Money Talks: Block Party – Serena Santos is on a Mission to Get People Laid

Money Talks is one of the best original reality TV shows on the Internet. Serena Santos is the latest host on Money Talks “Block Party,” starring Lacey London, Mandy Waters, Macy Meadows, Krissy Knight, JMac, Mason Gray, and Carrion Ivy. In this episode of Money Talk’s “Block Party,” Serena Santos is on a mission to get the people of Miami laid and paid with another edition of Money Talks, and to start things off right, she wants to see some hot babes flash. When she stops Krissy Knight and her friend in the park, Krissy treats her to a look at her tits and an invite to the block party, where the fun is just beginning. Serena causes some mayhem with help from a bullhorn, then proposes a game of dizzy pussy eating! Krissy and Macy Meadows get their clits licked and see who can cum first. Next, Mandy Waters and Lacey London compete to undress each other with their mouths. When Jmac comes over to get in on the fun, the hotties suck his cock; then Lacey sneaks away to fuck him in the bathroom! Enjoy the video clip, and please leave your comments below.

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