper into her. Soon I knew I could ram her as hard as I wanted too. I pounded her good, really good, our bodies made the same sound I heard Adriana doing with her men 100’s of times. Loud slapping, her soft sighs, her wonderful sounds of pleasure, what a fantastic lay she is? Roberta was like my beautiful blond Diane I had way back before I went to Vietnam. The girl I really wanted to marry and have kids with, God how I loved Diane!

    I came right up Roberta’s asshole, she was a little upset because she still wanted to eat it, swallow it all again. But as the cum came running out of her she used her fingers to get them covered in my stuff and lick it off of them. Now I wonder who that makes me think of?

    I had to leave this crazy little trailer, get away from from Roberta and Mrs. Merrill. As I drove away, they both waved and welcomed me back anytime, that strange odor followed me all the way back to Bath, when I pulled into the parking lot of The Holiday Inn it was gone, I couldn’t smell it at all anymore. I was put under some kind of magic spell, I just knew I was! Anyway, time to see if Adriana wants to tell me what she’s been up to while I was gone. Should I tell her about that smell?
    I don’t think so, she wouldn’t have any answers, she’d never know what the fuck it might have been. I will say that Roberta’s cunt tasted like strawberries and her nipples like another kind of berry of some kind. Maybe she had coated them with some kind of toxic drug to keep me all hers for such a long time and to make me want to fuck her mother? Both women were so wonderful, I hope I get to do them both next year, every year we come up here I’ll gladly fuck Roberta and her mother.

    My wife and I both decided not to tell each other a fucking thing about our day, she must have her secrets and I must have mine and that’s that. She did tell me that she made about 20 phone calls back to New York, she said she had too, her parents, our son, her men, a few girlfriends, etc.

    One more day, that’s it, and this Maine vacation will be over until next year. Tomorrow is Friday, we’ll be leaving after breakfast on Saturday morning, I’ll probably drink a whole pot of coffee for the trip back to The Rotten Apple. Of course there will be those truck stops for Adriana to get out and show her stuff and try to stir up some hot and wild action for her mouth, cunt, and asshole.

    Until tomorrow friends, don’t worry, don’t threat, my story is almost completely over. Larry

  102. In the following years we came up to my stupid fucked up state of Maine I always managed to get a fine fuck or two from sexy little Roberta Merrill. Her mother also wanted it from me but I tried my best to get out of doing her. There was a cute little girl of only 14 years of age that knew I was fucking her relative, Roberta. But I was just too scared to touch her even though I knew I could. She was a hot and sexy teenager, could grow up to be a slut something like my wife.

    On our last night in Maine all Adriana did was go to The Bounty Lounge and pick up a few strangers and bring them back to our room to suck their cocks and fuck them. She asked them: “How Would You Guys Like To Screw A Married Slut From New York?” The ones she asked always came to our room to get it really good from my old slut whore. I enjoyed watching the most of them very much!

    We left for NY the next day, another Saturday after breakfast and a brief goodbye stop at my parents home. We were well on our way home at just 10am, should get to New York by 3pm or 4.
    I asked Adriana if she would like to stop at truck stops and get out of our vehicle naked and try to get laid again and she said: “If You Want Me To I Will” I said: “Do It Only If You Want More Strange Cock!” She got out of her tight tiny shorts and rode in the car naked from the waist down. We paid our tolls and no one but us two knew what my whore was going to do. Our first truck stop was hit at 12 noon. The wife got out and strutted her stuff right over to these two big rigs. They didn’t blow their loud horns, they were awake and ready. They came right out and started to feel my wife up, then they were gone, gone behind the trucks and up and into the back of one of them.

    Adriana came back to the car in about an hour. Nothing to say but lets get on our way to the next stop. The next stop sucked, no trucks there, only a car that wasn’t supposed to be there. We saw no one, so we drove right out. The next stop was exactly 37 miles away. Now at 2pm, I was getting hungry again, hungry for food, not to see my wife sucking cock and fucking. After she did 2 or 3 more guys {not sure how many were over there} we went to another stop, but this time to eat good ole solid food. Adriana almost forgot she was bottomless, I had to stop her from opening the car door and getting out naked from her waist down. She slammed the door quickly and put her short shorts back on her fuck anyone ass.

    She behaved herself in the restaurant much to my surprise. This shit is boring so let’s get moving along! On the road again and heading in the right direction I hoped.

