Kimberly Cummings and Cynthia Lopez Latina Anal Sex

Kimberly Cummings Cynthia Lopez Anal

Kimberly Cummings Cynthia Lopez Anal SexThe video shows Kimberly Cummings and Cynthia Lopez having anal sex. Kimberly Cummings is an African-American, Native American,n and Irish porn girl with small tits and a nice healthy ass. Kimberly does porn to up her rates as an escort as Michelle Heat in Miami,FL. Cynthia Lopez is a cute and curvy 19-year-old Latina. Cynthia is also an escort and is available for about 200.00 an hour. Cynthia goes by Lexy when she does her escorting jobs. These two Latina porn/escort girls got their asshole fucked in this episode of 8TH STREET LATINAS. The video has Jmac penetrating Kimberly’s asshole from the side as Kimberly pushing her ass out. Jmac shows no mercy as he ass fucks her balls deep. Jmac then has Cynthia flip her legs over her head, lubes up her asshole, and then plunge her sphincter with his thick cock. The other dude in the scene was just filler content. If you love watching Latina girls getting their shit pushed in then this is some amazing material for your morning wood. Enjoy the video clip and please leave a comment.


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  1. Just arrived here from some google searches and I want to say that I like the extra documenting you guy are doing. I mean, that you don’t just present the video, but also presented the girls’ profiles on those escort sites.

    BTW, flxescorts seems a good site. Took some time to figure out the location was the prefix of the site’s name, after seeing the bottom of the page, with links to the other sites.


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