FTV GIRLS – Gigi Ferari Blonde Cutie Masturbating with a Huge Dildo

FTV GIRLS – Gigi Blonde Cutie Masturbating with a Huge Dildo

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She’s a fun, lively girl with the cutest voice, and with the attitude that sex & masturbation is something to enjoy, anytime, anywhere! So in a hot white outfit, she heads over to a resort, where she teases you, then finds her favorite vibrator, and plays it in the elevator. Walking to the stairs, she sits down and masturbates, until a strong orgasm, leaving milky wet juices behind! Later she is out again, in another public place, in a sexy tigerprint dress, and this time a cucumber joins in the action! She uses it hard, deep and even rides it, until her milky white juices dominate it on orgasm! She takes some bites out of it, and you can see her white juices on her tongue… She is playful and fun, so out at the restaurant she teases us as she orders food, runs out in the park and flashes, then goes indoors to show us her very sexy professional dancing skills, looking like a beautiful ballerina on tip-toes. Then we get kinky with some foot/heel fetish, as she shows off all her sexy heels, tries them on, massages her feet, then takes one of the shoe heels very deep! Then in FTV style, she rides the FTV Toy very deep (amazing for such a petite body!) and then fists herself, finally bringing herself to orgasm with the help of her toy. And what gorgeous blue eyes!

I watch the whole video of Gigi bouncing on a huge massive dildo. Oh, man! Gigi loves to get naked and masturbate. In the video clip, she is getting ready to hop on an enormous dildo.

Ftv Girls Gigi
Ftv Girls Gigi

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