Mells Blanco Anal Gaping “Latina Maid Takes it Up Her Ass” My Dirty Maid

Mells Blanco is a petite Latina cutie with small tits and an impressive round booty. The video is from My Dirty Maid, “Latina Maid Takes It Up Her Ass,” starring the Prince of Darkness, Freddy Gong, having hardcore BBC interracial anal sex with his Latina maid. The video footage on shows Mells Blanco getting a big black dick in her pussy in the missionary position. Mells Blanco turns around, sticks her cheeky booty up, and gets fucked from behind in the pussy Doggystyle. Freddy Gong then goes into her ass and fucks her silly. Mells Blanco gets her ass fucked and gaped while she twerks her booty. Enjoy the video clip, and please leave your comments below.

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