“Addison Vodka Perfect Gift For Johnny” Fucked in the Full Nelson – Bang Bus

Addison Vodka is a skinny blonde that started on OnlyFans and made her way to the porn world. Addison Vodka is a beautiful blonde with a tight body, small tits, and a sweet pussy. The video is from Bang Bus, “Addison’s Perfect Gift For Johnny,” starring Latina porn star Johnny Love fucking Addison Vodka in the back of the bus. The video footage on ISeekGirls.com shows Addison Vodka riding reverse cowgirl before being locked into the FULL-NELSON and pumped full of cock by Johnny Love. Addison then bends over and gets her pussy smashed from behind Doggystyle. Enjoy the video clip, and please leave your comments below.

Addison Vodka Nude
Addison'S Perfect Gift For Johnny Bang Bus
Addison’S Perfect Gift For Johnny Bang Bus

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