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Sisi Rose Stunning Brunette Babe “Your Roommate’s Girlfriend” Sex Selector

Sisi Rose is a gorgeous brunette with a slender body, natural tits, and an impressive booty for a tight girl. Sisi Rose used to be a mainstream model and then got her chance to be on Playboy. Sisi Rose has been featured in many porn videos, and her social media influence has grown tremendously. Sisi's most popular porn video on, “Sisi Rose Fucked in the FULL NELSON “Take a Dip with a Big Dick” Sneaky Sex.” Sisi Rose's latest feature is from Sex Selector, “Your Roommate’s Girlfriend,” where you find yourself alone with your roommate’s girlfriend, Sisi Rose. This girl is extremely hot; she’s got a perfect body. When she hits on you, will you turn her down? Or will you go through with it and give her the dicking that she wants? It’s entirely up to you. You control which way the story goes. With each choice you make, you can be one step closer to fucking her. Stay loyal to your boy, or fuck his girl until she orgasms all over your roommate's bed. You’re in control. The video on shows Sisi Rose stripping nude, getting spanked, giving a blowjob, fucked Doggystyle, and riding reverse cowgirl. Enjoy the video clip, and please leave your comments below.

Sis Rose Big Round Ass
Sis Rose Big Round Ass
Sisi Rose Nude
Sisi Rose Nude

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