Serena Hill Petite Stepsister “Bossy StepSis” Sex Selector

Serena Hill is a petite white girl with small tits and a spunky booty. Serena Hill appeared on having interracial sex with the monster black cock of Brickzilla. The video is from Sex Selector, “BossySis,” starring stunt cock Logan Xander having hardcore sex with his stepsister. The video preview on shows Serena Hill riding reverse cowgirl, squat fucking, and fucked from behind Doggystyle. Enjoy the video clip, and please leave your comments below.

Scenario: Your parents are out of town, and you plan to go with the boys. However, your annoying step-sister wants you to obey your parents and stay in all weekend. Will you listen to her? Or are you going to do whatever you want? Staying in all weekend means possibly getting some action from your hot college-age step-sister. If you remain in, maybe she’ll get so bored that she’ll come on to you. You control the story! It’s up to you to determine which way this story progresses. Make sure to play your cards right. Good luck!
Date added: Sep 8, 2023 Runtime: 41:00

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