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Luna is a 19 year Spanish beauty with curvy hips and quite possibly the most perfect tits in the world. Luna is really Spanish from Spain not South America or Central. Luna also has a cam show three times a week where almost anything goes.
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I got exclusive access to roam freely in her members’ area. I must say I was really impressed with the entire layout and content of Luna’s site. Luna’s photos come in two sizes, one regular and one in super high resolution. She had more than enough photos to keep me busy for weeks with over 100 sets. Luna’s videos are also bigger than average. Her videos are 640×480, some are even bigger and her archived cam shows are 320×240. Luna also keeps a dairy which seems to be updated daily where you can leave comments. Now the main attraction of Luna’s site is her cam show which is on Tuesday at 7pm CST/ 8pm EST, Thursday 8pm CST/ 9pm EST and Sunday 3pm CST/ 4pm EST. I have to be absolutely honest about her cam show. Luna’s cam show has set the bar high. Of all the solo girls with cam shows, Luna’s is the best. Luna totally interacts with the people chatting and also takes request. Not only does she take request but also takes request for future shows like putting her hair in pigtails, wearing sneakers, wearing fishnets and a bunch of other stuff. Overall Luna’s cam is grade A material. Her site is update weekly with photos and videos.

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