Nikki Sims Pussy Exposed Going Up the Stairs & Masturbating

Nikki Sims is fucking the queen of tease and has it down to a science. Nikki is from Illinois and tucked away somewhere in the woods where she works out of. Nikki has weekly webcam shows and regularly updates her site with high-definition photos and videos. Nikki has big natural juicy boobs that have perks to them and also a nice ass that fills out her athletic body. In this video clip, Nikki is walking up the stairs in thongs. Nikki then takes off her thong and goes up the stairs exposed. Again, Nikki bears it all without showing you much, but it is still great material. Enjoy, and make sure to have a long jerking session to increase the health of your penis.

Nikki Sims Going Up The Stairs
Nikki Sims Going Up the Stairs

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