College Rules Naughty Time Girls FFFM Group Sex

College Rule Naughty Girls

College coeds are fucking crazy with raging hormones that will do almost anything sexual. During college, most girls experiment sexually and have sex for fun. Four college girls submitted their video of getting 12 random cocks to shoot their loads. My favorite girl was blonde with a tan body and a bubble butt. The blonde seemed like the ring leader and organized the girls to suck and fuck their way through 12 college guys’ cock. The video shows one lucky guy in bed getting his dicked sucked by four girls simultaneously. The girls switch off the cock while one holds the camera, and then the guy gets to hold the camera while his penis gets sucked. This is the ultimate blowjob fantasy that happens almost daily on college campuses across America. Enjoy the video clip, and please comment if you know or can ID any of these girls.


College Rules Naughty Time Girls
College Rules Naughty Time Girls

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