Chloe Surreal First Time Anal Sex “Living Rough With Chloe Surreal” Brazzers

Chloe Surreal has anal sex for the first time on video. Chloe Surreal is a curvy porn girl with big natural tits and a nice tushy. Brazzers had to bring in a pro, Manual Fererra, to break in Chloe’s virgin asshole slowly. Manual Fererra is a porn legend and one of the most requested male porn stars by women in the adult industry because he falls in love while performing. The video is from Brazzers, “Living Rough With Chloe Surreal,” where Manual has anal sex with Chloe’s virgin asshole taking her anal cherry. The video preview on shows Chloe getting her ass fucked for the first time on camera. You can tell Chloe is in pain when Manual enters with his thick cock from the side. Chloe then tasted her ass by giving a blowjob before standing up and getting ass fucked from behind outdoors. Enjoy the video clip, and please leave your comments below.

Title: Living Rough With Chloe Surreal
Description: Chloe Surreal loves to ride. Many of her loyal fans have been excited to see her round, juicy ass cheeks bouncing up and down on cock – filling up her tight ass as she drags her fingers across Manuel Ferrera’s thighs in pleasure. Bending over to present herself to be taken, to be railed. Squeezing together her perky, soft tits. Flashing you a wicked smile and fuck-me-harder eyes… because Chloe likes it hard. Passionate. Frantic. Eager. Rough. Chloe lives for squeezing down and pushing dick as deep as it can go, craving every inch, stroking every nerve. Until she earns that thick, hot, sticky cum she dreams about. A wild succubus that will ride again and again and again. Until there’s nothing left but pleasure and her deliciously thick ass. With Surreal, what more do you need?
Release Date: July 11, 2023

Chloe Surreal First Time Anal

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