    There really wasn’t any more good truck stops for the slut to get out and do her thing with strangers, so it was straight on to the shitty city now. Adriana told me that she called all the men she needed to, the most important cocks on her list. She had to let them know that tonight they could have her at any time they wanted her. She would come to them, her cunt and asshole would be very ready for their giant cocks! She lied to them when she told them her vacation was long and boring, hardly any fun at all. I know she loved my uncle, the beach, the truck stops, walking around my town completely naked, my friends and The Holiday Inn. Our very nice hotel room and the swimming pool and those pool boys. Meeting with my parents again was boring but we had to have at least two people think she was a good girl and not what she really happened to be. A Slut!

    We made it back at 5pm, later then usual only because of our three stops we made coming back to New York, really 4 stops but one didn’t count, nothing happened at that one. I carried our bags up the stairs while Adriana waited in the car in case some traffic asshole was coming by and wanting to give us a ticket because of us being double parked. Then she went up to our apartment to see our son and her parents. I took the rented car back to Avis and then walked back home.

    Of course I stopped in to see Michael and Mr. & Mrs. Cerrato, then we both told them we were tired from our long drive and needed to take showers. Michael can come up in about an hour.

    That was it, our first Maine vacation was over, we went up there every year in the month of August now, my wife liked to teach Summer school so instead of getting a two month vacation from her job, she now only got two weeks, the last two weeks of August. After 5 straight years of spending those whole two weeks in Maine, we shortened it to only one week. The nasty sex and those truck stops stopped because now our son was making the trip with us, my friends and family got to meet our teenage boy. Adriana was getting older but still looking pretty good to the guys, I began thinking that when she gets to be 40 the nasty marriage we have will be just about over and done with. Remember, the guys with the really huge long thick cocks need Adriana to let them bang her asshole. The other girls just complained way too much about the pain and my wife never did anything like that, she never complains about anything. NEVER!

    I’ll bet your all happy that I just jumped ahead about 10 years, soon we will be up to the year and date that it happens to be right now, 2013. Please stick with us, it only gets closer to ending from this story on. Thanks, Larry

  103. CHANGES!

    There have been a lot of changes in the past ten to twelve years, a lot except our vacations to Maine all the time at the very same time. A couple of nasty visits with my uncle Bob, at least two or three visits with my parents, and an open invitation to any and all my friends that may want to come to The Bath, Maine Holiday Inn to rip into Adriana’s pussy and asshole just the way they want to. Some keep showing up because she still looks a lot better than their wives and she will do deep dirty anal for them and swallow all the cum, even drink their piss if they want to get that wild with her.

    The very risky truck stops only happen now if our son who is now a teenager isn’t with us, so of course my wife stays dressed a bit in the rental car from Avis. If Adriana meets a guy, any guy, that she would like to fuck she’ll always go to his room and do him while I stay in the swimming pool with Michael or in our room playing chess or watching the boob tube. She will still reveal her tits even in front of our son, she has never thought that anyone couldn’t see her little boobs, anyone from the age of 1 to the age of a hundred and one. So around the pool she will be in only a very tiny thong with both tits very nicely exposed, to the world. I’ve watched her, when Michael isn’t looking at his mother she will pull her thong over to the side and show her cunt to some guys every once in a while. Then she usual gets up and follows them to their room or to their car to suck them off or maybe even get laid. Our son probably knows his mother is a slut bag but never has he ever asked me: “Where Is Mom Going With That Man?” I’ve been thinking about that for the last few years, what would I tell him if he did ask me where his mother is going with a guy dressed only in a tiny thong? Maybe I’d just say: “OH She’s Going To Get Her Asshole Fucked Again, That’s All Son!” Then again, maybe I’d say something else, I don’t know.

    Back here in our building in New York the first guy she just had to go and see, go and fuck, was Stan The Man, he is the guy with the biggest white cock she’s ever had. Then comes Mike Lieber, then comes her Indian lover, Leslie Persaud. On our first night back from our first vacation up to my state she fixed herself up and went down to spend the whole night at Stan’s, after our son went to bed of course. On Sunday she stopped in to blow Phil and let him eat her delicious cunt again. She got some sad news from Phil, soon he will be moving down to Florida. His mother is in bad shape and she needs him with her. He will be here in New York only a few more months.

