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Chandler FayFTV Summer aka Chandler Fay is a brand new18plusmodel getting her start at FTV GIRLS. Chandler is a cute skinny 19 year old 18plus starting out her nude modeling career. Chandler is a cutie with handful size boobs, nice ass and a dripping wet pussy. There are a lot of close-ups of Chandler’s pussy as she begins to masturbate. You can actually see clear thick pussy juice hang from her pussy lips. Check out the video and begin your fap-a-thon.
Here are the model and photographers’ comments.
[quote style=”boxed”]Model Comments: Hello everyone. My name is Summer and I enjoy long walks and real people. I am 19 years old. I am currently double majoring in International Business and Public Relations and have a minor in Spanish. Currently I am training to get my pilot’s license and will be receiving this in the next month or two. Afterwards I plan on getting two more pilot license in order to fly commercially or fly in food into 3rd world countries. I love the sky and the sky is my playground. Every two weeks on top of flying a plane I am jumping out of them. I have two more jumps until I can be a certified sky diver. Recently I have joined a child fund where I am helping a six year old girl in the Philippines. Every week I send her balloons and coloring books in order to cheer up her day when she receives them. I told her, “Once you turn 18 years old I will send you to college”. I do not wish to have children of my own because I believe that there are so many children out there in the world suffering and alone that I would rather help them. I also wish to adopt a son at the age of three. As you can tell I am huge with charities and helping others. I believe that if you have the mind, heart, and the time that you should help others as much as possible. I am originally from New Jersey and moved to Florida the day before Hurricane Charlie. I am Hungarian and German. My favorite colors are white and peach and that is only because when I was six years old I had a ballet tutu that was white and peach. I have played several of sports over the years and they are the following: basketball, track, tennis, baseball, fencing.
Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: We actually ran out of time at the end and had to head out to the airport before she could finish her writeup (and she got to the airport 20 minutes before her departure!). Summer contacted me and sent some professionally shot photos, with one more amateur photo #1 which showed off her nice natural figure. She flew in from Orlando, and arrived the night before (see outtake video clip 8) where she stayed up doing some classwork (Spanish course). The next morning (5:30am) she was all ready to shoot, and was doing more classwork! We went straight to breakfast, where she talks a little about herself, and flashes & fingers herself. Her first time experience doing public shooting, she was shy at first, warming up over time. Long slender body with full firm breasts (and nice butt) she does some risky public nudity around a strip mall. I had just got a new vibrator set called the ‘eroscillator’, recommended by a member. She was the first to use it, and it brought her to a strong orgasm, and notice how wet she gets, with juices dripping down. Good thing I shot it on the steps, so you can really see it flow down. Right after orgasm, I told her to avoid touching the juices, and so I could switch to the photo camera, and gets some really nice shots of the juices on her legs etc… She was somewhat shy about it all, because she didn’t like the fact she gets wet like this (and forewarned me about it). Of course, us viewers like it! Is the eroscillator a good replacement to the vibraking? No, but it does change up things a bit as an intermediate toy. Then a nude ballet scene, which is one of my favorites, she has that supercute figure for it, leading to a yoga scene (there was more video to the yoga scene but for some reason it was corrupted). Back out again, this time in a secretary outfit perfect for upskirt and breast flashing. There were a few guys who enjoyed the ‘show’ on the bench. It led to a panty stuffing shoot, but she was unable/uncomfortable with it, so it really didn’t go through. Instead, she uses a glass toy that goes rather deep, with milky buildup visible. The outtake brings in some foot fetish and toenail painting, which some members have requested in the past.[/quote]


Ftv Summer Chandler Fay Nude Teenager

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