Briana Blair Getting Fucked by War Machine

Briana Blair War Machine
BRANDY BLAIR aka Briana Baxter is one of the top porn stars in the industry today. Brandy used to be a dancer/cheerleader for the NBA Hawks. Brandy is athletically fit and all her curves are muscle from years of competitive dancing. Brandy made her debut only a few months ago in porn and has exploded on to the scene as the new “it” girl. War Machine is a controversial male porn star. War Machine allegedly punched a girl in the face and fucked up a bunch of other male porn stars. In a place with a bunch of alpha dogs and big dicks, War Machine has no other choice in establishing his male dominance and curving a place out for himself. War Machine was also a former contestant in The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV and has appeared on the UFC. Unfortunately, War Machine didn’t sell his soul to the UFC Dana White instead he souled his soul to Ben English. Anyway, Brandy and War Machine got together for a good ol fucking time. In this video clip from NAUGHTY AMERICA, Brandy is on top pumping her ass in and out fucking War Machine. Brandy then bends over standing up over a desk and gets banged from behind. Great scene on many levels and great jerking material.

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