Sienna Splash Blonde 18Plus Fucked Hard

Sienna Splash Blonde Teen Fucked Hardcore

Sienna Splash is a beautiful blonde 18plus that is half-Italian and half-German. Sienna has an incredibly fit body and an epic ass for a white girl. Sienna is just out of high school and went straight to porn. Sienna was already known as a slut in high school but turned that talent into a career. Sienna is pimped out by powerhouse L.A. Direct and has many jobs lined up. The video shows Sienna taking the big cock of Voodoo into her sweet18pluspussy. Sienna bends over, sticking out her round ass, and gets fucked Doggystyle. At the 1:36 mark of the video, Voodoo accidentally sticks the tip of his cock into her asshole, making Sienna squirm. Although Sienna is brand new, she knows how to work her hips and ass while fucking. Sienna Splash may be the next biggest porn star if she stays clean and keeps her booty fit. Enjoy the video clip, and please leave a comment.


Sienna Splash
Sienna Splash Legs Wide Open Exposing Pussy

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