Harley King Blonde PAWG Cutie “Spoiled Princess” Dad Crush

Harley King is a fresh blonde cutie with a big white ass. Harley King is a PAWG, a spoiled brat that gets her ass spanked and fucked by her stepdad. The video is from Dad Crush, “Spoiled Princess,” where IkeDiezel has a very rude and spoiled stepdaughter called Harley, who’s constantly disobeying him and does nothing around the house. To teach her to be more sociable, Ike decides that Harley has to work for everything she wants. However, Harley doesn’t want to lift a finger, so Harley and Ike agree: Harley will take care of her stepdaddy’s needs, and in return, she can get whatever she wants, as long as she pays the right price. Enjoy the video clip, and please leave your comments below.


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