FTV Girls Priscilla aka Eden Petty Masturbating with Vibrator

Model Comments: Well so I came to PHX to model for this site and then travel to LA for more shoots. I’m not into porn really I’ll pose nude but I’m not hardcore or anything. I don’t mind doing this stuff as long as I’m being paid well. Its lot easier than working a nine-to-five job like I had in FL. I worked as a cashier at a women’s clothing store and it sucked ass I was making 8 bucks an hour. I posed at a mall that looks a lot like the one I worked at in FL. I would never do this back where I live because then everyone would know but here I don’t care. The few girls who saw and snickered at me can go f-ck off. They wouldn’t have the balls to do what I’m doing and they’d go home crying to their rich mommies. Lia was a cool chick maybe a little too extravagant for me you can tell she’s into the party life & showing off. I don’t really care about fancy clothes or purses I just need money to support myself and get through college when I get back. What surprises me most about this shoot compared to my other ones in LA was how simple the FTV guy does it without all the lights and makeup artists and assistants. But in all my other shoots my videos weren’t more than 15 minutes long and I didn’t have to have a real orgasm just fake it. Instead they would put hours into taking photos. So you’d think the FTV guy has no money until you see his houses and cars and you know his site is making the bucks. The photographers in LA all seemed to be struggling. I guess when the FTV guys makes the claim his site is the biggest its believable.
Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: To be honest, I didn’t think this girl had much personality, maybe a little too quiet. She has a really pretty face, nice eyes, and nice butt, and the pictures she sent of herself when she applied were quite flattering: #1, #2. She’s pretty young, just turned 18, and I wanted to shoot her before she is all over the internet and jaded from the experience. She just seemed lazy and uninspired to me. I did break her into public nudity right away, I know she wasn’t used to anything of the sort. Still, she seemed a little ‘boring’ to me from what FTV’s standards are nowadays, and how spoiled you guys are. I think what ended the shoot early was the fact that she had real trouble coming to orgasm on camera — Though she was on her period and had trouble using toys or reaching that ‘point’. Clip 4 she had trouble reaching orgasm, she needed more lube; Clip 5 she got closer by using the vibrator and her fingers, but stops to mention that she thinks it won’t seem real if she tries for a real orgasm; Clip 6 she continues, and almost gets there, and I get some closeups of her swollen clit. She was heading down to Los Angeles from here, so I had another photographer I know take over, and try to do the other half. By the way, on Priscilla’s comments above — FTV’s success is that I go all out on making the videos as real and natural as possible — while other sites/photographers haven’t figured out that real stuff will be more enticing to members in the long run that a whole bunch of touched up photos with a 10 minute fake masturbation scene (or just some model standing and posing on camera) as an afterthought. So as long as they keep that philosophy, I’ll remain successful. But in the end, its more difficult to find girls that are very cute, ‘fresh’, and able to masturbate on camera for real, as well as have that attractive personality.

In this video clip, Priscilla is changing out of an outfit and getting naked, exposing her ass. She is a beautiful cutie with a nice tight body. FTV got her first so remember that before she gets into the hardcore scene and fucked by black cocks.

FTV Girls is dedicated to bringing you the best and freshest girls just plugged as they turn 18. In this update, Priscilla just turned 18 and wanted to bust out of her stupid job as a cashier. Priscilla found FTV sent in some photos, and got the call. The people at FTV did their best with a girl who never got naked in front of a camera or masturbated. Priscilla was timid and barely knew how to hit any poses. Her newbie status makes this photo/video shoot so authentic and unique. Here is what Priscilla wrote about the shoot and the photographer’s perspective.

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Ftv Girls Priscilla
Ftv Girls – Priscilla Aka Eden Petty

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  1. LMFAO the videographer pwned priscilla! i knew she was the type to be a stuck up bitch. and towards what she said about the girls laughing at her just because they were ”jealous”?? PHlease, priscilla’s the one whose jealous because those girls probably do have rich mommies to pay for them to go to college, so they won’t have to do porn like her slutty self XDD hahahaha, i should start reading more ftv reviews from the models and videographer! :DD


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