Tiffany Thompson and a Zucchini Pussy Masturbating

Tiffany Thompson And A Zucchini

Tiffany Thompson And A Zucchini
Tiffany Thompson And A Zucchini
Tiffany Thompson is still MIA! One of the most popular 18plus models in the adult industry has gone missing. I think all the fame and all the money have caught up with her. The rumors are flying and one of them is that her handler is feeding her drug habit. Tiffany on the cusp of being a megastar is being destroyed by her pimp. A photographer stated she came in all raggedy looking, smelling, pale, and then left the set. Tiffany needs to get her act straight, dump her handler and go to one of the top agencies in LA and get back on the wagon. Tiffany has all the potential and looks amazing. Her shoot with FTV GIRL is probably her best work. The video shows Tiffany sticking a zucchini in her pussy. You can see how tight Tiffany is the way she is barely sticking a few inching in her pussy. She is so tight that she can grip the tip of the zucchini with no hands. The is an amazing video and should be saved for the end of your spank-a-thon. Please enjoy the video and leave a comment.

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  1. Yeah, if that stuffs true that’s a damn shame. She’s good enough looking that she could go far in the industry.


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