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FTV Vanesa aka Jessica Valentino got her start in the adult industry @ FTV GIRLS. Jessica is a beautiful porn star who started when she was 18 years old. She has done a lot of scenes and has a lot of miles on her pussy. Jessica came back to FTV but she was a little ratty looking. Jessica had been partying the night before her shoot with FTV. Since, FTV doesn’t air brush his photos, Jessica still looked out of it. From the members’ area:

Model Comments: Its Saturday, and that’s not always the best time for me to do shoots. Fridays are party night and I stay up all night. So I didn’t get any sleep before the shoot. Just warning you in advance becaus even right now I’m sleepy typing this. I shot with FTV back more than 2 years ago when I was eighteen and hadn’t done anything yet. In face it was my first porn shoot ever. They used my real name Vanessa but I like to be called Jessica Valentino. I’m Italian, and I like that name. I’m almost 21 now, and this shoot will probably come on FTV around my 21st birthday yeeeah! I’ve done a lot of porn, and I think I might retire on my 21st. I still won’t do black guys and I prefer smaller dick than big ones. I’m super tight still and want to keep it that way! I live in Las Vegas now and I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world. Thats also why I want to quick doing boy/girl shoots, and he doesn’t mind me doing solo stuff like this. Nowadays I hear FTV this and FTV that with every model or agent I come across, I guess FTV has a big rep now. I remembered all of my past experience doing my shoot in summer 2007 and how hot it was too.
Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: Like she said, she had partied all night, so it really put a damper on this shoot. Since I don’t airbrush my photos, she looked ‘tired’ on them. Oh well. I do like that she’s gone a long way when it comes to clothes! That first time shoot she did 2.5 years ago — she had no clothes with her but what she was wearing. The tan dress & heels were super sexy, and made her look really leggy & tall. We didn’t get much shooting on location, when those people showed up, but the Vibraking did its job on her. Very strong orgasm & contractions by the end. As for the rest, some attempt at riding the bedpost (originally Danielle did a better job of it for her sites’ update) and a half-ride on the Big Ten. I ended the shoot early when I saw she was totally exhausted & half awake.

FTV is like the Playboy of our times with high end material. Jessica kinda disappointed me with her lack of professionalism. Oh well, maybe she should retire and go back into the real world. Still, great material to beat your meat to.

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