Trinity Olsen 19 Year Old Stepsister “Teaching Trinity” Sex Selector

Trinity Olsen is a true 19-year-old cutie straight out of high school. Trinity Olsen has a petite body with small tits, a perky ass, and a tight moist pussy. The video is from Sex Selector, “Teaching Trinity,” starring male stud Peter Green as the stepbrother and Trinity Olsen as the horny stepsister. Enjoy the video clip, and please leave your comments below.

Title: Teaching Trinity
Cast: Peter Green, Trinity Olsen
Scenario: Your new step-sister wants to learn about sex to impress her new boyfriend. Will you be down to teach her? It’s entirely up to you. You decide how the story progresses. Trinity Olsen is your petite 19-year-old step-sister, begging you to teach her hands-on. Make the right choice and slowly show her the ropes. Make the wrong choice and end up with blue balls. Good Luck!!

Trinity Olsen - Sex Selector
Trinity Olsen – Sex Selector

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