    The changes in this place were shitty, our building is going co-op and now you’ll either have to buy your apartment and pay what they call maintenance, or stay here and pay up to, and maybe more, than two thousand bucks for rent. People that couldn’t afford to buy started to move out, including Adriana’s lover Tom upstairs and her Hispanic lover Jose on our same floor. Now she was only left with the sometimes faggot down in apartment 1B. Sorry I called old Phil Crimando a fag. He is just strange, very strange!

    At her age now {I won’t tell you} she has exactly 5 lovers that I know of, there may be one other at school but I’m not sure about Mark. So all I know about are Stan, Mike, Leslie, the other Tom, and Phil. I really do hope she’s fucking Mark because I like even numbers, six is a better number for her, really. She still goes down to Phil’s apartment completely naked, why? Because he insists upon it, he loves having a married women show up at his door in her birthday suit and nothing else. She has told me if her parents catch her again, so what, the next time she’ll just tell them the truth, she’s playing nasty sex games with her neighbor. It’s one of her things she must do, especially since he’s leaving her soon. She told Phil that she’ll walk down to his apartment every night in the buff until he leaves if he wants her to.

    Now let’s whip ahead to her age of 40, the age she was really worried about, OK, we’ll jump all the way up to 45, is that better? Our son is 20 years old now and going to Lasalle College in Philly. Another year and he’ll be through with school forever, I hope, this has put us into a lot of debt, it will take us to the age of 65 to finish paying for Michael’s education. But we had only one boy and I wanted him to be well educated, a lot better than me. Phil has been gone from Adriana for a long time now, also her Tom in New Jersey doesn’t come and see her or pick her up in his fancy car anymore. Two studs down, only 3 left for the wife. Stan is still next door, Leslie still up in The Bronx, and Mike still loves it in New Jersey. Since Michael has been in college for the last three years, two out of three studs come and do Adriana right in our bedroom again. Yes! Even at 45, going onto 46, she gets laid at least once a week from Mike and Leslie. Stan may be getting married to a very beautiful young Asian girl, she’s only 23, he’s the same age as Adriana. But at least once a month he will ram my wife’s asshole very hard for a very long time just to keep her happy because they’re such great friends.

    When our son got out of college he got a great job right away at a company called Ernest & Young, it helped that he knew people there and that he could do anything on a computer, even build one with his eyes closed if he wanted to. They called him, he didn’t have to go all around looking for a job. He started there and after only two years went to a better job, now making six figures at Robert Half. So glad to not have to pay anything for our BIG boy, he’s 6′ 6″ tall now, and getting himself a lot of super looking girlfriends, like Cynthia, Amy, Cecelia, Lisa, and Paula, just to mention their names in this stupid story of mine. He has had more but not even I can remember them all. He lives with one, then some other one, then another and another, just isn’t a marriage minded guy right now.

    A lot of times Mike Lieber and Leslie Persaud will come over to screw Adriana’s brains out together, besides taking pictures, I now make videos of them. Finally got a movie camera with the first income tax return we ever got from the fucking state of New York. I thought I’d need more than photographic proof that my wife still looks OK and is still sucking dick, eating cum, and taking huge cocks into her cunt and all the way up her asshole. We have three girlfriends I’m trying to get to see and watch her porno movies, but they keep refusing, two girls have seen her pictures by mistake because they showed up on sites like Facebook and Twitter and Flickr and a nice site called Fuckbook also. They were shocked to see their college girlfriend completely naked with all those big dicks pounding her holes and her face covered in cum, even shots of the stuff right in her mouth and ready to be swallowed. But I was very happy they saw her, now they know I wasn’t bullshitting all these years and their best girlfriend really is a very nasty married slut.

    I am positive I can finish this shit in just one more segment, that will make a total of 110 entries, I know, way too much right? But I swear on my mother’s grave that all this shit, as I call it, is true, very true, every word of it. I still have 100’s of pictures and 10 sex movies to prove to anyone that may be out there calling me a liar. One To Go! Larry Day


    It is so great to watch Mike & Leslie pounding my wife’s fuck holes at the same time. One guy with 12″ for her, the other with ten. You should know which stud has what by now? My two best friends don’t give a shit what I do, how many nasty fuck pictures I take, what kind of porno movie I make of them as they screw Adriana relentlessly for around two to four hours every Saturday night right in my apartment. First one guy will use her pussy, the other her asshole, then a little later the other guy gets her asshole, the second stud her cunt. All the cum they shoot is so perfectly deposited into her very hungry mouth, never a drop anywhere else unless I request it to make the movie I may be making a lot nastier. If I’m filming I want the old bitch really messed up with cum all over her face, in her hair, her ears, her nose, just everywhere. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start making porno movies of my wife when she was 25 to 35 years of age, when she was really fucking rocking cocks everywhere we went. Before she had our son would have been fun, she could have been some kind of model if only she was a lot taller. Not a shrimp at only 5′ 4″ tall.

