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Kylie Shay FTV GIRLS masturbating with a vibrator.
Hi Guys! I’m guessing mostly guys but I hope some girls too. I’m fully bi so I think it would be hot if women were watching me too. I lost my virginity to a guy about two years ago but ive had a lot more fun playing with girls. I like their skin and how they smell compared to guys. So I’m a Mississippi native and lived there all my life. But I wanted to explore and leave my small town where people are super conservative religious and not really open to new sexual things and judge if you’re wearing something not conservative. So it’s exciting for me to see how it will turn out when I travel to California from here. I really did like visiting Arizona and would live there if I could. Also the women are all beautiful there! And I always wanted to experience and older woman in her 30s especially the lululemon wearing ones I see everywhere around my visit there. I’m still getting used to bigger dick sizes when I tried that long dildo and I’m also trying to get used to anal because everyone in porn watches it. That fascination I don’t understand and I’m not a fan of it. But I’ll try it to make viewers happy! I can’t wait to see the pictures we took yesterday and how my coverpage will look on the website!

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