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FTV GIRLS attract high end glamor model doing hardcore things for the first time. Sabrina Maree is a glamor model who is simply stunning with beautiful eyes and smile. This is what FTV is all about where the model and photographer click together. Comments from members area.

Model Comments: You know, this shoot almost didn’t happen! Since I live in Sacramento, I have to fly down to Phoenix to do the shoot. First time it ended up coinciding with my mom’s birthday (and my family isn’t too keen on my nude modeling) so it didn’t happen. Then there was some conflict in my school & work schedule (I work and go to school study Psychology). Finally we got it worked out about four months later, and here I am! I’m very picky about who I model with, and I haven’t had any bad experiences. So with FTV I had several references from other photographers and models (along with the site being full of beautiful women) and I decided it would be safe to fly down. The photographer was very professional, and cute! Supposedly he is part Persian, and I’m all into Persian men. No doubt I was attracted to him, even though he never made a move on me or flirt with me. Maybe I wanted him to! Of course you’re reading this Rob, so you know what I think of you! Well before I get carried away, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m part Blackfoot Indian, and part Caucasian, lived most of my life in California, but traveled throughout North America and Europe. Love Paris! I did my first nude shoot for Playboy when I turned 19, and ended up on their newsstand specials. Now more recently I’m doing some soft glam shoots for major sites. With FTV, its my first real masturbation scene, and I finally had a real orgasm on camera! It was a BIG deal for me. It took many tries but I’m happy it finally happened. I’ve never had an orgasm during sex, and I can only orgasm when masturbating (and that’s on my bed all alone with no distractions). My breasts are large, but they were a lot bigger, the scars are from a breast reduction I had back when I was 16. I think my breasts are big enough as they are now 🙂 And regarding my hair, its naturally brown, but my mom put some red in it back when I was twelve, and I’ve been a redhead ever since!
Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: When Sabrina’s photo applications came in (Note: cannot post because they are professionally shot by other photographers & copyrighted) I knew she was a total beauty, and a must-have for FTV. I did tell her that masturbation/orgasm is a big part of the site, so that she wouldn’t be surprised by the more ‘hardcore’ nature of FTV. First thing I noticed when she arrived at the airport was her beautiful smile, and her charming personality. To me, she is simply beautiful, like her coverpage subtitle. I had some bad luck that day — it was raining heavily outside, so I could not shoot on location — and later in the day the patchy cloud caused constant light changes that were annoying as hell. So a bedroom shoot was the best way to start, and to indulge in her beauty, both face and body. Since she was super shy about public nudity, we did very little of it. As you can see, it took ‘3 takes’ to get her to the point where she could orgasm, and I ended up putting the camera on tripod for her to get there. Finally on clip5 she has her orgasm, with some strong vaginal contractions visible — and her being very happy and giggly as a result. Here is another outtake video of her watching herself come to orgasm. I must admit, that I find her very beautiful, and she truly is ‘my type’. Because her shoot was rather ‘soft’, I did some extensive leg/foot fetish throughout the shoot, and she does have some pretty feet! Other Sabrina ‘debuts’ with four finger insertion, and some really extreme closeups. This will probably be the most natural shoot she will ever do, so enjoy her as a real, beautiful, natural girl and not some glammed up overdone & over-photoshopped girl (with cheezeball music added to videos) on other sites.

In this video clip, Sabrina show her feet and does a cartwheel. Sabrina has her big tits popped out of her red dress and is not wearing panties. Enjoy!

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