Ariel Pure Magic Thick Big Round Ass Facesitting & Smothering Jonny Love

Ariel Pure Magic has a big, round, thick phat ass. Ariel Pure Magic is a sexy Dominican Latina babe with a thick curvy body and big natural tits. She has a thick-ass bubble butt with deep-ass cheeks. In the video from Big Tits Round Asses, “Wife Next Door,” Ariel Pure Magic plays a horny wife. She catches her perverted neighbor in the backyard pool and does some facesitting and smothering to teach Johnny Love a lesson. The video shows Ariel Pure Magic big ass facesitting and smothering Johnny Love’s face. Johnny does his best to survive the smothering and eat her pussy from the bottom. If you like big bubble butts, then you will love this video of Ariel Pure Magic.

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