Sandra Romain and Annette Schwarz Anal Sex Video

Sandra Romain And Annette Schwarz Anal Sex Threesome
OMG! Ever wanted an anal sex threesome with two cute bubble butt porn stars? Damn! Sandra Romain and Annette Schwarz get together in “Bodacious Booty 2” for an incredible anal sex threesome with lucky stud Mark Shley. In this video clip from “Jonni Darkko XXX”, Sandra is getting her ass fucked at the same time she is getting her pussy lick by Annette. The girls switch positions with Annette sticking her ass up in the air and take her turn in getting ass fucked. Mark kept dipping his cock into both Sandra and Annette and also giving them a nice ass gaping scene. Highly recommended for blowing your load.

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1 thought on “Sandra Romain and Annette Schwarz Anal Sex Video”

  1. I got this scene with Sandra Romain and I didn’t want her to take control over me. I got the feeling, that she doesn’t do everything to satisfied my sexual desires – it felt more like she wanted to loose her aggressions on a girl.

    This behavior didn’t make me horny – it provoked a fight with her. But I know she doesn’t like to get punched, so I didn’t do so something to her. I want the people who have sex to have fun!
    Well, the director said, he wants to have a really sensual scene and surprisingly the scene was really different from the usually scenes Sandra and me are know for.

    But it was really hot and intense. I want to make more out with her and her big Butt!


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