    The old ding bat is in her 50’s now, she still can do it, swallow cum and take it up her ass. Leslie wants her all the time, she’s so much more hotter than his old fat Indian wife. Mike has slowed down a bit and only comes around when he’s desperate now for an old whore and her very deep asshole! A slut that will eat his cum and even let him piss into her mouth now all the time. She drinks Mike’s urine like it was a tall glass of water, or wine. The newest thing she does for both guys now is lick out their assholes with her long tongue. If they use our bathroom to take a shit she will ask them, beg them, to let her be their toilet paper. No matter how much shit is on the two guys assholes she will lick and lap it clean until they pull back on their shorts and go home or fuck their pig some more. Adriana is now a cum eater, a piss drinker, and a shit eater, no kidding! I think I’ll tell one of the guys to take a crap on a plate and serve it up to my wife as her main course, make the dirty slut eat up some big whole turds. And of course film it, got to get that on tape! Will she do it? She will if she wants to keep these two guys fucking her holes forever! “EAT SHIT BITCH!”

    It only proves that now that she’s approaching old age, the 60’s are coming up, she knows as her guys do that she’s going to have to change a lot. Turn into a very disgusting old hag and do the most kinky and perverse shit any woman anywhere in the world can do. Yes friends, even eat a plate full of big stinky turds. Chew them up and swallow them all and even lick her plate completely clean. To drink I’ll have at least a full glass of piss for her, maybe two glasses.

    We only rent a car once a year now, no two or three trips up to Maine, only once a year to see my parents and my uncle Bob and his new girlfriend Jane. Jane is younger than my uncle, she’s 65, my uncle is 70 something. Jane doesn’t mind at all when Bob and Adriana fuck each other, she even showed me her old gray pussy and I never asked to see it. Considering the age of her hairy hole, it wasn’t all that bad, I guess for a 65 year old cunt it was better than most? But I still didn’t want to eat it or fuck it. I just played with my uncle’s new dog now that Sasha has passed.

    Do you guys care to hear about Adriana eating shit? Or is that a bit too much to explain to everyone? Well folks, it happened, she did it, she made a lot of ugly looking faces as she chewed, than swallowed, but she didn’t puke, she held it all down, Leslie had to go, he couldn’t stay with us and watch her be that gross. But it was Mike’s idea and mine so we enjoyed torturing the thing from Hell and got it on film to show to anyone that can watch such graphic kind of porno. Bet we could have made money with videos of a married slut in her fifties doing a stunt like this?

    This wasn’t all that hard for Adriana to do since she has no reflux action at all, never has she ever choked with all the cum and piss she has swallowed, no friends, NEVER! She just didn’t care all that much for the smell, it reeked in our apartment on nights she had nothing but shit to eat and piss to drink.

    When we finally got up into our 60’s it was almost done, our sex lives that is. I couldn’t get it up even for a beauty like Halle Berry or Beyonce. Not for any sexy professional model, not for Miss or Mrs. America. Not for any woman or young girl in this world, my 8″ cock was dead, but was the wife?
    A lot of my friends, even the girls that knew Adriana was an old slut now kept telling me that a woman can keep sucking cock and fucking into her 70’s, some even their 80’s. It all depends on their health and how ugly they may be getting as they age. Also if any men out their still want to fill her belly with their cock juice and pound an ageless asshole. A very deep and well experienced asshole as my wife has got.

    I am proud to say, admit that Adriana is still sucking her cocks and getting laid now at 64. Their is only Leslie Persaud that has stayed faithful to my wife for so many years and maybe Stan will want one of her blow jobs every once in a while. Mike Lieber has gone somewhere and we don’t know where that is. He never told us, not even his little sex slave, my wife. Stan is married but to a girl that doesn’t swallow, doesn’t enjoy anal sex, so he calls Adriana when he wants and needs something a lot nastier than his old lady can give to him.

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