Micah Moore, Pinky & Jordan Ashley “Car Wash Bottoms” Ass Parade

Micah Moore is the girl to the right with a lovely white bubble butt. Pinky is the girl to the left, a cute Latina with a sweet apple bottom bubble butt. Imagine having these two fantastic bubble butts washing your M3 BMW. In this episode of Ass Parade, Micah and Pinky start wearing jean cutoff shorts and washing the BMW. After getting wet, their clothes come off, and some serious time is dedicated to “ass worshipping.” Micah and Pinky walk around arching their backs and pushing out their bubble butts at many angles. They both get fucked from many angles and get cummed on. Highly recommended for ass lovers and apple bottom hunters.

UPDATED: Remastered High-Resolution Video 8/13/2023

Details: What yup, my apple-bottom lovin’ peeps… it’s your boy PP back at the helm of the beloved ASSparade, this week I’m bringing you a fetish I’ve been having for a while: follow me on this one; I get two gorgeous ladies with great asses to wash my car..a simple concept with bucket loads of potential: and that’s what I got here for you today. Let’s get it started: so I give a call to these two babes I have been talking to for a while: Micah and Pinky; let me tell you, fellas, these girls are a hell of a pair.. they both got juicy plump asses, and they love to work them. Micah is this gorgeous white girl with a phat ass and cute perky tits, and Pinky is a beautiful Latina with a great apple bottom. I persuade the girls to slip into matching cutoff shorts and wash my new BMW M5 and let me tell you, this was a great fucking idea; seeing those amazing wet asses posing in front of my car made all the sense in the world..the ass worship was amazing and getting to feel those fantastic butt cheeks made my week. After washing the car, the girls decided to play with each other and get into pussy eating and ass play..these girls are fucking great, so i called Jordan to get a piece..the blow job was out of hand. The sex was extraordinary..this was one impressive shoot, and the asses were just right, do not miss this one; enjoy your brotha from another month, PP.

Big Asses Washing A Car

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